GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!
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Sunday 24 July 2022

Drayz Laynar - No Days Off (Mixtape)


Drayz Lanar - No Day Off

Drayz Lanar is Genius Muzik's next big prospects. No Days Off serves as his debut mixtape to the game. This 11 track project is a african trap master piece and only a taste of what Drayz Lanar has to offer. 


You can also download per single or stream on  Audiomack below.


Sok’hlasela Feat. Amaphara [DOWNLOAD]

Incwadi [DOWNLOAD]

Torture [DOWNLOAD]

Amantombazane [DOWNLOAD]

Somalia [DOWNLOAD]

I Need Peace [DOWNLOAD]

Plan Feat T Flizzy [DOWNLOAD]

Mind Feat Cmava [DOWNLOAD]

Dance Ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

Reflection Of Aversion [DOWNLOAD]

Friday 6 November 2020

Nduh RSA - Elevation 3 (EP)


Nduh RSA - Elevation 3 (EP)

Nduh RSA brings his Elevation series to GMG
. Elevation 3 is Nduh RSA's first project under GMG. The 9 track project is undoubtedly his best project yet showcasing so much  growth and  depth in song composition. The tape has a number of features which  are strategically placed and add unique taste to the project complementing the direction of the Elevation EP and movement.. 

Elevation III (EP)

or you can  stream or download per track below

1. Nduh Rsa - Elevate Intro (feat. Sboh Da-Hidden Poet) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Nduh Rsa - UFO [DOWNLOAD]

3. Nduh Rsa - Phalamende (feat. Suavie The Producer) [DOWNLOAD]

4. Nduh Rsa - Madman (feat. Da-Cebza) [DOWNLOAD]

5. Nduh Rsa - Family (feat. Eric Majozi) [DOWNLOAD]

6. Nduh Rsa - Changes (feat. Suavie The Producer) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Nduh Rsa - Talk [DOWNLOAD]
8. Nduh Rsa - Bliss (feat. Spheyzo) [DOWNLOAD]

9. Nduh Rsa - Freestyle III [DOWNLOAD]


Saturday 15 August 2020



Genius Muzik presents Mad Lopher 3rd solo mixtape 'Trap It Later'. As the title suggest this is a trap masterpiece. Mad Lopher displays a lot of growth in his production, vocal and songwriting abilities. 

Trough out the tape Mad Lopher performs exceptionally on every hook and also provides melodic verses. The tape features Ryan Winterz, May Fair, Mikee94, Zombie Z amongst others. 

Trap It Later

or you can  stream or download per track below.

1.     Dreams 2 [ DOWNLOAD ]

2.     Sawubona DOWNLOAD ]

3.     Wola Lapho Ft Ryan Winterz DOWNLOAD ]

4.     2 Beez DOWNLOAD ]

5.     Ezikamjebhula Ft Sam C ,Mayfair, flaxen & Pour MorDOWNLOAD ]

6.     Believe DOWNLOAD ]

7.     Uzophuza interlude Ft Sbo Womdatso DOWNLOAD ]

8.     Dali Plan Ft Mike94, Zombie Z & Ryan Winterz DOWNLOAD ]

9.     Cancel Your Plans DOWNLOAD ]

10.   Lady DOWNLOAD ]

11.   It’s A Lie DOWNLOAD ]

12.   Need DOWNLOAD ]

13.   Living Good Ft Mayfair, Sam C , Flaxen, Loon DOWNLOAD ]

14.   Side Iskhathi DOWNLOAD ]

15.    So What DOWNLOAD ]

Previous Projects


Friday 20 March 2020

Nduh RSA - Elevation II

Nduh RSA is back with the  Elevation II EP. The 7 track project boasts features from Eric Majozi, Ryan Winterz of GMG, Suavie The Producer, Spheyzo, Mhex Moola. Elevation II is defenately a step up from the first,  with better production, better content,, it is a true elevation. 

Elevation II (EP)

or you can  stream or download per track below

1. Dream Part II  [DOWNLOAD]

2. Milli (Feat. Ryan Winterz & Eric Majozi) [DOWNLOAD]

3. Boss [DOWNLOAD]

4. Cheap Talk (Feat. Suavie The Producer) [DOWNLOAD]

5. Speed Dail [DOWNLOAD]

6. Take Over (Eric Majozi & Spheyzo) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Day One (Feat Mhex Moola) [DOWNLOAD]

Friday 23 August 2019

Mad Lopher & Stonner X - On The Road

New Duo Project By Stonner X and Mad Lopher is out now, Presented to you by Censored Nation. 

