GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

MG Beatz- Since 02 (Free Trap Beat)

Art by MG Beatz

The sequal continues. MG Beatz provides another free beat as a follow up to he's Since 01 beat he dropped a couple of moths back. The young composer continues to feed the trap street with hes new banger beat.
Download and jump on the beat below and send it back to us and your song might be published on our site.

Genius Muzik

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Ryan Winterz v MGZEE - What More? (Lyrics)

Intro (Ryan Winterz)

It just different, It Unique, Aloe!

Angikaz' ngifile guilty this wasn't case before.
Ngohlezi nginyuka njalo shit i wasn't meant to fall.
 I won the battle againgst you nigga wherz the door.
 You call your self upelepele mara awubabi qhooh!!

Ryan Winterz
Im getting calls from people who never called before
I heard them say ngishaya izithupha but angikho sure
What you see is what you get, tell me what you saw
5,4,3,2,1, im ready to blow!!

Hook (Winterz & MGZEE)

The top 5 on Jeiggermister, What More?
I shot a video on a Ferrari, What More?
My KCP go my Niggaz, nigga What More?
Yellow Bones on my DP, What More?

Ryan Winterz (Verse 1)

Im that nigga other niggaz follow.
Today’s yesterday makes tomorrow.
These niggaz  never hit the target, Golden Arrows
Bayibabo when they see me, all my niggaz know.
Pull a trigga for the right figures,
Write a song for the right nigga,
Kill a nigga with 3 bars, Adiddas.
I do this for the paper, mmmh, Madibas.
Send your shots over the net Cassillas.
You’ve never reached the heights, aint nothing you can tell us.
You just a feleb my nigga you aint really famous.
They say you nobody until you got a bunch of haters.
If got made us why the fuck he let the divel raise us.
Record labels want my name like a register.
Why they even wanna sign me Im already a star.
Put a blade on these madafuckers, Westley Snipes.
I toll Venom kill them all, I got blood on my mouth.
Money talks motherfacka , What you talking about.

Bitch, What you talking about?
Money talks motherfacka , Wat you talking about?

Ryan Winterz (Talking)

Hhuh, Ey Zee Im out of bars my nigga, tell Da Cebza to put more money in my account
You know I charge a thousand per bar, (Because Im Good)  Graduation!!

It your turn my nigga, Get ‘em

MGZEE'S Verse 

The dope girl in the town with the blond hair.
I dnt knw her number ngikwaz igama i will call her.
She says, she got a stepla so i give her papers.
Im too close to my goals njenge penalty.
Now am rapping with a class in my hand.
Ngiyabacinanisa i got a dust in my hand.
In a roof with 'emm girls when i land.
Im tryna show ma true colour nginiphathele upende
Now am am kicking these lames
Winning the game, lama rapper anama pen ahlezi adrawer ama games.
Plus am chill though, steve biko, am tryna be the hero that am kinda real though
(Aybo!! sika ma reiza bheka siyabajika mabeza.
Ngathi niphatha ama x-rays ukuze nibone unembeza.
Now i dnt argue with niggas who got an "S" on the chest lyk superman.
 kudala besihlupha man.
Im showing the power this rapper is testing my energy.
Check i got a flow says stuff all my enermies.
Uphikisana neyifiso u think you better than wish.
Most of these rappers they think they better than this.
Now on the movie am too die for, haters wanna go to hell, mara mina angisayi khona.

(Ryan Winters)
ahh on the movie am too die for haters wanna go to hell but mina angisayi khona!

Nigga what more!! X5

Hook (Winterz & MGZEE)

The top 5 on Jeiggermister, What More?
I shot a video on a Ferrari, What More?
My KCP go my Niggaz, nigga What More?
Yellow Bones on my DP, What More?

Flozzy- Change My Life ft Swazi S

Flozzy- Change My Life

It been a Long Walk for Flozzy. 2016 was a quite year for Genius Muzik's very own Flozzy due to hes grade 12 studies. However the Mbazwane native has a vault full of hits with hes 2015 Long Walk mixtape. Here is a track from the Long Walk tape that deserves some shine. A 3 verse storyline with the beautiful Swazi S on the hook.

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Genius Muzik
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