GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Sunday 11 September 2022

AP Venom - God Did (Remix)


AP Venom taps in to his inner God on the Dj Khaled remix.  The Golden Spitter once again spills his heart and emotion on the soulful beat. After  a master class verse from, Jay Z, Venom is not afraid to follow the foot steps of the gods. Venom raps around his own life from his troubles, insecurities and wins.



Shed a tear in the booth
Get a piece of my heart
AP Venom

Verse 1

Sometimes I hate who I see in the mirror
I promised me so much, but I haven't delivered
My plan was by this time I’d have this and the other
But alas, none of it turned out
How I imagined now I feel like a failure
Forever working, but hardly seeing any result
And doubt tells me I should settle
Like, it doesn't take any effort...I mean, after all,
I'm qualified, got a job, in the big city living large, all in all, nobody really is expecting much
Already graduated made my family proud, so what more is to be done? Quit dreaming settle down
Face reality, be an adult, save up, buy a house, take your girl walk her down the aisle
Buy a car, have a child, so when you pass, there'll be something left behind, just conform you'll be fine, it's not like you haven't tried
 You're exhausted, you're tired settle down, what you have is enough, settle down

(I told y’all the story before, I cried because I got, you know, discouraged, but I used that as fuel to improve)

Verse 2

Probably wouldn't push this hard without the hate  
You know they say ain't no roses without the rain 
They thought I fell but I rose among the great 
Every day that goes by
Positive and negative, entertaining both ties
I’m making it, and I’m not, messages from both sides
Yesterday's mistakes, we live and we learn from those scars
The hustle is bearing fruit, they wish it wasn't us
But that’s what always happens when you're reaching for the stars
I’ve seen too many niggas go and fail before they start
Lack of self-belief, that's where they operating from
I am not that nigga, look at how far I have come
Godly fabric, I am cut from that cloth
From Manguzi to the world, look at the things I have done
A rap nigga who can take on this beast, name one
Take your time
...I’ll wait...anyway
Bad decisions, but I make ’em with precision
Daily discomfort how I'm making my investments
Pain paying dividends I’m taking my percentage
It may take time, but really I’m invested
Not sure how but I will manifest it
Me and my grandma’s bond is really tied to this promise, if I'm honest, wish she was alive just to witness
 Her wish manifested, truth is, I’m going through a crisis, lost her four years ago, and I’ve never cried since
Sometimes chasing all these dreams doesn't make sense, been at it for years, but up to date it aint make cents
but I don't want her to hear me spouting all this nonsense, so instead, I make sure y’all know that to me, she imparted greatness

Dear grandma 
You see my future is a nightmare
’Cuz I got dreams and they haunt me
At the aint top aint where they want me
But I’mma get it up regardless
I still suffer from the heartbreak
Hard to open up, I'm guarded
Couldn't forget you if I tried it
I know you're listening and watching
We ain't deserve you, but God did
I know your spirit is where God is
I’m just praying for your guidance
Please guard me
This life has scarred me
Please guide me



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