GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!
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Saturday 15 August 2020



Genius Muzik presents Mad Lopher 3rd solo mixtape 'Trap It Later'. As the title suggest this is a trap masterpiece. Mad Lopher displays a lot of growth in his production, vocal and songwriting abilities. 

Trough out the tape Mad Lopher performs exceptionally on every hook and also provides melodic verses. The tape features Ryan Winterz, May Fair, Mikee94, Zombie Z amongst others. 

Trap It Later

or you can  stream or download per track below.

1.     Dreams 2 [ DOWNLOAD ]

2.     Sawubona DOWNLOAD ]

3.     Wola Lapho Ft Ryan Winterz DOWNLOAD ]

4.     2 Beez DOWNLOAD ]

5.     Ezikamjebhula Ft Sam C ,Mayfair, flaxen & Pour MorDOWNLOAD ]

6.     Believe DOWNLOAD ]

7.     Uzophuza interlude Ft Sbo Womdatso DOWNLOAD ]

8.     Dali Plan Ft Mike94, Zombie Z & Ryan Winterz DOWNLOAD ]

9.     Cancel Your Plans DOWNLOAD ]

10.   Lady DOWNLOAD ]

11.   It’s A Lie DOWNLOAD ]

12.   Need DOWNLOAD ]

13.   Living Good Ft Mayfair, Sam C , Flaxen, Loon DOWNLOAD ]

14.   Side Iskhathi DOWNLOAD ]

15.    So What DOWNLOAD ]

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Wednesday 5 August 2020

Ryan Winterz - Ithemba Ft T-Boy

Ryan Winterz - Ithemba Ft T-Boy
After the success of the Because I'm Good Intro that Winterz released few months back. The follow to that intro dubbed as his most personal song yet. Winterz touches on the adversities he has faced and still facing on his rise to stardom. T Boy also delivers an inspirational chorus to bring the song together. 


Friday 3 July 2020

Mikee94 - Dali Plan Feat. Zombie Z, Mad Lopher & Ryan Winterz

Mikee94 - Dali Plan

 After the success of his Gucci single that he released earlier this year, Mikke 94 aka Tha God Voice is back with another hit single. This time with guest appearances from the legendary Zombie Z, super producer Mad Lopher and  and GMG head coach Ryan Winterz. Dali Plan is a hustler's anthem challenging all the hustlers to step up. The amazing production is courtesy of CMT & Joe Louder.


Friday 27 September 2019

Ryan Winterz - Because Im Good (The Intro)


The most anticipated mixtape in Manguzi is gonna  stay anticipated cos Ryan Winterz is just not about to drop it anytime time soon. The GMG president left the  desk to bless the streets with the Intro to his Because Im Good mixtape which the label announced for a November release. Winterz said, This song is a definite short version of what my entire tape is going to be about. Every line  is linked to a song/topic/concepts or feeling  from my tape"

Sunday 5 May 2019


Maguzi Hip Hop giants come together on a inspirational song from Chippa's Make It Happen album.  Chippa  of MGZ Entertainment invites Cebo G of GMG, Twice T of Black Beez and MBee of Equal World. This is song that re assures that there is hope for Manguzi artists to succeed in the music industry.

Friday 8 February 2019

Mad Lopher - Wola Lapho Feat. Ryan Winterz

Genius Muzik's top tier producer Mad Lopher returns with a single after the sucess of his Luciaphi mixtape. This time he taps Ryan Winterz who was visibly missing from the 
22 track mixtape released last summer. This is the 3rd 1 on 1 collaboration between Mad L and GMG CEO, and 

Enough about the politics, Wola Lapho was recorded during the GMG Durban Summer Tour, and the track is special because it maks the first time Winterz is on a beat by Mad Lopher.

Saturday 19 January 2019

GMG - GM4E18

The annual GMG compilation of Genius Muzik top singles.  We have seen Mad Lopher dominate the year for the past 2 years, this year was largely dominated by Foh.


Or download your favorite song below one by one.

1.  - Flexin (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Ready (Foh &Ryan Winterz ) [DOWNLOAD]

3.  - Contemned (AP Venom, prod. by Liz) [DOWNLOAD]

4. In Da Gqom (MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

5.  Ex Yam (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

6. No Time (Zip, Foh & Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Foh Mom (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

8. Ziyawa (MGZEE & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

9.  82 Barz (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Dreamz (Zip, Young Liz, Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Humble (Foh, Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Bragging Remix (MG Beatz, Zip, Foh, Mad Lopher, Sam C, Mono, Flozzy,Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Njini) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Waste Your  Time (Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Get The Guap (Mono & Zip) [DOWNLOAD]

15. Don't Mind (Foh & MK) [DOWNLOAD]

16.  Lonely (Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

17. Goodbye (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

18. Me And My Niggaz (Young Liz & Envy) [DOWNLOAD]

19. Luciaphi Mama (Mad Lopher, Mayfair, Lo) [DOWNLOAD]

20. Thesha (FOH, prod. by Zip) [DOWNLOAD]




Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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