GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday, 7 October 2022

Ganda Fest & Rareform - Bhidliza Feat. Loki, Mad Lopher, Zip Ritscloud & Mayfair

Ganda Fest & Rareform - Bhidliza Feat. Loki, Mad Lopher, Zip Ritscloud & Mayfair

Ganda Fest and Rareform presents Bhidliza, the first single to the Ganda Festival to be held later this year. The song features The Skhanda World protege Loki along side GMG heavy weights Mad Lopher and Zip Ritscloud not forgetting Manguzi's top prospect Mayfair. With production from Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi, this is guaranteed to be the song of the summer.

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Saturday, 24 September 2022

Max OV, Wisey & Fohmation - Chisa Boyz(EP)


Isishizilane Productions Presents CHISA BOYZ EP featuring Max-OV, Fohmation Rsa and Wisey SA. The 3 track project boasts production from Joe Louder and Fohmation. The project carries an aggressive yet motivational tone. This is a project to definitely add to your playlist from street songs to party anthem you will not be disappointed. 





Sunday, 11 September 2022

AP Venom - God Did (Remix)


AP Venom taps in to his inner God on the Dj Khaled remix.  The Golden Spitter once again spills his heart and emotion on the soulful beat. After  a master class verse from, Jay Z, Venom is not afraid to follow the foot steps of the gods. Venom raps around his own life from his troubles, insecurities and wins.



Shed a tear in the booth
Get a piece of my heart
AP Venom

Verse 1

Sometimes I hate who I see in the mirror
I promised me so much, but I haven't delivered
My plan was by this time I’d have this and the other
But alas, none of it turned out
How I imagined now I feel like a failure
Forever working, but hardly seeing any result
And doubt tells me I should settle
Like, it doesn't take any effort...I mean, after all,
I'm qualified, got a job, in the big city living large, all in all, nobody really is expecting much
Already graduated made my family proud, so what more is to be done? Quit dreaming settle down
Face reality, be an adult, save up, buy a house, take your girl walk her down the aisle
Buy a car, have a child, so when you pass, there'll be something left behind, just conform you'll be fine, it's not like you haven't tried
 You're exhausted, you're tired settle down, what you have is enough, settle down

(I told y’all the story before, I cried because I got, you know, discouraged, but I used that as fuel to improve)

Verse 2

Probably wouldn't push this hard without the hate  
You know they say ain't no roses without the rain 
They thought I fell but I rose among the great 
Every day that goes by
Positive and negative, entertaining both ties
I’m making it, and I’m not, messages from both sides
Yesterday's mistakes, we live and we learn from those scars
The hustle is bearing fruit, they wish it wasn't us
But that’s what always happens when you're reaching for the stars
I’ve seen too many niggas go and fail before they start
Lack of self-belief, that's where they operating from
I am not that nigga, look at how far I have come
Godly fabric, I am cut from that cloth
From Manguzi to the world, look at the things I have done
A rap nigga who can take on this beast, name one
Take your time
...I’ll wait...anyway
Bad decisions, but I make ’em with precision
Daily discomfort how I'm making my investments
Pain paying dividends I’m taking my percentage
It may take time, but really I’m invested
Not sure how but I will manifest it
Me and my grandma’s bond is really tied to this promise, if I'm honest, wish she was alive just to witness
 Her wish manifested, truth is, I’m going through a crisis, lost her four years ago, and I’ve never cried since
Sometimes chasing all these dreams doesn't make sense, been at it for years, but up to date it aint make cents
but I don't want her to hear me spouting all this nonsense, so instead, I make sure y’all know that to me, she imparted greatness

Dear grandma 
You see my future is a nightmare
’Cuz I got dreams and they haunt me
At the aint top aint where they want me
But I’mma get it up regardless
I still suffer from the heartbreak
Hard to open up, I'm guarded
Couldn't forget you if I tried it
I know you're listening and watching
We ain't deserve you, but God did
I know your spirit is where God is
I’m just praying for your guidance
Please guard me
This life has scarred me
Please guide me


Saturday, 20 August 2022

Big Zulu 150 Bars and Replies from Kwesta, KO & Duncan


Umongameli wesitebele iNkabi Nation Records uzithole esethuka inkundla yeHip Hop yasemzansi. Lol Big Zulu attacks the entire  the leaders o SA Hip Hop from Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, AKA, Emtee, Stogie T and Duncan to name a few. Zulu says the diss is inspired by the current declining state of SA Hip Hop and believes this call out was necessary to revive the game. 

