GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Zip Zop Pop- Unzipped Mixtape (Full Free Download)

Genius Muzik presents Unzipped Mixtape by Zip Zop Pop........

This 16 year old rapper lays down 17 tracks for ya'll to enjoy....

DOWNLOAD (Full Mixtape, 63.3MB)

For help Click Here

 Or Download one by one by clicking on the track you want below.

1. I’m Back [DOWNLOAD]

2. I’m On It (ft Cebo G & C’Bahle) [DOWNLOAD]

3. Abaphansi (ft Young Liz[DOWNLOAD]

4. Bazogcwala (Ft Cebo G & Da Phephs) [DOWNLOAD]

5. Mageza [DOWNLOAD]

6. One In A Million Part 2 (Ft Lethu) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Interview (Skit 1) [DOWNLOAD]

9. My Pain [DOWNLOAD]

8. My Niggaz ft Pillow [DOWNLOAD]

10. Zip Zop Muzik [DOWNLOAD]

11. Phumakimi (ft Sam C Kid) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Suka Sambe  [DOWNLOAD]

13. Ngifun’ Ikhekhe (Ft Smallkid) Prod. by Smallkid [DOWNLOAD]

14. Phanda [DOWNLOAD]

15. Angthandathandi (ft Young Liz & Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

16. Interview (Skit 2[DOWNLOAD]

17. Ngeke Ulunge Lana (ft GMG) [DOWNLOAD]

Thursday, 8 October 2015

First Ever Hip Hop Cypher in Mhlabuyalingana

Hip Hop is a life style and it is continuing to grow even in rural areas..... Check this first ever Cypher by various artist from a rural comminity in Mhlabuyalingana........Manguzi's first Cypher....... featuring Zip Zop Pop,  Da Pheps, Cebo G, Zanta, Small Kid, Sam C Kid, Da Cebza and 2 Shots.................You aint a real EMCEE until you have cypherd...


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Young Liz- Wozakanjalo ft Cebo G

Genius Muzik and New School Entertainment present Wozakanjalo, a new single by Young Liz featuring Cebo G. Dont miss out on this club anthem. It a skhanda party....

Download (Mediafire) or Download (datafilehost)

Monday, 5 October 2015

Flozzy ft 3 Kingz- Fak'Ipressure

With the Long Walk mixtape set to be released on the 17th of October, Flozzy leaks a new track featuring Black Beez front man 3 Kingz....This is one of the biggest collabration between niggaz from different hoodz. Mbazwane and Manguzi stand up for the realest niggaz in da game....Fak' Ipressure..


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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Letter To Mom BY MGZEE

MGZEE pens a heart felt letter to his mom while behind bars....Every bar is an image on this song........
Enjoy this new  hip hop offering by the best story teller in Manguzi.



Friday, 2 October 2015

Genius Muzik Gang- Ngek Ulunge Lana

Genius Muzik presesnts the new single by the Genius Muzik Gang. Csyzer, Njini, Zip Zop Pop, Flozzy, Small, Naledi and Cebo G come together for a new anthem.  Ngeke Ulunge Lana is a new street anthem that is full of pride, ambition and aggression.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cassper Nyovest- Dust2Dust (AKA Diss)


Nothing more to say

Cassper Nyovest- Dust2Dust  [DOWNLOAD]

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

AKA-Composure (Cassper Nyovest Diss)

AKA leaves the subliminal game behind and goes straight for the kill on his latest Casper Nyovest Diss

"I dnt give a shit about your number 1 spot"

Mr Forbes claims "It beyond Drake and Meek Mill shit"

He goes the typical diss rapper route with lines like, ''I was the fan of your shit,''

He adds, "I should have took you under my wing, but I let you get under skin"

 But the peak of the diss is when he says, "that what wrong with you new school cats, you took your style for malume cool cat"


Is the steak COLD OR HOT?

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New Single: Maliyethu by Stizz ft Breeze & Jay Bee

Stizz Taylor is a South African music producer and part time artist raised and based in Durban. In June 2015, Stizz Taylor signed up with Durban management company ‘Livecalm Lifestyle’ for artist management. 

Maliyethu is the first single off the "Golden Ratio EP" and features Breeze and fellow Livecalm artist known as JayBee. The hook is performed by JayBee and Stizz Taylor, first verse handled by Stizz Taylor and Breeze taking the last verse.  SAAK Beats is credited as a producer on this street anthem.

