GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Help Downloading FullMixtape

Do you have any problems downloading the full mixtape?

I will provide you with instructions for Computer, Smartphones and normal phones

1. If it refuses to connect, try again until it does, it is because many people are downloading the same file.

2. The Full download comes in a Compressed Format (contains 24 files inside). You have to uncompress it after you  finished downloading it or it will not open.

If you are using a computer, right click and click Extract file......

If the option to extract file daznt appear, download  Winrar (Extracting software) [DOWNLOAD]
Install it and use it to exract.


If the full download shows a question mark it means your phone daznt have an extraction software..Download  and install RAR for free. [DOWNLOAD] 
After installation, go to the app, and select the Zip Zop Pop-Unzipped folder and extract it.

Normal Phones

It is highly recommended that you download songs one by one..But if you choose to download th full mix-tape, after download is complete. You might get access to a computer and extract the Zip Zop Pop-Unzipped folder.

Thank You

Feel free to call/whatsaap 0788100008 for more information.  

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