It goes without saying that not all mentioned artist will take these light jabs likely, so you can definitely expect a wave of response, Hopefully we will get music instead of tweets.
Notable Bars

Cassper Nyovest:  "Uthi sibonela kuwe, uphethe igame,Family tree  isihlahla sensango, yini ngathi usubhemile"

Emtee: "Imercedez isentanyeni kodwa amagarage a-empty"

Stogie T: "Isdudla esifana nebhola, I wouldnt mind ukuk'khahlela"

Duncan: "Omunye ngamacela ifeature wathi ngiyabanda, wagcina i hit nge Tsikitsiki"

Mr Cashtime did not waste anytime as he was the first to reply to Big Zulu's 150 Bars.

KO - Omega Freestyle


The prince of SA hip hop Kwesta was the  2nd to take a stab at Zulu

Kwesta Quantam (First Load)


Duncan of Afroteinment takes it a step further with the 3rd response

Duncan -Umngcwabo



Sunday, 24 July 2022

Drayz Laynar - No Days Off (Mixtape)


Drayz Lanar - No Day Off

Drayz Lanar is Genius Muzik's next big prospects. No Days Off serves as his debut mixtape to the game. This 11 track project is a african trap master piece and only a taste of what Drayz Lanar has to offer. 


You can also download per single or stream on  Audiomack below.


Sok’hlasela Feat. Amaphara [DOWNLOAD]

Incwadi [DOWNLOAD]

Torture [DOWNLOAD]

Amantombazane [DOWNLOAD]

Somalia [DOWNLOAD]

I Need Peace [DOWNLOAD]

Plan Feat T Flizzy [DOWNLOAD]

Mind Feat Cmava [DOWNLOAD]

Dance Ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

Reflection Of Aversion [DOWNLOAD]

Friday, 22 July 2022

AP Venom - Ooh Ahh (Remix)


AP Venom Ooh Ahh Remix - Fakaloice, Cassper Nyovest, Ricky Rick

When I pull up with the gang all the girls be like Ooh Aah… Genius Muzik’s golden spitter snaps on the Ooh Ahh remix. AP Venom plays with some trap elements but also maintains his rap roots on the Fakaloice, Cassper Nyovest and Ricky Rick single.

Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Ooh aah, Always tryna get the bag, got niggas like ooh aah
Verse 1
They be acting like they know me like bitch please
Wanna be a metal fan tryna grip steel
One time for my team, yeah, we win still
GmG till a nigga six feet
What I am is at the top of your wish list
Niggas don’t want war if it’s AP
Peep this
No retreat, kingly beast, dynamic. Rap or trap, aint no difference 
Give me the beat imma slaughter it
List me your top five, I’ll show them flames
Wasting no time on sight heads get decapitated
Before you send them, go prepare their grave
Stats going up in the murder rates
What you say? What you…
(Ooh aah)
Yeah, I’m out of your league, this is the red zone
More smoke than your lung could handle
Who wan’ it? I got it who want it?
(ooh aah)
(let’s do it like this, hehehe)
(You are watching a master at work)

Verse 2
If a rapper tries me, watch his confidence suffer
He’ll have to vaccinate it three times, that’s a confidence booster
If we’re talking AP, I’m the one and only
Golden spitter from GmG, position that I’m holding
A little bird told me, they saying….
AP Venom is too rapidy-rapidy, what I’m asking is what is happening
Half of you average ass rappers couldn’t handle me or hold a candle when I rap and spaz on a track
keeping it factual, can’t be impressed by your never-ending yapping when you’re lacking in facts
And I can’t be depressed hearing blab from irrelevant cats, so instead
Spare me the lecture, the picture I’m capturing should be captioned niggas is capping
Matter of fact, that fatal attraction has to be my favourite tragedy
Back to the rap, you’re an embarrassment, I’m an ambassador
This rap I rep to the max so if I clap, ain’t no clapping it back
So nigga relax and peep the distance from which I let loose of the shell
Let it run through your neck, as you’re leaving this earth and watch the red spread on your vest
And regret the moment you tried to mess with the best
It really is as simple as that, you get removed like a stain on a pen
I am the ink stain of the pen nigga
I got it, who wan’ it? 
Ooh aah
I thought as much


