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GMKaps Out Now!!
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Friday 29 March 2024

Ryan Winterz Verse Challenge Winner


After 3 weeks of excitement, the Ryan Winterz Verse Challenge has finally came to a climatic end. 

Before we get to the winners, we want to just give a little bit of history about the song. The initial song was recorded in 2019 by Yung Duze and Ryan Winterz, however it was never finished due to loss of project. 5 years later, instead of throwing it away, Winterz and Duze decided to use the open verse space as an opportunity to uplift the new age rappers of Manguzi by running a challenge.

We want to thank the various artists that participated in the competition hopefully this experience added value to their journey and want to thank the sponsors who contributed toward the prize money of R750. The winner is to be awarded R500 while the runner up gets R250. 

A big thanks to the sponsors namely, Yung Duze, Mnqobi, Tragic, Ishey Cacci, Da Cebza , MGZEE , Mikee94, AP Venom and Cebo G

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to Prisces for coming 1st place and being crowned the champion by unanimous vote. The young rapper has been making head way and already earned him self a lot of respect from his peers and the OGs. His old school type approach  and insight  in his lyrics separates him from and have him rapping on a level beyond his years. Winner of R500 Cash prize.  DOWNLOAD

Seems like Cassius Omar came out of no where to take the number 2 spot, but this cold emcee has been serving hits and you can feel that through his approach to the song. He showcases comfortability and seems like he understood the assignment. Winner of R250 cash prize

Saturday 10 July 2021

Zoja, J Roy, Soul Doctors, MC Nhlakah no Da Cebza - Sphusha I-Life

Fibre Optikz Entertainment and Mthizom Records are proud to present to you the Sphusha I-Life anthem. This amazing song is not just a sound track for the new Sphusha I-life clothing brand by Zoja but it also celebrates the lifestyle and the culture of eKasi.  A well put together track with production from multitalented producer J Roy. Soul Doctors on the catchy hook with engaging verses from J Roy, MC Nhlakah no Da Cebza.  This is something to definitely add to your play list.. 

More From The Crew




Friday 6 November 2020

Nduh RSA - Elevation 3 (EP)


Nduh RSA - Elevation 3 (EP)

Nduh RSA brings his Elevation series to GMG
. Elevation 3 is Nduh RSA's first project under GMG. The 9 track project is undoubtedly his best project yet showcasing so much  growth and  depth in song composition. The tape has a number of features which  are strategically placed and add unique taste to the project complementing the direction of the Elevation EP and movement.. 

Elevation III (EP)

or you can  stream or download per track below

1. Nduh Rsa - Elevate Intro (feat. Sboh Da-Hidden Poet) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Nduh Rsa - UFO [DOWNLOAD]

3. Nduh Rsa - Phalamende (feat. Suavie The Producer) [DOWNLOAD]

4. Nduh Rsa - Madman (feat. Da-Cebza) [DOWNLOAD]

5. Nduh Rsa - Family (feat. Eric Majozi) [DOWNLOAD]

6. Nduh Rsa - Changes (feat. Suavie The Producer) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Nduh Rsa - Talk [DOWNLOAD]
8. Nduh Rsa - Bliss (feat. Spheyzo) [DOWNLOAD]

9. Nduh Rsa - Freestyle III [DOWNLOAD]


Friday 15 May 2020

Freestyle Fridays Round 4

King Da Cebza Productions & Genius Muzik present Freestyle Friday.The purpose is to keep the young talent from our hood engaged during the Corona pandemic which has placed the music industry on hold. 