Put your ear on the streets and download 'Maliyethu' below...


Maliyethu is also available for streaming on soundcloud....

Keep in touch with Stizz Taylor on Social  Networks below.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Attention Manguzi Artists!!

Attention to all Manguzi artist and entertainment business....You are invited to fill in this form in order  for you to be contacted if there is an event or an opportunity for you to do what you do. This will open opportunities for you and will ensure that you stay updated with what is going on.



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

After 2 years, Cebo G is Back!!!

After 2 years without dropping his own track, head coach of Genius Muzik 'Cebo G' drops a relaxing track for the ladies with a verse which he freestyle....The song features a guest verse from Boy Wonder and a hook from MGZEE.


Monday, 10 August 2015

Zip Zop Pop Abaphansi ft Young Liz (Lyrics)

[intro-Young Liz]

Ngale namba svusa abaphansi, yeah... x3

[chorus-Young Liz]

Hmm, ng'phila ng'phusha ng'phil'impilo
Ng'fun uk'phanda kuze kshon'ilanga
Uma k'shona k'vuka aphansi
Uma k'shona ilanga s'vusa abaphansi, ow
Ngale namba thina svusa abaphansi, svusa abaphansi,
svusa abadala ey
Every friday is a party baba(party baba)
Ain't no fighting coz as'bhayzi baba(as'bhayzi baba)
[Turn up x2, vele svusa abalele]x4

[verse 1-Zip Zop Pop]

(yeah ryt)
Hhaa, bhek' bhek' im taking over(ey)
ng'vusa abaphansi ngenamba uvuka nakwiComma
International, im the young casanova(ey)
It's friday party eksen baba ihangover(hey)
GOD(God), save me from these enemies
Anthem, nkosi sikelel'iGMG
Itrap, i just pulled a trigger sebafile
Money is the root for sin, i just made my own currency
You know it's Zip Zop Pop and i come n go
All these niggaz, they know the law
These catchy songs, surely they won't fall
I guess im different from what you know
Ak, i pull it 2shots(yea ryt)
Istuff lesi, it is too hot(yea ryt)
Uyadlala wena, well mina im not
Umama irasta unamaDread locks(ok)
#tag asdlali nabo
10pm ang'lali razo
La ziwe gazi
La k'phum'ibhathu
I put pressure ngyabadla laba like cancer
Mang'ngena, ksuk'ukshisa nedust
Ntwana its Zip Zop mongamazi
S'vusa abaphansi


[brigde-Zip Zop Pop]

L'gcwele ng'turn up ng'yol'shayel'inoni
Ngafike ngabiz'oMatomela, uGijimisa
Lyaswenka x3, lizenz'inkinga(ey), (lizenz'inkinga...)
[verse 2-Zip Zop Pop]

Ow my nigga its ZZP
Faka le beat la ng'biz'ezakithi
They turn up, hey turn up ang'biz'uYoung Liz
Ng'phethe lol'ugcobo kyaziwa nginkinga(ey)
That is a given i run every gig
They pausing with me masesthatha amaPics
Ng'thathe lo mntwana ngimkhombe elok'shini
Im in a booth nigga thats where i preach
Whether you like it or not
Im standing for all of my flows
Still u must follow my law
Ng'bheke phambili ngyakhona
Udakwa umbuso ngyabona
Athi ngik'tshele mei bhuda la k'dala saqala
Amagenge ebaphatha
And ill always be here coz nigga la'kdlalwa
Ng'gcwele ngeturn up, turn up(hey, hey)
Let's get into flowz, 'dont know how many barz but i kill it kunjalo
La k'ngen' uMageza and im one of my favourite
Ng'fike ne energy
300, 500 kj the energy
Gcwala ngam x2 nom'uyi enermy
High on everything
Zip Zop Pop, im sure your days are numbered
Ang'bhenywa angsis'iSkunk
Genius Muzik till i die


Zip Zop Pop- Abaphansi ft Young Liz  [Download]

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Unzipped Video Promo.

Ladies and Gents.....Here is a video promotion for the Unzipped mixtape to toninght...DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Unzipped (Mixtape) Official Cover

Genius Muzik presents the official mixtape cover for the Unzipped (mixtape) by Zip Zop Pop......

