GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Njini - Diesel [Free Mixtape Download]

Art by Ryan Winters
The wait is finally over.  Some can say this  has been 5 years in the making. Genius Muzik proudly presents the debut mixtape by Genius Muzik's first signee Njini called Diesel. Download Diesel for punchlines,. metaphors, syllables and storytelling at  it best. Njini shares a slice of his life with his fresh new project. Order your CD copy or Download for free  below.

For the best download experience on mobile, use OPERA MINI


You can download each song separately below..

1. I'm A Blesser [Prod. by Rude K Beatz] [DOWNLOAD]

2. Woz'bona ft Small [DOWNLOAD]

3. Banamanga [DOWNLOAD]

4. Imali Yeqolo ft Zip [Prod. by Mad L] [DOWNLOAD]

5. Burn Forever ft Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

6. Ngeke Basenze Lutho [DOWNLOAD]

7. Diesel (Interlude) ft Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

8. Nomlindo ft MGZEE & AP Venom [DOWNLOAD]

9. For My Niggaz Only ft Small & Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

10. Cheater [DOWNLOAD]

11. Basqedile [DOWNLOAD]

12. Let You Go ft Crazy Babe & Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

13. Abagcwali ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

14. Bayagcwala ft Flozzy & Zip [DOWNLOAD]

15. Nguye ft Da MC Tee [DOWNLOAD]

16. Gone Too Soon [DOWNLOAD]

17. Ngeke Ulunge Lana ft GMG [DOWNLOAD]

Order a CD Copy from 081 067 0251/0788100008 [R25 EACH] *excl. mailing costs. If you want it sent trough the post office : R35 Normal mail/ R40 fast mail
Art by Ryan Winters
Njini RSA
Genius Muzik

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