Monday, 6 June 2022

Worse T - Indlela


Worse T - Indlela

Worse T is a multi talented artiste' on a historic come up. Coming from a very disadvantaged background he had to dig deeper to find his voice and share it with the world. He has already won the hearts of thousands in his home town, and now he aims to to steal the hearts of the entire nation.  Worse T aka Iphimbo Lensizwa is proud to share with you his latest musical offering Indlela. Kindly add this afro soul song to your playlist. 


Saturday, 23 April 2022

Mad Lopher & Mikee94 - Nakwami Feat. Loon

Mad Lopher & Mikee94 - Nakwami Feat CO Loon

 The second single to the upcoming joint EP by Mad Lopher & Mikee94 is finally here. With crazy production from Mad L and a fire guest verse from Loon , the song clearly commands attention with a vibey party feeling undertone. This is surely an after party anthem. 

(free mp3 download on Sliqour)

Friday, 1 April 2022

T Boy - Angthandwa (EP)


T Boy is one of the most prolific upcoming afro pop artists from Manguzi, Mhlabuyalingana. He has been dominating the come up scene with hits like Umagcino Yimi and is now back with a full EP tittled 'Angthandwa'


You can also download per single or stream on  Audiomack below.

1. Angithandwa [DOWNLOAD]

2. Asibemunye Feat. Blen Gee & Flame Lizzy [DOWNLOAD]

3. Mama Ft S Qoue SA 

4. Amasango Avulekile Ft Mikee94 & Lud Mercy 

5. Babe [DOWNLOAD]

6. Ifa Lami F Red Sky [DOWNLOAD]

7. Fall Stimoh & Lungstar 

8. I Got Nothing Ft Rysnyp, Lacky & MB Trap [DOWNLOAD]

Saturday, 12 March 2022

AP Venom - Why Me (Remix)


AP jumps on the remix train of the Why Me remix by Audiomarc, Nasty C and Blackie. Slick bars and immacaulate delievry as always, add this to you playlist. 





Woke up feeling Godly

Woke up feeling Godly

Niggas fake, that’s why I aint got too many around me

Niggas hate, but their girls fantasize about me

Bet he don’t know his main begging to be my side chick

Showed her my other side now she claims she likes me

And if she posts about it then she’d better hide me

It’s high risk, high risk

Know what I mean?

High risk

We’re the future, word to ma nigga Marley

Me, myself and I; I just gave you my top 3

Rappers looking like a meal, and AP is hungry

I aint tryna be nobody’s buddy, huh-uh, I aint come in peace

Jungle that raised me aint got no trees, just concrete

Grew up underrated, got treated like Rock Lee

Kamui, prodigy, I feel like Kakashi

Now I’m on Amaterasu, mangekyo Itachi

Always up to what I need to, hardly do what I please

Put in work behind the scenes, let these niggas doubt me

Bet they’re gonna wonder how a young nigga then got rich

Like why me

Why me X3

Yeah, I’m called Venom for a reason enter at your own risk

So if you’re acting like you’re blind and you ignore the warnings

You gonn’ catch a L, aint no need for no K53

So try me, and you’ll see

It’s high risk, high risk

Know what I mean?

High risk

Yeah, you don’t want your last memory to be AP unloading clips

You already know how it goes, drive by on a nigga with a Calico

More like

One wrong move, pull with a pole, strip you off your soul

Crew got problems? They can all follow, one after another, Dominos

Ini mini miny moe, if you get picked, adios

I’m that calm nigga, but if you push my buttons, you never know

They tryna bring up my past when they can see I’m letting go

My dreams are in sight, stay on the grind, I’m getting close

All that envy gonn’ have them asking themselves why him

Aint it obvious, I’m AP Venom nigga, that’s why me

That’s why me X4

Know what I mean?