Full mixtape drops on the 7th of August

Sunday, 2 August 2015

5 Core Differences Between Mixtapes and Albums

The definition of mixtape s has changed overtime. Back in the old days, mixtape were dj mixes that they played during their sets. In our days, mixtapes are also in a form of compilations by artists especially underground artists. More like demos but they should not be mistaken for albums. There are many things that differentiate between a mixtape and an album. I’m going to list 5  major differences just to give you the general idea.

Mixtapes vs Album

    1.       A mixtape is made to create buzz for an artist, to get attention but an album’s main aim is to make profit through sales.

    2.       A mixtape can contain beats from other songs since it not for sale it is not legal to sing or rap over beats of other artists, but an album has to have original beats or clearance in cases of samples or remixes.

    3.       A mixtape is an unprofessional/ informal compilation of songs, but an album is formal and professional.

    4.       There is no legal requirement that has to be followed on a mixtape like license or copyright but an album needs to be licensed and be protected under copyrights law.

    5.       Mixtapes usually have low quality recording, mixing and mastering but album are required to have high quality recording. Mixing and mastering.

For more info, you can do more research, this is just to give you some general knowledge on mixtapes/albums so that you don’t look stupid in front of your friends calling your mixtape an album. Check  this mixtape by one of our artist  here DOWNLOAD

Article by:
Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2015

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Zip Zop Pop-Abaphansi Feat. Young Liz

Only a few days before the Unzipped Mixtape by Zip Zop Pop drops........Here is the 3rd single that will convince you to download the fulltape on the 7th of August........Abaphansi feat. Young Liz


Monday, 22 June 2015

Im Back by Zip

Zip Zop Pop of Genius Muzik is back with the follow single for his upcoming mixtape............Don't miss out, download this new dope anthem while it still fresh on the streets....


Genius Muzik

Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Single by Small- Kasi ne Swag

Genius Muzik presents the 1st single from the Kasination: Ibhari YaseManguzi (Mixtape) by Small.  The song is called Kasi ne Swag and it waiting to blow your ears....


Saturday, 23 May 2015

What is a record deal? What does it means to be signed?

Getting signed is what most artists aim for. It doesn’t matter whether it rap, rock, RnB, Kwaito, House etc. Underground artists work their whole lives towards the goal of being signed. It has come to my attention that most artists especially underground artists do not have a clue on what being signed to a record label means. This creates issues because young artists have misguided expectations about record deals and sometimes end up signing deals which do not benefit them and they end up being what we call record label slaves. This article will explain what it means being signed in a general sense.

There are a number of deals/contracts that’s artist sign in the music industry, for example, record deals, management deals, agent deals, publishing deal, endorsement deals and distribution deal, but the most basic one is the record deal. But you can’t hope to understand, what is a record deal without knowing what is a record company/label

What is a record company/label?
A record company/label is a firm/business/enterprise that aims to make profits from selling music and other music related products. Record companies usually have the word ‘Records’ after their name for Example, Bad Boy Records, Cash Money Records, but this is not compulsory as we have seen record companies with alternative naming such as GOOD Music, Young Money Entertainment and OVO Sound.

There are major labels such as Sony Music, Columbia Records and Interscope Records to name a few. These are the biggest record labels and they operate worldwide. Other record companies operate under these record labels, For example, Aftermath Records (by Dr Dre) and BadBoy Records (by Diddy) operates under Interscope. The reason why smaller record companies work with major record companies is because major record companies are international and have licences to distribute music world wide. Such partnerships make it easy for smaller record to focus on other important things and leave the heavy lifting (paper work) to major companies.

Independent record labels also exist. These labels usually do everything themselves or collaborate with small time distributors or management companies on a short term basis for a specific project.  For example Top Dawg Entertainment, Funk Volume, Family Tree and Kalawa Jazz.

What is a record deal?
A record deal is a contract/agreement between a record company and an artist/composer which gives the record company rights over the music made by an artist. In simple terms, a record deal is a partnership between a record company and an artist. The artist makes the music, and the record label sells it to the people. The record label owns the music. Contracts are not the same, they are negotiated. Usually an artist would have a 4 album deal with a record company. This means the artist must make 4 albums for the record company.

