GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday, 22 July 2022

AP Venom - Ooh Ahh (Remix)


AP Venom Ooh Ahh Remix - Fakaloice, Cassper Nyovest, Ricky Rick

When I pull up with the gang all the girls be like Ooh Aah… Genius Muzik’s golden spitter snaps on the Ooh Ahh remix. AP Venom plays with some trap elements but also maintains his rap roots on the Fakaloice, Cassper Nyovest and Ricky Rick single.

Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Verse 1
They be acting like they know me like bitch please
Wanna be a metal fan tryna grip steel
One time for my team, yeah, we win still
GmG till a nigga six feet
What I am is at the top of your wish list
Niggas don’t want war if it’s AP
Peep this
No retreat, kingly beast, dynamic. Rap or trap, aint no difference 
Give me the beat imma slaughter it
List me your top five, I’ll show them flames
Wasting no time on sight heads get decapitated
Before you send them, go prepare their grave
Stats going up in the murder rates
What you say? What you…
(Ooh aah)
Yeah, I’m out of your league, this is the red zone
More smoke than your lung could handle
Who wan’ it? I got it who want it?
(ooh aah)
(let’s do it like this, hehehe)
(You are watching a master at work)

Verse 2
If a rapper tries me, watch his confidence suffer
He’ll have to vaccinate it three times, that’s a confidence booster
If we’re talking AP, I’m the one and only
Golden spitter from GmG, position that I’m holding
A little bird told me, they saying….
AP Venom is too rapidy-rapidy, what I’m asking is what is happening
Half of you average ass rappers couldn’t handle me or hold a candle when I rap and spaz on a track
keeping it factual, can’t be impressed by your never-ending yapping when you’re lacking in facts
And I can’t be depressed hearing blab from irrelevant cats, so instead
Spare me the lecture, the picture I’m capturing should be captioned niggas is capping
Matter of fact, that fatal attraction has to be my favourite tragedy
Back to the rap, you’re an embarrassment, I’m an ambassador
This rap I rep to the max so if I clap, ain’t no clapping it back
So nigga relax and peep the distance from which I let loose of the shell
Let it run through your neck, as you’re leaving this earth and watch the red spread on your vest
And regret the moment you tried to mess with the best
It really is as simple as that, you get removed like a stain on a pen
I am the ink stain of the pen nigga
I got it, who wan’ it? 
Ooh aah
I thought as much


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