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Monday 31 December 2018

Manguzi Hottest MC List 2018

The Manguzi Hottest MC List is an annual initiative where 10 MCs are ranks based on their overall performance for the year.. In order to make it in the music industry, you can not just rely on skill level, therefore it is important to note that its list considers all aspect that makes an MC hot. The lists considers single success, milestones, growth, skill, business, innovation,  fan base, buzz,videos, impact, influence and consistency.

With that being said, this list is not abu who is the best rapper, best arts or best MC, this list is about who was more relevant in Manguzi for the year 2018.

10. K Ntwana

The K2S young MC blasted n to the Manguzi MC scenes last year and appeared very high on the 2017 list. In 2018 he was able to maintain his popularity with very well received single such as Tomorrow, Is You Feeling Alright and Iskhathi. He also gained credit as a producer and cultivating a catchy sound of his own. K is one of those artists that are forever growing.

Music  8/10  Business 6/10    Impact 7\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10

Score 38/50

9. Worse T

The success of his 2017 My Feelings 2 mixtape is still impacting the Manguzi rap scene in 2018. Worse T is easily one of the most influential artists in Manguzi, even Foh publicly admitted that his Fohmation was partly inspired by Worse T’s My Feelings tape. Worse was able to stay a topic of conversation with features on Uthando by JD records and stole the show on Tragic’s New World. His own effort Rich and Yehlisa were also received well my fans and peers
Music  8/10  Business 4/10    Impact 10\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10
Score : 39/50

8. MBee

Mbee had moderate music success with features, he gave us what can be easily  be announced as the verse of the year on I Still Believe By Chippa. He also showed off his mc prowess on Open The Doors. However MBee’s claim to the list is the success of his clothing brand ‘Equal World’ which is seemingly taking over Manguzi and has led to other business opportunities such a restaurants and car wash, on top of that he created a platform for other artist by hosting shows. This is legimate hustle and it stems from music.
Music  6/10  Business 10/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10
Score: 40/50

7. Interpreter/ JD Records
JD Records CEO was cruising this 2018. Inter is introduced us to a lot of amazing talent such a Eezy, Wiz Fli, Sky Beez, Queens of JD. Inter and his crew gave us Uthando, and  Yena Ayakwini, one of the biggest songs of 2018 and executive produced a couple of mixtapes by his artists. It undisputed that Inter has a great business year as a leader and an artist. We are going to let him share his position with rest of his crew members such as Skybeez who dropped a mixtape under JD and Queens of JD who been in lead when it comes to the presence of women in Manguzi hip hop.

Music  8/10  Business 8/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 8/10
Score: 40/50

6. Zip Ritscloud

Zip is on a league on his own when it comes to this rap ship. The trap king gave us next level verses on songs like Dreamz, Bragging Remix, IDGAF, and No Time amongst others, making him one of the most featured artist of 2018 at the highest level. His single Get The Guap did moderately well, however his ability to steal the show in all live performances. 2018 he also inked a modeling deal with Gauteng brand Deesus. On top of that he has directed one of the most successful singles such Polo, Flexing and Thesha. He also went on tour in Durban with the rest of GMG.

Music  7/10  Business 9/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 41/50

5.Clayo La Fest

2018 Manguzi overdosed on Clayo, no pun intended. The Overdose hit maker had a magnificent year, realizing arguably the song of the year and toping it with a video of the year. What makes Clayo amazing is that he was able to keep the hype if his Overdose single trough out the whole year. He gained a lot of respect from peers and gained a lot of features, making him the most wanted of 2018
Music  9/10  Business 7/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 8/10
Score : 41/50

4. Tragic

Tragic is in the running for artist of the year. He’s business and music and overall contribution to the Manguzi hip hop scene is undeniable. 1stly, in 2018 we saw his clothing brand shoot to the top and became one of the big 3 brand in Manguzi. He continues his momentum with the Polo music video which was well a received. However Tragic most claim to fame is the consistency in the music, he released a number of singles that connected well with the crowd. Songs like Why, Rockstar,  7 Years Old, New World and Lonely remake. Tragic’s music and clothing brand are really putting him on the map.

Music  10/10  Business 9/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 7/10

Score: 42

3.  Chippa

Chippa finaly dropped his 21 song project ‘Make It Happen’ in 2018 and it was well received by the public and also sold a lot of copies. The project was a blend of rap and afro sound and was able to attract the older audience de it mature content.  Chippa was able to use his standup comedy popularity to introduce his music to the people. His music success opened opportunities for business ventures such a printing which he now can be credited as there reason for the high number of new clothing brand popping up in Manguzi.
Music  9/10  Business 9/10    Impact 7\10   Growth 8/10  Innovation 9/10
Score : 42

2. Mad Lopher

With no question Mad Lopher has had an amazing year, stating on top trough out the entire year. Started  2018 with his highly acclaimed Venting Remix to his Flexing single which is one of the biggest songs of 2018. He did not stop there, he dropped a music video for the song and a mixtape which was well recived and trending on all social media. Mad Lopher appeared on a number of features, was credited with a lot of production on the biggest song of 2018. Praised as one of the best live performers, the young MC closed the year with the a tour in Durban amongst other shows. Mad Lopher is one of those artist that all other artist want to sound like, you can hear his presence in othe upcoming artists.

