GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Top 5 Things Underground Artists Should Know!

1. A record deal is a loan. Basically a record company gives a certain amount of moment for you to producer a certain number of albums, then when your albums start generation men, they take back their money. The money they give you is called an advance. {Read More}

2. 90% of the people in the music industry are not your Friends. The industry is a business. People will form relationships with you out off hopes that they will make money in return. They might like you, but they are not your friends. 

3. Don't sign anything until the contact is interpreted to you by a lawyer f your choice. Even if your most trusted friend is giving you a contract, make sure it checked by third parties. Learn from Lil Wayne's mistakes!!!

4. You are not going to be rich just off music. Don't think the money you make in music will make you rich like the famous people you see. Music doesn't pay much, specially if you have to split the money with the label,agents and managers. Your business outside music is what can make you rich, such as opening restaurants, clothing line, endorsements deals, any other business. Use your fame to create opportunity. 

5. Lastly,  You don't succeed in the music industry just cos you very talented, talent is great to have but to succeed, you need to bring something new to the music industry, do not imitate/emulate/copy what the great artists are already doing. You don't have to be the best at it, you just have to be different, unique. We don't need another, Drake, Kendrick, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Migos,Emtee, Sjava to name a few, we need an alternative to what we already have.

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Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2017


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