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Monday 6 August 2018

I'll Plug You Later : Mlyza

Ill Plug You Later is a segment where we introduce  upcoming talent before you see them everywhere.

 Mlungisi Ngcobo is an upcoming hip hop artist by the alias Mlyza (Danglom). Born on the 27th of May in 1989. Mlyza was born, raised and currently lives in Mlazi. The stage name 'Mlyza' stems from his birth name Mlungisi and also pays homage to his birth place Mlazi. 

 Mlyza developed a passion for hip hop from a very young age due to the fact he was raised from a musical family,

Mlyza began his musical journey in 2004 and  credits Zola, HHP, Pro, Zahara, Dj Tira and Kwesta as his major influences. He became popular as one half of the rap duo 'Mageba Tribe' with Mkhenya. The Tribe dominated Mlazi and the rest of the KZN underground scene with theri Dangloms Vol 1 and Vol 2 mixtapes. Their position as top tier Mlazi rappers was sealed by local hits such as Kings Of The Jungle, Tsotsi. Their biggest highlight was when their Forgive and forget single was playlisted on uKhozi FM.

Mlyza then ventured to a solo run in 2016 with release of his first solo project Written 2004. The tape featured production from his long time producer Plan B and mad feature from Master Plan Entertainment artists. 

This tape received high critical acclaim and a very impressive number of sales for an underground project. It certified Mlyza as not just a group act but alo a capable solo act. The project spawned hits such like Usizi, Something to say and Party All Night. Check out Party All Night ft Mqobi below.

Beside the achievements from his first mixtape, Mlyza has enjoyed reasonable amount of success from newspaper articles and frequent appearances on Ukhozi Fm. On top of that, the danglom has launched his own clothing line Tsotsifontein™

Mlyza has been approaching 2018 with new energy starting off with a subtle release of a song Im Still Alive with production from Drastic. The song is a classic Mlyza song, the Danglom address family and industry situations including the current state of Mageba Tribe and his relationship with Mkhenya.

Hats Off is the recent mixtape by Mlyza released mid 2018. The project is currently available on cd formats only. You can order it from the man directly and Master Plan Entertainment.

Mlyza's story continues as he battles with balancing personal life and the music hustles, relationships on and off the mic. The song I'm Still Alive from the project is a clear picture of Mlyza's state of mind in the current wave. One may say that single song embodies the feeling and spirit of the entire project. Guest features include Achie, Ceejay, Luwe, Leelow, Mnqobi, with production from Plan B.

The project is a great effort by the Mlazi's reigning champ, a lot of growth displayed with songs like Legacy, Changes, Not Yet Found, Love My Self, Never Fall among others.

R80 per copy

Writer's Take
Mlyza has been locally dubbed as the second coming of Pac. Too much weight to put on any artists but if you listen to the music you cant escape the familiar Pac feeling his music gives. The Danglom has the undisputed ability to paint pictures and tell stories in a simple straight up approach. However I believe that the texture and tone of his delivery is what draws listeners to his music. The Dangloms swims in two ocean with prowess to keep it all the way gangster but still evoke emotion. One believe that this hardcore but refreshing sound goes deep to the root of rap and the game can use more of this type of energy right now. Mlyza's focus to connect directly with the people is what separates him from other upcoming acts of his generation.

Facebook : @ Mlyza Danglom Tsotsi
                              @Official MasterPlan Entertainment

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Thursday 12 April 2018

I'll Plug You Later : CeeJay

Welcome to our I'll Plug You Later segment where we introduce you to upcoming talent before you see them everywhere.

Government name Aubert Nduduzo Thango, stage name is Ceejay was born on the 1st of April 1997 in Durban & currently lives in Umlazi. Acquired education from the following schools, Tholisu Primary school, Sawela Primary School, Vukuzakhe Secondary School & Mangosuthu University Of Technology. Started doing music at the age 14, picked up inspiration from his cousin whom had been making music before him. Ceejay's biggest influences are J Cole, Drake, Jay Z and Shane Eagle.

