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GMKaps Out Now!!

Saturday 11 November 2017

Manguzi Hottest MC List 2017

Manguzi Hottest MC List 2017
This list was compiled by Manguzi Hip Hop heads who have been observing the the climate of the Manguzi music industry. The criteria was Skill, Achievements, Influence, Popularity, Business and Impact.

10.  Tie (Nashy D Cass & MGZEE)

A) Nashy De Cass

Nashy De Cass is slowly climbing the ranks of Manguzi Hip Hop. His ability to present content and build anticipation is amazing. His abilities led to him being name the CEO of Souther Records and has then help launch new artists like Mellow and Cosmo Art. Nashy was two major hit singles Scruwa by JD Records and How We Roll by Jakalac Records

B) Nashy De Cass is tied with MGZEE. The KCP goon had a magnificent year, always showcasing his lyrical prowess on every song. Dropped a high profile single What More with Ryan Winterz. The debate on who killed who is still on going to this day. He also stole the show on hes appearance on Siyaspana with his KCP camp. MGZEE’S Aloe imprint signed  Mystic and the rest is history.  MGZEE also made it to the top 20 of the Back The Artist 2017 tournament.

May Fair is one of the most hyped artists of 2017. Killing live performances with his Jakalac team and stealing the show on Our Life by Skeemy. May Fair’s sound has been well received and contains lyrics that are too mature for his age. The Black Rabbit is really had a chart topping 2017 with hes single Kurelaxsiwe.

8. Tragic
 Tragic was on a try an error mode in 2017. He finally connected with the crowed with he's Polo single which was well received and led to a remix featuring Da MC Tee and Mad Lopher. Unlike the past years, we really had a lot of music from Tragic and it has been a good build up to he's Cold World mixtape. Tragic is also enjoying the success of his clothing line.

 7. Worse T
From inking a deal with K2S Records to dropping a hits single Movie and following up with the My Feelings 2 mixtape. Worse T undoubtedly has had a year to be proud of.

The Posini god did not returned to the mic with a solo single but he had the best year due to his win over AP Venom on their live battle. Biggest battle in  history of Manguzi Hip Hop. He did not stop there, he also dropped a single with hes KCP brothers Da Cebza and MGZEE.
5. Njini

Diesel himself has been transitioning from rapper to business man. Making power moves left right and center. The GMG original started his own label imprint K2S Records, and signed Worse T, K Ntwana and Feelar to name  a few. Received production credit on a lot of songs and has added video editing in his skill set. Dropped controversial singles and did a radio tour, Njini is not playing around anymore.

The hard to ignore rapper started the year by dropping hes Run the City single which was a huge success and led to a remix ft Ryan Winterz and Da MC Tee. He then got signed to K2S then he followed up with another successful single, Finding My Self, and concluded the year with Back Off. All hes singles were well received and led to him getting a couple of features and stealing a show while he was at it. It was the year of the Ntwana.
Ryan Winterz, formerly known as Cebo G continues to re-invent him self as artist and business man.. This year he dominated with 2 single such as Auto Money and What More.  Appeared on a number of features. Winterz is credited with creating a platform for all Manguzi artists. From organizing shows, to innovative promotion strategies. Shaping the Manguzi hip hop scene, Mr. Winterz was also featured on articles and the, to film  making and  other business ventures.

Produced for Half of Manguzi artists. What else can you say about Mad L? Created a sound for most of the new niggaz and been consistent in his ability to innovate his production style. The Skeemy soldier has enjoyed success as a solo artist with success of Mercy which was certified to be the most viewd single on the GMG website since the site was founded in 2014 with over 4k views. Mad Lopher’s beats have also been on high demand, which translates to money. Whether it a hook or beat, or production or verse, Mad Lopher is current g to man.
1. Zip
Zip has enjoyed the his Grinda single  success for the past 2 years now. This is due to the number of remixes that the song has produced and the hype hasn’t come down even now. Zip started the year with the Unzipped 2 mixtape which received positive reviews from fan and peers.  Zip dropped a music video for his grinda remix and edited and directed it himself. It doesn’t end there, Mr 94 released a clothing line for hes grinda single and was featured on singles by, Njini, MG Beatz and Skeemy. The kid is has established himself as an elite Manguzi hip hop artist.

Honorary Mention
Our honorary mention this year is Be Eezy. Even though he did not make it to the list, but he is worth a mention because his hard work this year did not go unnoticed. B Eezy Nation has dropped a number of singles and the Black and White mixtape which has mild success. However, he is a business acumen is impressive, distributing music via his own blogspot and creating a crew to amp him up, he has had a good 2017 and will definitely be here longer.

This list was compiled by Manguzi Hip Hop heads who have been observing the the climate of the Manguzi music industry. The criteria was Skill, Achievements, Influence, Popularity, Business and Impact.

Manguzi Hottest MC List Panel
Mlibo Mthembu | Mthobisi Mahendula | Sabelo Ndlela | Mthokozisi Sibiya | Philani Mthembu | Sizwe Msomi

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