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Young Liz - Isis (Remix)


Young Liz - Isis (Remix)

Genius Muzik's trap lord and mega producer returns on the mic with an explosive remix to Joyner Lucas' Isis single. Young Liz taps to his own demons as he delivers an over the top piece and takes the song to new heights


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Sunday, 10 October 2021

AP Venom - Champagne Poetry Remix


AP Venom - Champagne Poetry Remix

AP Venom jumps on a remix of Drake's Champagne Poetry from the Certified Lover Boy album. This comes as no surprise as AP has been on a killing spree lately as seen on his remix of the Lemmon Pepper Freestyle. This time the GMG Golden Spitter goes deeper with the bars as he offer clear headed insight on his come up.


Champagne poetry AP remix Lyrics

AP Venom, couldn’t leave this one alone either

Let’s go, uh-uh

Dreams don’t mean nothing at all where I’m from

Mentally flawed, the only thought going forward is “get a job”

If you don’t conform to the norms your fam offers no support

I recall

Being told that art is a lost course

I was torn

Art and song is what I’m on this earth for

When I was born

I think art is what I held in my palm

When I write

I feel love course through my right arm

I said, I would change the world with the mic and my own voice

I remember being told for a boy I was quite soft

The same people you thought you ride for go and put up roadblock

With hopes I’d amount to nought, in their hearts they tied knots

Fast forward

Where I am is where you’re not (uh-uh-uh)

I’m a product of our cold society’s blind spot

So, I stare in awe at all my flaws and get that awkward response

I won’t conform, I’ll risk it all

Watch me transform and evolve

Cowards run; I’m moving calm. Harm will never cause me alarm

Impossible is a tale that I don’t harbour at all

I’m the sort of force that history forgot to record

The rare breed catalogue the future forgot to applaud

Failure is course that was sold and taught and most of y’all bought

So, the day you saw me fall, and even thought of pulling the cord

You also saw four flawed unicorns at dawn crossing your lawn

Venom a fire hazard, go and ring the alarm

For as long as I’m alive, hip hop will never die

 I was born for this, I was born for this

And this is why I…

keep my head up even when it’s pouring down, I am that fool

They’ll never love you unless they feel above you

See, they aint believe in me initially

But then, when they wrote me off, I stayed writing

I stayed grinding

Yeah, ‘cuz we was living in the…

 back of the back of the crib

Where I planted this lyrical seed

You can tell by the way that I spit

And also the lines that I spit

I’m a beast with the lyrical skill

Took a ride just the future and me

I hoped in the passenger seat

The 9? Then your melon I split

The mic? Then its fire I spit

I’m the last of the last of this breed

Before I throw you in the Lazarus pit

I’m thinking its better you quit

Or return when you’re better equipped



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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

CMT Beatz - Avulekile Amazulu (Feat. Worse T & May Fair)


Maguzi's top tier beat maker CMT Beatz calls on 2 of arguably the best out of Manguzi to team up on this heavenly new song. Outstanding production from CMT Beats, with warm vocal and lyrics from Worse T and Mayfair closes off with a prolific sound and vibrant style. You are sure to enjoy this dream collaboration. 

 DOWNLOADslikouronlife // DOWNLOADmeadiafire


Saturday, 10 July 2021

Zoja, J Roy, Soul Doctors, MC Nhlakah no Da Cebza - Sphusha I-Life

Fibre Optikz Entertainment and Mthizom Records are proud to present to you the Sphusha I-Life anthem. This amazing song is not just a sound track for the new Sphusha I-life clothing brand by Zoja but it also celebrates the lifestyle and the culture of eKasi.  A well put together track with production from multitalented producer J Roy. Soul Doctors on the catchy hook with engaging verses from J Roy, MC Nhlakah no Da Cebza.  This is something to definitely add to your play list.. 

More From The Crew




Friday, 9 July 2021

Mikee94 - Sway (Freestyle)


Mikee94 aka the GodVoice present the Sway Freestyle. Mikee94 dominates another track with his strong presence. One may say he is the beat him self. Besides his amazing delivery, the GodVoice drops slick bars to marinade the freestyle. 



Monday, 14 June 2021

Mlyza - Ghost (Feat. Maphara Nks & Ceejay) [Prod. by Plan B]


Mlyza taps his Master Plan brothers on his latest single Ghost! produced by Plan B. Maphara NKS and Ceejay snap on their guest verses with a lot of attitude.  Mlyza takes up the mid point of the song as he drive the track with unorthodox hook. Check out the song below.



Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


Premium Single

Lethu Cele | Dance Covers

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