What does it mean to be signed?
Now that you know what a record company is and what is a record deal, It will be easy to understand what being signed means. Being signed basically means you as an artist are a partner with the record label. It means you work for the label and the label works for you. It means the labels own your music/compositions. No contract is the same, different artists have different contracts, depending on the negotiations. What normally happens is, a record company will gives you a sum of money likeu 400 000. You will have to use that money for everything related to the production of the album, like buying beats, booking studios, paying for features, transport cost and sample clearances. Furthermore you might be required to record more than 50 tracks(Slave) and the label will choose the ones that will make a profitable album.  This is where beef between labels and artists usually begins. It caused by the fact that an artist might want a certain track to be on an album but the label might not allow it. Depending on the contract, but in most cases the label has the final say. When the album is out, the labels takes their money back, so the money they gave you is like a loan or capital. All the album sales will cover the cost of production then if the sales are greater than the cost of production then there will be profits which the label and artist will share depending on the agreed upon percentage. For example, the artist and label might split 50/50 or 60/40. However there are other parties involved like booking agents, managers which also get a share of the profits, so the artist might end up getting 20 or 30 percent. Listen to ‘Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Jimmy Lovine’

Hope this opens your eyes a little bit about record labels and getting signed. This is just a general idea about record companies, there is more to it than this and more politics, I just want to open your eyes a little so you know what you getting into.

Look out for an article about the advantages and disadvantages of getting signed coming soon. Otherwise download the new single by Genius Muzik Gang- Ngeke Ulunge Lana (DOWNLOAD)

Article by:
Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2015

Friday, 10 April 2015

Mystic (Mr Cool) ft Cebo G=- My Life

"One of the realest verses I ever written" says Cebo G about his featured verse on the new single by a young emcee from Manguzi. Mr Cool- My Life ft Cebo G is out now!!!!


Njini- Woz'zuzobona ft Small

Njini is one of the best upcomming rapper from Manguzi. Fans are ready for his Diesel mixtape. His first single 'Banamanga' was a huge success and now this Genius Muzik soldier is back with a new single called Woz'Uzobona featuring his GMG brother Small. The sing along hook will get you singing along, while the  smooth verses by both emcees will keeping you asking for more.


Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Single: Zip Zop Pop- Im On It ft Cebo G & C' Bahle

16 Year old Genius Muzik Signee (Zip Zop Pop) drops his long anticipated first single from his fresh new Unzipped mixtape due late this year. The single packs 2 verses from the young MC himself and a guest verse by Genius Muzik headcoach 'Cebo G'. The well written hook is delevered by the beautiful miss C'Bahle from Durban/Mlazi with backing vocals from Cebo G. She also provides back up vocals for Zip on the bridge. Don't miss out on this fine collaboration. Just click DOWNLOAD and get it for free.

Manguzi Music Awards 2014: Results

On the 20th of March, the first ever Manguzi Music Award Show was held at SK Tarven from 18:00 till late. Thanks to Genius Muzik, MCC Productions and SK Tarven the show was a huge success. We would like to thank the voters and the artists of all genres that participated during the voting process and the performances. Last but not least, we would like to thank the fans that came out to support local talent.

Here are your winners!!!!

1. Best Kwaito 
 Rongboyz by 175 Votes

2. Best Vernack/Zulu Rapper 

Da Cebza  by 127 Votes

3. Best English/International Rapper 

Da Cagebird  by 227 Votes

4. Best New Comer 

Team PBL by 47 Votes

5. Best DJ 

DJ DeepFanatic  by46 Votes

6. Best Producer 

  3 Kings  by 27 Votes

7. Best Beat maker 

   Khabza by 104 votes

8. Best Crew

    Young Dope Fam 73 Votes

9. Best Studio 

 Clean n Fresh Records by 19 Votes

10. Best Traditional Music Artist 

 Black Beez 13 by Votes

11. Best Vocalist/Singer 

Skinny boy  by 200 Votes

12. Best Mixtape 

Makhelwane by King G and NG by 60 Votes

13. Song Of The Yea

 Intozam by RongBoyz by 71 Votes

14. Best Collab/Feature 

 Ceboz Gallo by Cebo G and Da Cebza by 17 Votes

15. King Of Manguzi 2014 

  Mr Vibe by 48 Votes

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Winners who were not present for the ceremony are advised to collect their their awards at Genius Muzik headquaters located in Manguzi. By the grace of God 2015 will be closed by another Award show and this time at the talent center and it might be televised. So stay tune and visit us again for more updates.

Also like our page on facebook

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Njini's new single "Banamanga"

Genius Muzik soldier "Njini" presents you with the first single off his upcoming "Diesel" mixtape due this Winter. The song is called Banamanga. It contains a catchy hook and boastfull but softly delivered verses. Click on the download button below.


