GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Saturday 19 January 2019

GMG - GM4E18

The annual GMG compilation of Genius Muzik top singles.  We have seen Mad Lopher dominate the year for the past 2 years, this year was largely dominated by Foh.


Or download your favorite song below one by one.

1.  - Flexin (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Ready (Foh &Ryan Winterz ) [DOWNLOAD]

3.  - Contemned (AP Venom, prod. by Liz) [DOWNLOAD]

4. In Da Gqom (MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

5.  Ex Yam (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

6. No Time (Zip, Foh & Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Foh Mom (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

8. Ziyawa (MGZEE & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

9.  82 Barz (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Dreamz (Zip, Young Liz, Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Humble (Foh, Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Bragging Remix (MG Beatz, Zip, Foh, Mad Lopher, Sam C, Mono, Flozzy,Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Njini) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Waste Your  Time (Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Get The Guap (Mono & Zip) [DOWNLOAD]

15. Don't Mind (Foh & MK) [DOWNLOAD]

16.  Lonely (Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

17. Goodbye (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

18. Me And My Niggaz (Young Liz & Envy) [DOWNLOAD]

19. Luciaphi Mama (Mad Lopher, Mayfair, Lo) [DOWNLOAD]

20. Thesha (FOH, prod. by Zip) [DOWNLOAD]




Monday 31 December 2018

Mlyza - 31ST (EP)

Master Plan Entertainment presents 31st EP by Mlyza.  This is a surprise project from the Danglom. The plan is to close and open the year with great music.

[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or download your favorite song below one by one.

1. Day By Day [DOWNLOAD]

2. Barongo [DONWLOAD]

3. Syabajova ft Kaypee[DOWNLOAD]

4. Ushukela[DOWNLOAD]

5. My Everything ft Ceejay [DOWNLOAD]

6. Ndihawukele ft Nabia [DOWNLOAD]

7. Shebba[DOWNLOAD]

8. Ngakithi [DOWNLOAD]

9. Awunoni ft Ntuthuko [DOWNLOAD]

10. Bangenise [DOWNLOAD]


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Manguzi Hottest MC List 2018

The Manguzi Hottest MC List is an annual initiative where 10 MCs are ranks based on their overall performance for the year.. In order to make it in the music industry, you can not just rely on skill level, therefore it is important to note that its list considers all aspect that makes an MC hot. The lists considers single success, milestones, growth, skill, business, innovation,  fan base, buzz,videos, impact, influence and consistency.

With that being said, this list is not abu who is the best rapper, best arts or best MC, this list is about who was more relevant in Manguzi for the year 2018.

10. K Ntwana

The K2S young MC blasted n to the Manguzi MC scenes last year and appeared very high on the 2017 list. In 2018 he was able to maintain his popularity with very well received single such as Tomorrow, Is You Feeling Alright and Iskhathi. He also gained credit as a producer and cultivating a catchy sound of his own. K is one of those artists that are forever growing.

Music  8/10  Business 6/10    Impact 7\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10

Score 38/50

9. Worse T

The success of his 2017 My Feelings 2 mixtape is still impacting the Manguzi rap scene in 2018. Worse T is easily one of the most influential artists in Manguzi, even Foh publicly admitted that his Fohmation was partly inspired by Worse T’s My Feelings tape. Worse was able to stay a topic of conversation with features on Uthando by JD records and stole the show on Tragic’s New World. His own effort Rich and Yehlisa were also received well my fans and peers
Music  8/10  Business 4/10    Impact 10\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10
Score : 39/50

8. MBee

Mbee had moderate music success with features, he gave us what can be easily  be announced as the verse of the year on I Still Believe By Chippa. He also showed off his mc prowess on Open The Doors. However MBee’s claim to the list is the success of his clothing brand ‘Equal World’ which is seemingly taking over Manguzi and has led to other business opportunities such a restaurants and car wash, on top of that he created a platform for other artist by hosting shows. This is legimate hustle and it stems from music.
Music  6/10  Business 10/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10
Score: 40/50

7. Interpreter/ JD Records
JD Records CEO was cruising this 2018. Inter is introduced us to a lot of amazing talent such a Eezy, Wiz Fli, Sky Beez, Queens of JD. Inter and his crew gave us Uthando, and  Yena Ayakwini, one of the biggest songs of 2018 and executive produced a couple of mixtapes by his artists. It undisputed that Inter has a great business year as a leader and an artist. We are going to let him share his position with rest of his crew members such as Skybeez who dropped a mixtape under JD and Queens of JD who been in lead when it comes to the presence of women in Manguzi hip hop.