In the year 2014 he met Plan-B the founder of Masterplan Entertainment, from then on he began recording his first project (Peace Of Mind) and released it in the year 2015. In that very same year he acquired recognition after being featured in a song by Plan-B titled Last hope which featured the likes of Musiholiq, 22Pagez and X-Wise. He then later on released a song titled Young & Free which featured Miyar Munja. Late 2016 he then released a song tilted KLO (Khanda limtshel’ Okwakhe) that featured Mlyza.

Performed alongside DJ Gukwa at his hosted at Halfway Lounge. Performed at an event hosted by Ukhozi fm & it was aired on Tv station called UKZNtv. Performed alongside Bhar at an event hosted at Pure lounge. Performed alongside various artists including Tzozo, Mroza, Dj Oros at a Durban beach festival. Managed to get interviews from multiple radio stations including Nanda Fm.

Hello is the latest single from CeeJay. The song has received positive reviews and has been playlisted radio stations including South Africa's leading radio station Ukhozi FM. Hello is a lovers anthem with a catch hook, that will have you singing along in no time. "Hello, Hello, Hello, wentombazane"

Enjoy more music from CeeJays catalog below.

Writer's Take

We are witnessing the humble beginnings of a Umlazi king.  The music is a perfect blend of impeccable song writing and delivery.  It impressive how  he can sing with the singers and rap with the rap. The music specially  the latest offering Hello, feels more like a hypnotic presentation. It only a few chess moves left before the rest of the country catches on to CeeJay.

Facebook :@Cos Ceejay  Instagram: @CozCeejay  Twitter:@CozCejaay

Thursday 15 March 2018

I'll Plug You Later : Ash

Welcome to our new segment called I'll Plug You Later where we plug the most promising hip hop acts before you see them everywhere. Introducing ASH, don't be fooled by the pretty face, because beauty is the beast.

First name Zamalwandle, last name Nzuza, stage name  Ash, all the way from KwaZulu Natal in Umlazi. Influenced by Zakwe, Pro, Kwesta and Musiholiq, Ash started rapping in 2014 alongside Musiholiq and Xwise (producer) under a local stable First Class Entertainment based in Umlazi, she recorded a lot of music and performed in the streets of Durban and  she got featured on Ladies Night which featured other various female emcees produced by Mbzet. 

The success of this song and video triggered  an up rise of women in KZN hip hop. Ash's obtained positive reviews and so popularity began to rise in the streets of KZN. Her position was certified further when the Ladies Night collaboration obtained TV and radio air play. The hype around her landed her a couple of features. In  2016 she embarked on a journey to release a project of her own. This was in a form of a 6 track E.P titled Six Digits with production from Xwise, Mbzet and Gsongz.   

The success of the 6 Digits EP led to Ash being discovered and signed by Boss Entertainment and made a move to Johannesburg.  Her debut single  under Boss Entertainment is titled We Next ft AJ Apple of which she performed on club 808 and its been playlisted on various radio stations.

Ash's opened her 2018 with a release of a song called Dominoes. An emotional track about a troubles relationship. The song is special because it not what you expect from a typical Ash track.  Ash sings to a mystery man about his transgression. "I thought w''ll never fall, like dominoes, I heard them play your song, on the radio"

Writer's Take.
In an genre dominated by men it is refreshing to see a new era with women gunning for the top spot. Ash is quite a unique case, you might look at her and assume she is gonna come out singing, but the uMlazi native spits harder and even  better than some men in the the industry. Her song writing range is amazing, from hardcore, to kasi style, romance to story telling and impeccable lyricism. Her music showcases township pride with a commercial appeal. Her spot in the major leagues is definitely certified, it now just a matter of her showing up. And f she keeps going, that feature from her favorite rapper Nicki Minaj is not that far off.

Facebook : @Ash Nuz      Instagram: @Ash_Nuz      Youtube: @Ash Nuz    


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