GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Young Duze - Venting 11 [+Lyrics]

Souther Records founder brings the heat and switch up the tempo on the Venting series, over the Soul Food beat by Fab and Jada. The scavenger claims the top spot and blasts competition. Yall dont wanna miss this. 


These niggars say they're high,
I've never seen them catch no plane.
I flew above the clouds,
So aint no sticking to no lane.
They gossiping and leaning,
Now they're driving me insane.
All you rappers is some extras,
Kulemovie I'm still the main.

I'll bring you hell, my shit is hot,
The food is spicy(hot) out in Asia(Thailand).
Sengibuyile and ngiyapunch(a),
That's how I know to deal with pressure.
I think I made it, what's the measure?
I've been flying just for leisure 
Im Followed by gold diggers,
Man, I know that I'm a treasure.

They're beasting out on Facebook,
When we meet they hide their faces.
Wanna be the hottest eMCee,
When they rapping fuckin faeces(shit).
You can try me, anginashukela,
Mfanwakithi, kuzoba muncu.
You Acting like a star,
Mara awukhoni nokubek' umucu.

I'm Still a genius with my music,
On the mic I spit some Venom.
The booth is like a hot stove, cook some bars & then I burn them.
They think they're trapping, but they're trashing, Rapping with no passion.
My bars survive time,
They always come back like they're denim.

Hold up, what you're doing?
My niggars call this venting.
I'm coming for all yall,
Outta control, Im on a rampage.
Lyrical diarrhiea, bars flowing,
I'm never average.
done lost all of my morals,
Now they treat me like a savage

Treat me like a menace,
While they're sucking on his penis,
I went to Bangkok,
All you niggars is some winnies.
I Got you on your feelings,
Why you acting like the illest?
If a niggar sick,
Then I'm coming with injections.

They Say They raised the bar, 
I took it higher like a stepfather.
always making money, 
Now my wallet has an ancestor(Madiba).
Never seem to lose,
on the mic I'm still a step further.
Got to shape my future,
I put the nail, like a carpenter.

Twerking on your name,
Give 'em a chance & they just piss.
Questioning your greatness,
get it right, they'll want a Piece.
Start sucking on your soccer(balls),
Like they've always wanted Peace.
Enough with the venting,
Disrespect, you get a Diss

Yall wanna be the OGs
On the mic, imin' i-O2.
I Never plan my moves,
I keep it real, always impromptu.
They Never show me love, behind the scenes
I'm the one they Go to.
Now I'm Going supersayan
found the dragonballs like Goku.

I'm never mad when they bite my style,
I know It's just a love bite.
Said they're coming wih em punches, weak lines, it's a pillow fight.
Never pay attention to these kids,
I'm not a pedophile.
I'm all about my paper like

I've  got the fucken Hiccups... Go


Genius Muzik

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