Music  10/10  Business 5/10    Impact 10\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 43/50

   1. Foh

When you talking about dominance, you are talking about Foh. Foh kicked off the year with the most successful Venting remix, and then dropped a video for it.  Beside appearing on a number of features, he had success with single of his own such as Ex Yam which was well received before it even officially dropped. He then dropped Thesha and what most call a video of the year. He certified his dominance with the release of his Fohmation mixtape which some claim to be the best mixtape in Manguzi history. The first mixtape with Side A and Side B, which showcases his ability to make romance songs, trap and kasi rap. FOH also signed a deal with promotion company  Easy Live to appear in a number of their events in Durban of in one of them he received praise from legendary actor Kenneth Nkosi. Foh wrapped the year with  the GMG tour promoting his tape in Durban.

The number one spot is reserved for some we believe is ready to ascend to the next level, and Foh is definitely that artist with no doubt.

Music  10/10  Business 8/10    Impact 8\10   Growth 9/10  Innovation 9/10

Score : 44/50


The list was generated by public votes and then it was discussed and arranged by the panel.

Mlibo Mthembu | Philani Mthembu | Simanga Mtambo | Cebo Mahendla | Public Opinion


Monday 11 December 2017

5 Things an Upcoming Label/Group Needs

I will keep this short and simple, after all the target audience is probably in a hurry to check out the  YouTube videos. As an upcoming artist, music executive and businessman, my directive is to share much information with my peers in a language they can understand, so forgive the tone.

With so much information available on the internet, and social media has made it easy to connect to fans without a major label behind you, why would still look for a record deal if you could just build your own and sign your self? If that the type of thinking you have, well here is some pointers for you.

There are probably more things you need to have to start up a successful label or group so this is just a piece to point you to the write direction. This is a condensed version of what I've learnt so far.

5 Things an upcoming label/group needs.

1. Money (Start up money, operations money)

Obviously, money is initial to any business and a record label is a business that sells music. You need start up money to set up all your staff, might be legal requirements such as registrations, or buying of equipment. You will need money to finance your operations such as transport, accommodation, meals depending what your label gets up to. Dot stress you currently at an advantage because the smaller you are the less are you costs, the cost only increase as your ventures grow. You will spend a lot of money before you make money, so spend your money strategically. 

2. Face (Premium artist to push forward)

You will need an main act they will be the embodiment of the label.  If you have more that one artist, it important to pick and artist that best represents the label and is more likely to make money for the label.
Cash Money (Lil Wayne),  Aftermath (Eminem), Young Money (Drake), Ambitious (Emtee)

3. Technicians (Graphic designers, Producers, Editors)

As much as you can hire people for such services, it always smart to have them in your team, just for reliability, availability and loyalty reasons. The last thing you want is to share the same producers with your competition. Having your own technicians also enables your band to obtain it own signature.

4. Relationships (It not what you know, it who you know)

Anyone in the industry will tell you they are were they are because of some one. Maintaining good relationships with industry holders is key. Radio personalities, other label heads, marketing specialists, promoters, booking agents, engineers, basically be nice to everybody, even if you have to fake it, they call it networking.

5. Leader ( clear and undisputed leader with necessary expertise)

Everybody in the room must know who is the boss. It makes things simple artists or staff know who to go to for the final approval or comment. However the leader must definitely have leadership qualities and sufficient knowledge about the industry

In conclusion, the best thing you can do for your self and label/group is educate your self. From the creative to the business side of things. Knowledge plus talent and funding is definitely the key to success. 

Article by:
Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2017

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Top 5 Things Underground Artists Should Know!

1. A record deal is a loan. Basically a record company gives a certain amount of moment for you to producer a certain number of albums, then when your albums start generation men, they take back their money. The money they give you is called an advance. {Read More}

2. 90% of the people in the music industry are not your Friends. The industry is a business. People will form relationships with you out off hopes that they will make money in return. They might like you, but they are not your friends. 

3. Don't sign anything until the contact is interpreted to you by a lawyer f your choice. Even if your most trusted friend is giving you a contract, make sure it checked by third parties. Learn from Lil Wayne's mistakes!!!

4. You are not going to be rich just off music. Don't think the money you make in music will make you rich like the famous people you see. Music doesn't pay much, specially if you have to split the money with the label,agents and managers. Your business outside music is what can make you rich, such as opening restaurants, clothing line, endorsements deals, any other business. Use your fame to create opportunity. 