(you can also stream below, or download each song one by one. Scroll down)

1. Call Your Friends  DOWNLOAD

2. On The Road  DOWNLOAD

3. Zone (feat. Zip RitsCloud)  DOWNLOAD

4. Drop It Low  DOWNLOAD

5. 1Hunnid  DOWNLOAD

6. Shame  DOWNLOAD

7. In The Club  DOWNLOAD

8. Abagwinye  DOWNLOAD

9. Who Got The Juice  DOWNLOAD

10. Beauty Of Africa  DOWNLOAD

11. Keep Going  DOWNLOAD

12. Life  DOWNLOAD

13. Trust Yourself  DOWNLOAD

14. Amen  DOWNLOAD

15. Problems (feat. Saan) | Bonus Track I  DOWNLOAD

16. Suicidal Thoughts (feat. Saan) | Bonus Track II  DOWNLOAD

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Duze & Ferlo Narco Falling EP

Ferlo Narco x Duze
Falling EP
(cover art)

(track list)

Duze and Ferlo Narco joint EP titled FALLING out now


Or you can stream below or download tracks one by one. (Scroll down)

1. Waiting For You    DOWNLOAD

2. I'm Ready    DOWNLOAD

3. You Won    DOWNLOAD

4. Dear X    DOWNLOAD

5. Love Is Pain    DOWNLOAD

6. February 9th   DOWNLOAD

7. Real Papi (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

8. Pills & Bills (feat. Romeo Prometheus)   DOWNLOAD

9. My Back (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

10. Talk Is Cheap    DOWNLOAD

11.Don't Loose Control    DOWNLOAD

12. How I Feel    DOWNLOAD

@ferlonarco & @mlibo05

Saturday 11 May 2019


Tragic- Cold World (Mixtape)
Tragic finally delivered what has been the most anticipated mixtape. After a number of successful singles such as Polo and I love You, it was only a matter of time before Cold World drops. This is a tape you can vibe with while chilling at home alone or in the club with your woes or even with your partner. Enjoy.. 

[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or you can stream below or download tracks one by one. (Scrowl down)

1. Intro [DOWNLOAD]

2. Venting 4 [DOWNLOAD]

3. Polo [DOWNLOAD]

4. How Made It ft Mad Lopher & Young Duze [DOWNLOAD]

5. Let Me ft  May Fair  [DOWNLOAD]

6. I Love You [DOWNLOAD]


8.  Lonely ft Young Duze [DOWNLOAD]

9. Take You Back ft Ryan Winterz, Foh, Mono [DOWNLOAD]

10. Blessed ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

11. Ready ft Zip [DOWNLOAD]

12.  Dreamz ft Cebo G [DOWNLOAD]

13. My Shoes  ft Da Cebza [DOWNLOAD]

14. Dream Girl ft Mad Lopher  [DOWNLOAD]

15.  ONM  (On My Way) [DOWNLOAD]

16. Outro (My Life) [DOWNLOAD]

Saturday 19 January 2019

GMG - GM4E18

The annual GMG compilation of Genius Muzik top singles.  We have seen Mad Lopher dominate the year for the past 2 years, this year was largely dominated by Foh.


Or download your favorite song below one by one.

1.  - Flexin (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Ready (Foh &Ryan Winterz ) [DOWNLOAD]

3.  - Contemned (AP Venom, prod. by Liz) [DOWNLOAD]

4. In Da Gqom (MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

5.  Ex Yam (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

6. No Time (Zip, Foh & Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Foh Mom (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

8. Ziyawa (MGZEE & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

9.  82 Barz (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Dreamz (Zip, Young Liz, Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Humble (Foh, Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Bragging Remix (MG Beatz, Zip, Foh, Mad Lopher, Sam C, Mono, Flozzy,Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Njini) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Waste Your  Time (Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Get The Guap (Mono & Zip) [DOWNLOAD]

15. Don't Mind (Foh & MK) [DOWNLOAD]

16.  Lonely (Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

17. Goodbye (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

18. Me And My Niggaz (Young Liz & Envy) [DOWNLOAD]

19. Luciaphi Mama (Mad Lopher, Mayfair, Lo) [DOWNLOAD]

20. Thesha (FOH, prod. by Zip) [DOWNLOAD]




Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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