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Monday, 14 September 2020

Insight: Cassper Nyovest - A.M.N (Any Minute Now) (Album Review)

 Insight is a new segment by Genius Muzik where we offer critic, commentary and review of the culture. Today we look at the latest album by South African rapper Cassper Nyovest.

Artist : Cassper Nyovest
Album : A.M.N (Any Minute Now)
Label : Family Tree/UMG
Release Date: 11 September 2020

The fifth album installment from Cassper Nyovest, is an insightful, expressive, and bold project. With a fusion of different sounds and elements, it has something for everyone. An epitome of “wearing your heart on your sleeve” with his expressive nature at the heart of this project. The titular “Any minute now” is a dedication to the birth of his yet to be born son which could be born any minute from the moment the project was dropped. This project brings into view a reflective Cassper exposing everything and everyone out in the open. 

Each feature brings on board a different component, ”Nokuthula” ft Busiswa is a dance orientated record, coupled with meaningful lyrics. Guest appearance by Samthing Soweto on ”Friday Nights” which pays homage to the legendary Brenda Fassie’s classical hit ”Weekend Special” fuses a soothing vocal tone with beautiful melodies. ”Amademoni” ft Tweezy has an enticing reviving hook, underlining how being resilient and not easily shaken off culminates in triumph, with his success testament to that. 

”Good For That” is fractionally a replica of ”Tito Mboweni” , a typical contemporary Cassper Nyovest sound we’ve become accustomed to. Being in  his element and unrestricted, he blatantly confronts unresolved issues with some high profile figures with lines like “I never called you out when you tried to cheat the game, I stood by you, now you treat me like a b**” on ”To Whom It May Concern” and  “So now I’m forced to smile with nighas like Scoop” on ”Thoughts ” , which somewhat sparked controversy. The appearance of musical maestro Zola 7 on ”Bonginkosi” culminated in a heartwarming, gospel themed, and moving jam which a vast majority of music listeners in general would resonate with.  Casper continues to forge relationships with international acts as evident with features from  Boogie and Anthony Hamilton to give the album an all round cross over appeal. 

Following the success of his platinum selling albums Thuto and Sweet & Short , A.M.N has its work cut out. Each album highlights his individual growth not only as an MC but also as a person in general, A.M.N is no exception however, this time his soon to born son is his muse.

Despite his level of success and influence, the undertone of the majority of the songs on this album feel like he is still looking for approval and acceptance.My instant reaction to this project was of mixed feelings, one part of me feels it’s  an insightful yet controversial album another part of me feels it’s a beautiful lyrically crafted piece of art with so many quotable lines. Well it’s a combination of both. If there’s one thing I’m utmost certain about though, is that this album caters for just about everyone’s preference. There’s dance, trap, rap, gospel themed songs and even a dose of motswako magic. For that i’d deservingly give it a rating of 9/10.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Insight: Nasty C - Zulu Man With Some Power [ Album Review ]



Insight is a new segment by Genius Muzik where we offer critic, commentary and review of the culture. On our first review we look at the biggest album in the world right now by South African rapper Nasty C.

Artist : Nasty C
Album : Zulu Man With Some Power
Label : Def Jam Recordings/UMGRelease 
Date: 28 August 2020

Zulu Man With Some Power

Nasty C’s 3rd studio album is a mission statement addressing and breaking stereotypes. Cementing his mark on the international scene, this project is an answer to public outcry. 

Taking reprimands and broad criticism in his stride, he creates a masterpiece with his cultural roots intact. ”Eazy” highlights how he copes and deals with everything that transpires around him. ”Zulu Man” is a steamroller conveying a meaningful message of his early rapping days and habits that ultimately led him to where he is right now. Contrary to popular belief that he is an incompetent vernac rapper, in this record not only does he put those claims to bed but furthermore displays his versatility and lyrical prowess. 