5. Lastly,  You don't succeed in the music industry just cos you very talented, talent is great to have but to succeed, you need to bring something new to the music industry, do not imitate/emulate/copy what the great artists are already doing. You don't have to be the best at it, you just have to be different, unique. We don't need another, Drake, Kendrick, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Migos,Emtee, Sjava to name a few, we need an alternative to what we already have.

Article by:

Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2017

Saturday 11 November 2017

Manguzi Hottest MC List 2017

Manguzi Hottest MC List 2017
This list was compiled by Manguzi Hip Hop heads who have been observing the the climate of the Manguzi music industry. The criteria was Skill, Achievements, Influence, Popularity, Business and Impact.

10.  Tie (Nashy D Cass & MGZEE)

A) Nashy De Cass

Nashy De Cass is slowly climbing the ranks of Manguzi Hip Hop. His ability to present content and build anticipation is amazing. His abilities led to him being name the CEO of Souther Records and has then help launch new artists like Mellow and Cosmo Art. Nashy was two major hit singles Scruwa by JD Records and How We Roll by Jakalac Records

B) Nashy De Cass is tied with MGZEE. The KCP goon had a magnificent year, always showcasing his lyrical prowess on every song. Dropped a high profile single What More with Ryan Winterz. The debate on who killed who is still on going to this day. He also stole the show on hes appearance on Siyaspana with his KCP camp. MGZEE’S Aloe imprint signed  Mystic and the rest is history.  MGZEE also made it to the top 20 of the Back The Artist 2017 tournament.

May Fair is one of the most hyped artists of 2017. Killing live performances with his Jakalac team and stealing the show on Our Life by Skeemy. May Fair’s sound has been well received and contains lyrics that are too mature for his age. The Black Rabbit is really had a chart topping 2017 with hes single Kurelaxsiwe.

8. Tragic
 Tragic was on a try an error mode in 2017. He finally connected with the crowed with he's Polo single which was well received and led to a remix featuring Da MC Tee and Mad Lopher. Unlike the past years, we really had a lot of music from Tragic and it has been a good build up to he's Cold World mixtape. Tragic is also enjoying the success of his clothing line.

 7. Worse T
From inking a deal with K2S Records to dropping a hits single Movie and following up with the My Feelings 2 mixtape. Worse T undoubtedly has had a year to be proud of.

The Posini god did not returned to the mic with a solo single but he had the best year due to his win over AP Venom on their live battle. Biggest battle in  history of Manguzi Hip Hop. He did not stop there, he also dropped a single with hes KCP brothers Da Cebza and MGZEE.
5. Njini

Diesel himself has been transitioning from rapper to business man. Making power moves left right and center. The GMG original started his own label imprint K2S Records, and signed Worse T, K Ntwana and Feelar to name  a few. Received production credit on a lot of songs and has added video editing in his skill set. Dropped controversial singles and did a radio tour, Njini is not playing around anymore.

The hard to ignore rapper started the year by dropping hes Run the City single which was a huge success and led to a remix ft Ryan Winterz and Da MC Tee. He then got signed to K2S then he followed up with another successful single, Finding My Self, and concluded the year with Back Off. All hes singles were well received and led to him getting a couple of features and stealing a show while he was at it. It was the year of the Ntwana.
Ryan Winterz, formerly known as Cebo G continues to re-invent him self as artist and business man.. This year he dominated with 2 single such as Auto Money and What More.  Appeared on a number of features. Winterz is credited with creating a platform for all Manguzi artists. From organizing shows, to innovative promotion strategies. Shaping the Manguzi hip hop scene, Mr. Winterz was also featured on articles and the, to film  making and  other business ventures.

Produced for Half of Manguzi artists. What else can you say about Mad L? Created a sound for most of the new niggaz and been consistent in his ability to innovate his production style. The Skeemy soldier has enjoyed success as a solo artist with success of Mercy which was certified to be the most viewd single on the GMG website since the site was founded in 2014 with over 4k views. Mad Lopher’s beats have also been on high demand, which translates to money. Whether it a hook or beat, or production or verse, Mad Lopher is current g to man.
1. Zip
Zip has enjoyed the his Grinda single  success for the past 2 years now. This is due to the number of remixes that the song has produced and the hype hasn’t come down even now. Zip started the year with the Unzipped 2 mixtape which received positive reviews from fan and peers.  Zip dropped a music video for his grinda remix and edited and directed it himself. It doesn’t end there, Mr 94 released a clothing line for hes grinda single and was featured on singles by, Njini, MG Beatz and Skeemy. The kid is has established himself as an elite Manguzi hip hop artist.

