GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Thursday 8 February 2018

#KeepingItLyrical: Foh - Venting 3

Welcome to our first #KeepingItLyrical
analysis. Our first analysis is on Foh -
Venting 3. No contact has been with any artist
meaning this is our own analysis which might
or might not be spot on. We'll go through a
few lines that got us hyped and rate the song
overall. Let's get it.

"I don't give a fuck how many people bought
it. I don't blame you motherfucker it's your
He is telling a certain rapper that it's not
about the numbers and that the rapper might
not see this as he might be in his "feelings."
Which could be low-key calling him a bitch,
saying his hormones are high and he's in his
feelings. This is just only 2 lines into the

"the whole year you trying to tell me that you
only feel this ?"
We all know who dropped a mixtape titled
"my feelings." He is probably questioning the
content of the tape after waiting for so long
for it's release and now this is all there is to it.
He doesn't see anything special about it even
though the owner felt like it was dope because it

"You say 'My money is calling' but you're still
Again, this is a track featured on "my
feelings." Also goes back to the fact that he
doesn't think the tape sales mean anything as
this artist is still broke so he is not sure what
money was calling.

"Ngikugabh' iseat. Hlala phansi. ngeke
ungimele tjo."
Just a bit of wordplay here basically
translating to him not giving Worse Tee any
chance and that he couldn't stand him even if
he tried to.

"I don't care who gat the juice. Now Im back
with my feelings."
Again, with brilliant wordplay. Worse Tee aka
"Njiva Juice" released "my feelings." So he
doesn't care if he thinks he's hot coz he is
addressing his own feelings or "venting"

"I will grind harder until Madiba says
He just said he's back with 'his feelings' and
now speaks about Madiba saying something.
Remember who said money, which has
Madiba's face, was calling on his "my
feelings" tape? Exactly! He says he'll work
hard until Madiba is calling for real.
It could also loosely translate to him working
hard until he's paid or until even the
ancestors/OGs/the greats recognize him.

"Now I'm running the city....I'm the ONE with
the keys."
Ring any bells? Who said they ran the city? He
says he is actually the one with the keys NOW.

Overall, the track was well-written, the flow
switch up was contagious and got one hyped.
The wordplay is not to be slept on. Foh really
vented on this and gave solid bars. To hear
more of this just click HERE and also
check out more content on the SITE.
Comment to request an analysis or for any other

FOH- Venting 3 DOWNOAD

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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