The standout feature with T.I., one of the pioneers of the sub-genre of trap hip-hop music, Nasty C demonstrates that it is possible for a black child from Africa to rub shoulders with the elite. ”They don’t” addresses racial injustices and police brutality upon civilians. The beautifully crafted melodies coupled with empowering lyrics, makes this project one not to miss. It instills pride in one’s culture, the widely overlooked black race in particular from Africa is highly represented. 

I personally see this project as a “crux” in comparison to his previous work, primarily because he evidently displays his versatile rapping skills particularly in his native Zulu language and for the mere fact he tackles societal issues such trigger-happy police nature leading up to unaccounted murders of people of colour.  He used his powerful and influential voice across South African shores to craft a potent project.

I’d unapologetically give this album a rating of  8/10.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Genius Muzik Forever 2017 (GM4E16)I s a collection of all the top songs Genius Muzik artists released in 2017.

Grinda 2.1 (Mono) [DOWNLOAD]

Our Life (Skeemy) [DOWNLOAD]

Iveze (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

What More (Ryan Winterz & MGZEE) [DOWNLOAD]

Bragging (Zip, Lmao, MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

Mercy (Mad Lopher, & Cap 2) [DOWNLOAD]

Auto Money (Ryan Winterz & Sam C) [DOWNLOAD]

Uyangkweleta ( Zip & Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

Nguwe (Zip & Skeemy)[DOWNLOAD]

Abezela (Skeemy & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

Imali (Zip & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

Hero (Zip & Csyzer) [DOWNLOAD]

Call Out (Njini & Small) [DOWNLOAD]

Venting (AP Venom & Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

Friday, 6 October 2017

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat. Zip & L-Mao) Lyrics

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat. Zip & L-Mao) Lyrics

 [Hook: Zip]

For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

[Verse 1: Zip]

Help me count my blessings x2
I just want a bitch who will love me with no M3
Babe asvele syendlin
My place is overwhelming
I just wanna vaai its Going down in the kitchen
More food x2
Feeling like biggie but small yea
More tune for you
Babe Imma do you slow mo
Every time I show up in my kas' to see my gogo
I see my old bitches I feel like I owe them cock-o
(Mama Imma take your car
Ngzobuy eksen ungakhathal)
We wanna vroom vroom
And break the rules
For one night or two
Operation Cruiz Cruiz
with my uzzi
in my shoes
(My new chick bad n boujie
Uneskill where she got it from)
Hol' up hol' up
Where she got it from
(From school?)
I also wanna do that course
M eco Friendly with paparazzi if you didn't know
Yimi lo
I keep my records straight
Ill be the shit at 24


For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

[Verse 2: L-Mao]

All I see is Blessings
All I see is bitches
All I fear is Vengeance
All I see is Envy
All I feel is hatred
All I crave is patience
All I want is moola
All I want is digits
Most likely I'mma blow
Up before you blow up your smoking ish
I'm highly flavoured
Like Apple I'm keen
On distribution
Highly sauced like Nandos I'm all
About the flavour
Sacred by Gospel
Man I'm acting
Out of character
Claiming all the bragging rights
Supplying all
The Copyright
Oh right
On rocks
On racks
On rocks
On lace
More moola
More fame
More bitches
More man
Demanded on the
Market like a loaf
Of Brown bread
Never get enough of me it's like you're
Taking meds
A couple of Bitches
A couple of niggas man
What's the difference
Both of em are pussy cravers
Go on  wilderness


For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

DOWNLOAD(Datafilehost)  or DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat Zip & L-Mao)

(Art By MG- Beatz)

The Genius Muzik's young Beat maker and Producer MG-Beatz brings fire in collaboration with the Genius Muzik hit maker Zip and the one and new signee L-Mao on his very first single titled BRAGGING.

Produced by MG-Beatz, Zip and Mad Lopher. click on the download button below and yourself this new smash hit, Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD(Datafilehost)  or DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

click here to view the lyrics

Genius Muzik

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