Music  8/10  Business 8/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 8/10
Score: 40/50

6. Zip Ritscloud

Zip is on a league on his own when it comes to this rap ship. The trap king gave us next level verses on songs like Dreamz, Bragging Remix, IDGAF, and No Time amongst others, making him one of the most featured artist of 2018 at the highest level. His single Get The Guap did moderately well, however his ability to steal the show in all live performances. 2018 he also inked a modeling deal with Gauteng brand Deesus. On top of that he has directed one of the most successful singles such Polo, Flexing and Thesha. He also went on tour in Durban with the rest of GMG.

Music  7/10  Business 9/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 41/50

5.Clayo La Fest

2018 Manguzi overdosed on Clayo, no pun intended. The Overdose hit maker had a magnificent year, realizing arguably the song of the year and toping it with a video of the year. What makes Clayo amazing is that he was able to keep the hype if his Overdose single trough out the whole year. He gained a lot of respect from peers and gained a lot of features, making him the most wanted of 2018
Music  9/10  Business 7/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10
Score : 41/50

4. Tragic

Tragic is in the running for artist of the year. He’s business and music and overall contribution to the Manguzi hip hop scene is undeniable. 1stly, in 2018 we saw his clothing brand shoot to the top and became one of the big 3 brand in Manguzi. He continues his momentum with the Polo music video which was well a received. However Tragic most claim to fame is the consistency in the music, he released a number of singles that connected well with the crowd. Songs like Why, Rockstar,  7 Years Old, New World and Lonely remake. Tragic’s music and clothing brand are really putting him on the map.

Music  10/10  Business 9/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 7/10

Score: 42

3.  Chippa

Chippa finaly dropped his 21 song project ‘Make It Happen’ in 2018 and it was well received by the public and also sold a lot of copies. The project was a blend of rap and afro sound and was able to attract the older audience de it mature content.  Chippa was able to use his standup comedy popularity to introduce his music to the people. His music success opened opportunities for business ventures such a printing which he now can be credited as there reason for the high number of new clothing brand popping up in Manguzi.
Music  9/10  Business 9/10    Impact 7\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10
Score : 42

2. Mad Lopher

With no question Mad Lopher has had an amazing year, stating on top trough out the entire year. Started  2018 with his highly acclaimed Venting Remix to his Flexing single which is one of the biggest songs of 2018. He did not stop there, he dropped a music video for the song and a mixtape which was well recived and trending on all social media. Mad Lopher appeared on a number of features, was credited with a lot of production on the biggest song of 2018. Praised as one of the best live performers, the young MC closed the year with the a tour in Durban amongst other shows. Mad Lopher is one of those artist that all other artist want to sound like, you can hear his presence in othe upcoming artists.

Music  10/10  Business 5/10    Impact 10\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 43/50

   1. Foh

When you talking about dominance, you are talking about Foh. Foh kicked off the year with the most successful Venting remix, and then dropped a video for it.  Beside appearing on a number of features, he had success with single of his own such as Ex Yam which was well received before it even officially dropped. He then dropped Thesha and what most call a video of the year. He certified his dominance with the release of his Fohmation mixtape which some claim to be the best mixtape in Manguzi history. The first mixtape with Side A and Side B, which showcases his ability to make romance songs, trap and kasi rap. FOH also signed a deal with promotion company  Easy Live to appear in a number of their events in Durban of in one of them he received praise from legendary actor Kenneth Nkosi. Foh wrapped the year with  the GMG tour promoting his tape in Durban.

The number one spot is reserved for some we believe is ready to ascend to the next level, and Foh is definitely that artist with no doubt.

Music  10/10  Business 8/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 44/50


The list was generated by public votes and then it was discussed and arranged by the panel.

Mlibo Mthembu | Philani Mthembu | Simanga Mtambo | Cebo Mahendla | Public Opinion


Monday 17 December 2018

FOH -Thesha (Remastered)

Fohmation is still in full fohrce, Thesha is the official
 off the already released mixtape 'FOHMATION'. This is a remastered version for radio airplay. Instrumental was produced by Zip and the song was remastered by Mad Lopher.



Facebook : Foh Yungking

Instagram : @fohdiboi

Bookings : 0788100008 /

Sunday 2 December 2018

Ryan Winterz - Waste Your Time ft MGZEE & Flozzy

Genius Muzik head coach Ryan Winterz also known as Cebo G drops a surprise track featuring label mate Flozzy and frequent collaborator MGZEE.  





Saturday 1 December 2018

Man D - Kuyafiwa (Album)

Man D hits December with a bang. The award winning kwaito artist from Manguzi(KZN) releases his long awaited debut album independently. The album features Chippa, Skinny Boy, Bhoboza, Lethu amongst others. The 13 track project has that old school kwaito feeling with banging beatz and cool vibes.

[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or download your favorite song below one by one.