Round 4 features  || Da Cebza || Trical || 

 Shorter Shxrkeezy || Chronic || 

Freestyle Fridays Round 4 [FULL DOWNLOAD] 

1.  Da Cebza  - Freestyle Fridays - DOWNLOAD

2.  Trical - Freestyle Fridays - DOWNLOAD

3. Shorter Shxrkeezy - Freestyle Fridays - DOWNLOAD

4. Chronic - Freestyle Fridays - DOWNLOAD

ROUND 1 is already available DOWNLOAD

ROUND 2 is already available DOWNLOAD

ROUND 3 is already available DOWNLOAD

Friday 13 March 2020

Da Cebza - A'kbe Busy - Number 1 Toppest , Chippa & Mzondeni

KCP head coach Da Cebza drops new amapiano hit featuring dance titans The Number 1 Toppest,  Chippa and Mzondeni.  The instrumental is courtesy of Mad Lopher  with production from 3 Kingz of MCC.

Download or stream the track below..

--------- DOWNLOAD --------

Friday 26 October 2018

Da Cebza- Legendary Flow

KCP head coach returns with a new song Legendary Flow. Da Cebza aka Prof Himself is proving he can still dominate the streets with pure bars in this trap era.

Friday 9 March 2018

May I Vent (Compilation Mixtape)

Ryan Winterz presents the May I Vent compilation mixtape. This project is a collection of remixed spawned from Ryan Winterz and AP Venom's Venting freestyle. A chain of top tier Manguzi rappers stoop up to the challenge and up to 10 remixes were made. This is an historic moment in the culture. 

or download one by one below.
Ryan Winterz & AP Venom- Venting DOWNLOAD

Da Cebza- Venting 2 DOWNLOAD


Tragic - Venting 4 DOWNLOAD
Mono - Venting 5 DOWNLOAD

Njini - Venting 6 DOWNLOAD

Flozzy - Venting 7 DOWNLOAD

Mikee -Venting 8 DOWNLOAD

Mad Lopher -Venting 9 DOWNLOAD

Wrongturn - Venting 10 DOWNLOAD

Young Duze - Venting 11 DOWNLOAD

Genius Muzik

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Da-Cebza - From Me 2 U

KCP CEO Da-Cebza drops another single called 'From Me 2 U'  dedicated to... Oppsss, I guess you should click on the download button Below and find out. Watch out for Prof.himself.Reloaded.


(Art by Da-Cebza) 

Saturday 2 December 2017

Da Cebza- Venting 2 [+Lyrics]

Venting is an original freestyle by Ryan Winterz and AP Venom of GMG. The KCP boss starts of  a sequence of Venting freestyles/songs to be released up till Venting Part 10. As the tittle suggests, the song is about letting all your emotions out, addressing personal and professional demons. Check out what Da Cebza has to say as he kicks off the sequence.


Verse 1

Greatest story ever told, I told my granny I'll make u proud till the day I'm old, till the day I'm gone. 
Wathi khehla I'll happy if u r happy too, I'll be happy all the time that I promise u, I'll do u proud all the time that I promise 2. 
I'm killing beats I'm killing people I'll b killing forever, I do things i remember, I'll b the best than ever, ngbize u Adam cz I'll rap forever. 
I'll miss my aunt forever, I'll miss my granny forever, if it was up 2 me they'll live forever. 
I need to fix my way with God, I need Some navigatiion, to get the ryt direction. Wrong number,  I'm doing things I'm never called for, I call my team we go to war cz they r the ones I'll die for.
 I like what I write, meaning I spit I what I like, I want what I want, do u want what u want?
 I never thought I'll drop a track like this, phathi i camera yakho,, just to picture this, same page, same chapter, different books. 
Everyone is faking it, bak'bheka nge smile but still they r faking it. room for improvement, give me the key to it. 
Lento iba naturally if u doing it good, uxakelile aw'na fone how do u answer ur call? Now i rap is kinda different, Trevor Noah flow now it's just  a comedy section. No offense though cz I'm really minding my business, GMG/KCP that's family business. 
I tell it like it's I don't have time to fake it, noma ng'ngaba nemali I don't wana buy faces. 
I no longer do favors. 
Vele bazothi I'm messed up, I want my life in order, lesi isfundo sonkamisa in alphabetical order. 
I remember how my grandy went crazy when i took her pictures,angsafune camera now I take mental pictures, wait maybe a tattoo of ur picture, maybe not   Just that I'm lyrical fitness,  Cebo G or Ryan I flow yami is Genius

