GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Manguzi Best Of The Bests

Dear Manguzi

I write this letter to you with the hope of promoting the names of the following artist who are best in certain things in this Manguzi Rap Industry. If you dnt see your name it danzt mean you not good it means there is some one who daz what you do better so you must work harder.

Best Lyricist

Manguzi lacks lyricists, Some people think that they are lyricists just cos they drop punchlines. NOOOOO sir, A lyricists requires a high level of intelligent lines, advanced rhyme schemes, multi syllables, world play, double/ triple antres and and unpredictable flows. I thought I was the closest thing to a lyricist in Manguzi check out my most lyrical verse here. But I found someone who daz everything i do on that mic and even better, this nigga is smart with the words and no one less is doing it better than him. Best Lyricist in Manguzi is AP Venom

Best Flow

Some people listen to lyrics some people just listen to flows. It important to have a balance if you a rapper. Having a great flow is amazing because it makes people pay attention. This nigga with the best Flow in MGZ is a nigga who is on everyone's top 5 rappers in Manguzi. King Nsika.

Best Story Teller

Story telling is a very important thing that every rapper is suppose to be able to do. Even if you are a turn u[ rapper, but an album or mixtape will not be a classic if you all turn up. You need to chill and tell us something we can relate or empathize with. The best Storyteller in Manguzi is easily MGZEE. Other tell store but this is the only niggas who is able to tell a story while dropping punchlines, similes and crazy rhymes. Go listen to 'Letter To Mom'

Best Style

Style is very important. Your style on yr songs and yr style on stage are the things that will get fans to stay loyal to you. Zip Zop Pop is easily the nigga with the best style in Manguzi. Everybody keeps saying his music sound like his commercial, like he has already made it. He is one of the most promising niggaz in Manguzi, only the future will tell as he continues to grow.

Best Punchliner

Rap is not only about punchlines, but punchlines are the best way to get attention. A punchline is one line with more than 1 meaning. You dnt explain the other meaning, you leave the other possible meaning to the listen to try to understand. Once you say or explain the other meaning in a following line, it no longer a punchline. The rapper who drops pure punchlines in Manguzi in an organised manner and unforced is Master Future. Check out that nigga.

Best Song Writter

This is a crazy topic cos I think Im the best song writer, but there are niggaz who kills with the pen. From creating dope hooks to  structuring  a song in a perfect way. I always tell people  that a song must have a structure, introductiion, Climax and Conclusion. That is a perfect song. This best song writter is Mr Aloe Music, the one and the only MGZEE.

Fastest Rapper

In the old days, a rappers dopeness was determine by how fast he could rap, but as rap evolved people started started aying more attention to lyrics and flows. However this does not change a fact that if a nigga spits faster than you on a track he is more likely to kill you on that track and if a nigga stops the beat and spit super fast on a live show the fans will go crazy. So the ability to rap fast is not forgotten. The fasted rapper in Manguzi is Da MC Tee. Ive heard other rappers who rap faster than Da MC Tee, but they were not using their flows, so that doesn't count. Rapping fast is only amazing if you do it with yr own flow becos any one can copy Eminem;s Rap God flow and change lyrics then rap fast, but that not dope. MC Tee is bale to do it with his original vernacular flow.

 Best Link Pusher/Promoter

I always tell my niggaz that if you are underground it danzt matter how dope you are if you cant get people who dont know you to download yr track. You will be dope and underground forever with 50 download in 1 week. Promoting  music online is a skill that every rapper must have and it as important as being dope. The rapper who is best at this is Kay C. He makes you download his song even if yoi dont want to. He\is hustle has made him popular in most parts of KZN. I would like to encirage othe artist to learn from this boy on pushing a link.

Best MC

Anyone can rap but not anyone can MC. An MC (emcee) is ta nigga with raw rapping talent. A nigga who is ready to freestyle and nigga who not just dope in studio, and nigga who-can d anything and everything. A nigga who ahas dope flows and dope lyrics. The best MC in Manguzi is easily Swash. I personally have freestyled with that nigga so I know what Im tawking about. Swash is the best in this for real. I will also like to mention other real MCs which are King Nsika and M Bee. Thesre are the only niggas which I've met who are dope on and off the mic with no delay, aut0tune and effects and there are not scared to rap anytime like me..Saluet to these real MCs. The best MC is Swash.

Best Battle Rapper

This is obvious no one has released moe diss tracks than this nigga. His track called Beef Yampela is the best beef track in the history of Manguzi.  Not anyone can battle, live or in studio, you need that harsh have and killer lines. Sando is the king on this...Mina nje, I dont want any problems.

Best Comedic Rapper

Rambo will make you laugh while dropping sick rhymes and punchlines. This nigga is crazy and talented for real. 

Best Romance 

I dont have to say much here, We all know Csyzer cant stop taking our girls with his singing and rapping about girls.

Biggest Hustler

Chippa is easily the best huslta in Manguzi. He is the nly rapper who has show which he takes to schools and get paid. Hes also does stand up comedy but let not forget his Manguzi Yikith track is the biggest hip hop track in Manguzi and everyone loves it. I can say he runs Manguzi with one track.

Best Rapper

I know hip hop, I know the music industry. I study it it everyday, I have watched every Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Drake, Cole, Tupac, Tip, Birdman, Lil Wayne, P Diddy, Kendrick, etc interview there is. This is how I grow my knowledge abou hip hop and the industry. This is what makes me move the way i move. So I know what is needed from a rapper and I know who has a chance of making it. I dnt know everything, but I know most things. The best rapper in Manguzi has never dropped a wack verse. Ive never heard a wack verse from this nigga. The best rapper in Manguzi is young enough to still grow to be something bigga.  The best rapper in Manguzi is not only a rapper but he is also a producer and a front man of his crew. The best rapper in Manguzi under 20 years. The best rapper in Manguzi is....................This nigga has a real chance of getting signed because he is marketable and his coming out with his own sound. The best rapper in Manguzi killed everyone in the first cypher in Manguzi. Yes, the best rapper in Manguzi is 2 Shots (Desparadow)

[This is not based on the songs that was released this year, it my personal opinion Manguzi Hip Hip, feel free to disagree or comment]

Article by:
Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2016


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