Genius Muzik signs Mbazwane rapper.

Genius Muzik News

As part of the 2015 expansion strategy Genius Muzik signs vernacular rapper/singer and songwriter by the name Flozzy from Mbazwane.
We already recorded 5 tracks for his his Genius Muzik debut mixtape (Long Walk) and he also makes an appearance in the up coming Genius Muzik Gang single (Ngek'ulunge Lana). Like his page @

Monday, 17 November 2014

Manguzi Music Awards 2014

Genius Muzik in association with MCC Productions presents the 1st Annual Manguzi Music Awards.
Join us as we celebrate the future of music.
Please show your support by voting on as many categories as you can below.
The Award show will be on the 16 December Manguzi Town 6pm to 6am(more details will be provided in time)

Let your voice be heard, CLICK VOTE on each category and vote.....
1. Best Kwaito VOTE
a)      Rongboyz  
b)      JB Galz
c)       Skinny Boy
d)      Man D
e)      Busah
f)       Problem bunners

2. Best Vernack/Zulu Rapper VOTE 
a)      Kay C
b)      Sam C Kid
c)       2 Shots
d)      Master Future
e)      Da Cebza
f)       J Stiz

3. Best English/International Rapper VOTE 
a)      Swesh
b)      Young Liz  
c)       Cebo G
d)      Da Cagebird
e)      Csyzer
f)       Mr Cool

4. Best New Comer VOTE 
a)      Team PBL
b)      Sam C Kid
c)       Chippa
d)      Killer T
e)      Kay C
f)       Swesh

5. Best DJ VOTE
a)      DJ Superb
b)      DJPaul
c)       DJ Smava
d)      DJZavolo
e)      DJ Mawaza
f)       DJ DeepFanatic

6. Best Producer VOTE
a)      3 Kings
b)      Khabza
c)       2 shots
d)      G light

7. Best Beat maker VOTE 
a)      Young Liz
b)      Smava G
c)       3 Kingz
d)      G Light
e)      Khabza
f)       Mlubhas

8. Best Crew VOTE
a)      3 Doggz
b)      Black Beez
c)       (G Light Ent.
d)      Young Dope Fam
e)      Genius Muzik Gang
f)       D1881

9. Best Studio VOTE 
a)      King Cebza Productions
b)      2 Shorts 2 Shine Productions
c)       MCC  Productions
d)      G L Productions  
e)      Genius Muzik

10. Best Traditional Music Artist VOTE
a)      Black Beez
b)      Ruben
c)       Sticks
d)      Sbu Inyosi
e)      Vukani Band
f)       T M A- Peter Johnson

11. Best Vocalist/Singer VOTE 
a)      Twice T
b)      Csyzer
c)       Miss Nonhlanhla
d)      Skinny boy
e)      AKA 2da Khanyi
f)       3 Kings

12. Best Mixtape VOTE 
a)      Genius Muzik Forever- Genius Muzik Forever
b)      Uyagroova by D1881
c)       Makhelwane by King G and NG
d)      Domination by Cebo G
e)      My World by Csyzer
f)       Gcwala noma Chitheka by Young Dope Fam

13. Song Of The Year VOTE 
a)  Hands Up by D1881 ft Cebo G
b)  Rappers of the year by G Light Entertainment
c)  Emanguzi Yikithi by Chippa
d)  Ceboz Gallo by Cebo G and Da Cebza
e)  Impilo Ka Lova by 3 Doggz
f)   F#ck by Wrongturn
g)  Intozam by RongBoyz
h)  Phansi komthunzi Welanga by Best Combination
i)  Ukubhodla kwebhubesi by Kay C
j)  Hlokoloza by G Light Entertainment

14. Best Collab/Feature VOTE 
a)       Hands Up by D1881 feat Cebo G
b)       For My City by G L Entertainment Ft Cebo G
c)       Ceboz Gallo by Cebo G and Da Cebza
d)       We On by Cebo G ft young Liz, Zip Zop Pop and Zanta

15. King Of Manguzi 2014 VOTE
a)      3 Kingz
b)      Wrongturn
c)      G Light
d)      King Nsika
e)      Twice T
f)       Kay C
g)      Mr Vibe
h)      Da Cebza
i)       Master Future
j)       Cebo G
k)      NG

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW

Premium Single

Lethu Cele | Dance Covers

Premium Single

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