01.    IQolo [DOWNLOAD]

02.   Asambe Ft Bhoboza [DOWNLOAD]

03.   iSgubhu Ft Mlubhas [DOWNLOAD]

04.   KwazeKwamnandi Ft Sxova [DOWNLOAD]

05.   Hamba Name Ft Skinny [DOWNLOAD]

06.   Umlilo Ft Sbo [DOWNLOAD]

07.   uThando Ft Skinny [DOWNLOAD]

08.   Entathakusa [DOWNLOAD]

09.   Kuyafiwa Ft Chippa & Lethu [DOWNLOAD]

10.   Siyabangena [DOWNLOAD]

11.   Uyangihlanyisa Ft TMR & Sxova [DOWNLOAD]

12.   Abajimile [DOWNLOAD]

13.   Umona [DOWNLOAD]

PS. Album is also available on CDs, place your order 0795950022/0788100008

Friday 23 November 2018

FOH - Fohmation (Mixtape)

The wait is finnaly over. The most anticipated mixtape of 2018 is finnaly here. Genius Muzik presents the debute mixtape under Genius Muzik. FOHMATION marks the begin of Foh's musical journey and the title is also a combination of his name and formation. The mixtape has 2 parts. Part A is a relationship based music where Foh highlights his semi singing abilities and production. Side B consist of ten trap/rap songs that we have grown to love from Foh, talking about life, wins, losses, trial and tribulation of the music industry.  One may say Side A is for ladies and Side B for gentlemen but that won't stop you from listening to all 20 songs.

[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or download your favorite song below one by one.


1.1 Inhlizyo [DOWNLOAD]

1.2 Ready [DOWNLOAD]

1.3 Uthando [DOWNLOAD]

1.4 Don't Mind FT MK [DOWNLOAD]

1.5 African Queen ft  Whiz & Worse T[DOWNLOAD]

1.6 Aksafani [DOWNLOAD]

1.7 Jabula [DOWNLOAD]

1.8. Take U Home ft Cebo G [DOWNLOAD]

1.9 Ex Yam [DOWNLOAD]

1.10 Gone [DOWNLOAD]


2.1 Thesha (Prod. by Zip) [DOWNLOAD]

2.2 Bad Dream ft Major [DOWNLOAD]

2.3 Humble ft Winterz [DOWNLOAD]

2.4 Venting 3 [DOWNLOAD]

2.5 Zolo ft Major & Mono [DOWNLOAD]

2.6. No Time ft Mad Lopher & Zip [DOWNLOAD]

2.7 Ziyawa ft MGZEE (prod. by Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

2.8 Foh Mom [DOWNLOAD]

2.9 Abezela ft Skeemy [DOWNLOAD]

2.10 F#ck Out Here (Outro) [DOWNLOAD]


Produced/Engineered by FOH. Executive Produced by Ryan Winterz. Composers by by various beatmakers and FOH (Ziyawa) and Zip (Thesha). Written mainly by FOH and Ryan Winterz (Don't Mind) and  guest artists on their respective verses. Graphics by Ryan Winterz. Released, Published and Distributed by Genius Muzik Pty (Ltd). 


Music video from mixtape single


Instagram: Fohdiboi

Facebook: Foh Yungking

Bookings: 0788100008/



Friday 16 November 2018

May Fair - Look Alive ft CO Loon

art by MG Beatz
Look Alive is a new single by May Fair featuring CO Loon. this drowsy trap anthem will get you in the mood for those lit sessions. 


Thursday 15 November 2018

May Fair - Straight UP ft Clayo Lafest

art by MG Beatz

The return  of the Black Rabbit, May Fair continues to steal the show in theundeground scene , and now he is back with a summer smash featuring Clayo Lafest.


Monday 5 November 2018

FOH- Venting 3 (Freestyle) (Official Music Video)

Foh - Venting 3 (Official Music Video)

The official music visuals of Venting 3 by Foh. Fohmation mixtape drops 23 November 2018. You can download the video below or stream on YouTube.





Instagram: Fohdiboi

Facebook: Foh Yungking

Bookings: 0788100008/

Friday 2 November 2018

Faki Mali (Ezikamjebhula Anthem)

They call them ezikamjebhula, 9 of Manguzi's finest artists come together to give a taste of what a 10 minutes joint can be like, Enjoy.


Friday 26 October 2018

Da Cebza- Legendary Flow

KCP head coach returns with a new song Legendary Flow. Da Cebza aka Prof Himself is proving he can still dominate the streets with pure bars in this trap era.

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Mlyza - Ouuuh (Prod. by Plan B)

Master Plan Ent. presents their star player, the Danglom, the one and only Mlyza. New single from the Danglom titled Ouuuh..

You know Mlyza always has something to address, check this blazing single below.

DOWNLOAD (datafilehost)
DOWNLOAD (nippybox)

Social Plugs

Instagram : @Mlyza_Danglom

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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