GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Monday 17 November 2014

Manguzi Music Awards 2014

Genius Muzik in association with MCC Productions presents the 1st Annual Manguzi Music Awards.
Join us as we celebrate the future of music.
Please show your support by voting on as many categories as you can below.
The Award show will be on the 16 December Manguzi Town 6pm to 6am(more details will be provided in time)

Let your voice be heard, CLICK VOTE on each category and vote.....
1. Best Kwaito VOTE
a)      Rongboyz  
b)      JB Galz
c)       Skinny Boy
d)      Man D
e)      Busah
f)       Problem bunners

2. Best Vernack/Zulu Rapper VOTE 
a)      Kay C
b)      Sam C Kid
c)       2 Shots
d)      Master Future
e)      Da Cebza
f)       J Stiz

3. Best English/International Rapper VOTE 
a)      Swesh
b)      Young Liz  
c)       Cebo G
d)      Da Cagebird
e)      Csyzer
f)       Mr Cool

4. Best New Comer VOTE 
a)      Team PBL
b)      Sam C Kid
c)       Chippa
d)      Killer T
e)      Kay C
f)       Swesh

5. Best DJ VOTE
a)      DJ Superb
b)      DJPaul
c)       DJ Smava
d)      DJZavolo
e)      DJ Mawaza
f)       DJ DeepFanatic

6. Best Producer VOTE
a)      3 Kings
b)      Khabza
c)       2 shots
d)      G light

7. Best Beat maker VOTE 
a)      Young Liz
b)      Smava G
c)       3 Kingz
d)      G Light
e)      Khabza
f)       Mlubhas

8. Best Crew VOTE
a)      3 Doggz
b)      Black Beez
c)       (G Light Ent.
d)      Young Dope Fam
e)      Genius Muzik Gang
f)       D1881

9. Best Studio VOTE 
a)      King Cebza Productions
b)      2 Shorts 2 Shine Productions
c)       MCC  Productions
d)      G L Productions  
e)      Genius Muzik

10. Best Traditional Music Artist VOTE
a)      Black Beez
b)      Ruben
c)       Sticks
d)      Sbu Inyosi
e)      Vukani Band
f)       T M A- Peter Johnson

11. Best Vocalist/Singer VOTE 
a)      Twice T
b)      Csyzer
c)       Miss Nonhlanhla
d)      Skinny boy
e)      AKA 2da Khanyi
f)       3 Kings

12. Best Mixtape VOTE 
a)      Genius Muzik Forever- Genius Muzik Forever
b)      Uyagroova by D1881
c)       Makhelwane by King G and NG
d)      Domination by Cebo G
e)      My World by Csyzer
f)       Gcwala noma Chitheka by Young Dope Fam

13. Song Of The Year VOTE 
a)  Hands Up by D1881 ft Cebo G
b)  Rappers of the year by G Light Entertainment
c)  Emanguzi Yikithi by Chippa
d)  Ceboz Gallo by Cebo G and Da Cebza
e)  Impilo Ka Lova by 3 Doggz
f)   F#ck by Wrongturn
g)  Intozam by RongBoyz
h)  Phansi komthunzi Welanga by Best Combination
i)  Ukubhodla kwebhubesi by Kay C
j)  Hlokoloza by G Light Entertainment

14. Best Collab/Feature VOTE 
a)       Hands Up by D1881 feat Cebo G
b)       For My City by G L Entertainment Ft Cebo G
c)       Ceboz Gallo by Cebo G and Da Cebza
d)       We On by Cebo G ft young Liz, Zip Zop Pop and Zanta

15. King Of Manguzi 2014 VOTE
a)      3 Kingz
b)      Wrongturn
c)      G Light
d)      King Nsika
e)      Twice T
f)       Kay C
g)      Mr Vibe
h)      Da Cebza
i)       Master Future
j)       Cebo G
k)      NG

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

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