Verse 2
U can't battle me if the only fight u win is just a pillow fight, nale flow i tyt, uk'dlula isdudla kwi BiKini. 
Angfune sbhamu ngshaya ihlaya uvele ufe insini., 
I wana do more mistakes so I'll learn from em, u shud never do me bad cz you'll learn from it. 
Everytime I drop the bomb like I'm from the Middle East, ngyashisa iy'khotha ngingaphethe mentshisi,  ungaphatha ama measurements just to prove life is short. 
I'm connected angdinge Wi-fi, ebhithini ngvusa impi Bafa. Abanye ama Flow a blind,,, i skill asbonwa, k'fana nse nok'shela intombi but still aw'qonywa. II'm KCP's number one Prof Cebzorikho, I got all the answers ungangbiza nge memo. 
You'll b bragging about ur gal that's kinda cute, I'll rather stay on top cz that's the better view.


Download the original venting below

Friday 15 September 2017

KCP-Syaspana ft Mad Lopher

art by Ryan Winterz
KCP is back with the brand new smash hit, featuring one of the youngest and hottest producer, Mad Lopher. The reign of KCP has been undisputed since founded in 2006 by Da Cebza. This song  came up after NGKCE won a highly publicized  rap battle on June 201.the song is als due to appear on the Graduation mixtape by MGZEE. This mega hit makes an emphasis that the KCP camp is here to work, "siyapana la ntwana."

DOWNLOAD mediafire OR DOWNLOAD datafilehost



MGZEE vs Ryan Winterz - What More?
Da Cebza- Talk 2 Me ft Shenge & Dreamer
NGKCE- Ezase Posini

Saturday 27 May 2017

Cebo G & Da Cebza - Ceboz Gallo (Music Video) [Download/Stream]

Long awaited music video from Manguzi's biggest titans. 5 year old video for Ceboz Gallo finally surfaces,download/stream it below.....

 Download options below
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DOWNLOAD 18mb (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD (74mb) (Best Quality)


DOWNLOAD (74mb) (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD (226mb) (Best Quality) 

Sunday 14 May 2017

Da Cebza- C4 Remix ft MGZEE, Wrongturn, Achillies, Maloms....

Da Cebza is back with a remix of a song that not eve out yet. Yes you heard me right, the original song is not out yet. KCP boss redefines the game and all logic in his 4th single for his upcoming mixtape. The cool, calm and collect rapper enlists, MGZEE, tmr,Wrongturn, Tragic, Achillies, & Malooms. The heavy instrumental is produced by GMG in-house producer Mad Lopher.
all these major names, you are sure to have an explosion in your ear, download the C4 remix below.

You ca stream performance of this Remix 2.0 of this song at Big Zulu's birthday bash below.

Friday 18 November 2016

Da Cebza - Shayingoma ft Nduh

Da Cebza firers with anothe single. This time he bring along his frequent collaborator Nduh. Download this new hit tittle Shayingoma below.....

DOWNLOAD mediafire

DOWNLOAD datafilehost

DOWNLOAD fileboxer

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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Rap Mastaz- Too Cool [Free Download]

 Slim-B (Newcastle ) and Da-Cebza (Manguzi) better known as Rap Mastaz are back with a fresh cool single titled 'Too Cool'.

@Rap Mastaz
@Genius Muzik

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Thursday 2 June 2016

Da Cebza- Talk 2 Me ft Shenge & Dreamer [Free Download]

Da Cebza of KCP & Muzik Intake drops a new drops a new single for the fans featuring Dreamer and Shenge.

The song is tittled Talk To Me, contains a smooth delivered sung hook plus story telling verses where Da Cebza shares his experience with a particular lady.. Enjoy the fresh new hit below.
[DOWNLOAD] mediafire


[DOWNLOAD] datafilehost

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Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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