Honorary Mention
Our honorary mention this year is Be Eezy. Even though he did not make it to the list, but he is worth a mention because his hard work this year did not go unnoticed. B Eezy Nation has dropped a number of singles and the Black and White mixtape which has mild success. However, he is a business acumen is impressive, distributing music via his own blogspot and creating a crew to amp him up, he has had a good 2017 and will definitely be here longer.

This list was compiled by Manguzi Hip Hop heads who have been observing the the climate of the Manguzi music industry. The criteria was Skill, Achievements, Influence, Popularity, Business and Impact.

Manguzi Hottest MC List Panel
Mlibo Mthembu | Mthobisi Mahendula | Sabelo Ndlela | Mthokozisi Sibiya | Philani Mthembu | Sizwe Msomi

Check out last years' list below

Saturday 10 December 2016

Manguzi's Hottest MC List 2016

Every year underground artists from a small  disadvantaged rural area put it alli on the line on their pursuit for stardom. This year we count down the top 10 MC that made undeniable moves and showed they are not that far off fro their dreams.

This list is based on overall  musical success, level of hustle, tangible and intangible achievements, milestones, buzz, features, manguzi rap innovation, impact, influence and power moves.

10. Kay C

Kay C didn't drop any noticeable single in 2016 but he won Chippa's Da Number One Competition with his crew Gcwala and that enough to put him on da list. He was crowned number one out of more than 30 rap acts. These generated buzz and income for him. 

9. Mono

Mono had a great 2016. He dropped his first single Early this year and had luke warm success. But tha was just the beginning cos he later signed a record deal with Genius Muzik and was featured twice on Umswenko Wodwa by Mad L. Mono later formed a formidable group with Mad L & Sam C, known as Skeemy. The group later dropped a single and a mixtape. Skeemy was number 2 in da Number 1 Competition. Mono has received credit for being the  first rapper to use English, Zulu and english in Manguzi.

8. Sando

Sando is da current CEO of Clean n Shit Records. Home to more than 5 Manguzi prominent rappers. Even though Sando didn't release a single in 2016, he appeared in all 3 mixtapes released by clean n shit artists. Using his likeliness to stamp the young talent in da game. However the thing that places Sando in this list is his animation. He is da leader, da first and da best animator in Mhlabuyalinga/Manguzi. He introduced a new way of marketing using animations to promote singles and tell rap related stories. 

7. Candy Man

Candy Man is a true MGZ hustler. Candy dropped two singles followed by two well produced videos. Candy had an interview in 1KZN TV and one of his videos had been play listed. He also released a CD and DVD. 

6. A P Venom

Most talked about MC in Manguzi. Started the tear by appearing on Young Liz's single 'Wait On It'. He then made Manguzi history by dropping a 8 minute long fire track with no hook. He didn’t stop there he then made a power move when he signed to Genius Muzik. He then defeated Dr Dreams in a rap battle, 3-0. He then appeared on Now or Never remix and most believe he had the top 3 best verse out of 11 verses by prominent Manguzi rappers. AP Venom was able to maintain His buzz level trough out the year and stay relevant flexing his lyrically ability.

 5. Da MC Tee

Da MC had a great year. He reinvented his sound and dropped a couple if tracks that gave him enough buzz to drop a full mixtape. He's mix tape was a success, definitely one of the top 3 tapes to drop this year.  He also was featured many tines and was the key in launching Major and Lil Drop. 

4. Njini

 Njini dropped a a great 2016. Ama Blesser was trending and  was the most successful single of 2016. He then dropped his Diesel Mixtape which also was well received by the public. Njini single success earns him a spot in this list. 

3. Zip

Zip is a certified problem. The Unzipped captain drop his single Grinda of which he produced himself and had huge success with it. He was then tied with Skeemy in The Number One Competition at position 2. His guest verses were highly acclaimed on hustler, polo,panda, till da end and many more. Instead of dropping a second for his Upcoming Unzipped 2 mixtape he dropped an entire 15 track mixtape(94 Problemz) just to warm up his fans for his Unzipped tape. Zip is the most demanded artist in Manguzi and his likeliness seems to grow everyday and has he has an ability to start trends. 

2. Mad Lopher

Mad Lopher reinvented his sound and place him self as a hook  god. His efficient, innovative and creative use of autotune influenced local rappers like Zip and Da Mc Tee. After appearing in a bunch of features Mad L dropped his debut mixtape Umswenko Wodwa and had so much success with it even though it was only released on CDs at that time. He then co founded the Skeemy group with Mono and Sam C of which they released singles and a very successful mixtape. ,Mad L provided beat and also produced for his tape and the Skeemy tape. He is one of the most featured artist in Manguzi in 2016 and he and has produced Zip's 94 Problemz pretape. He is definitely one of the rapper/producer you should watch out for.

There is no success in 2016 by a Manguzi artist that can match MGZEE's success. 1st he delivered a memorable performance in the Number 1 Competition. The KCP mc made it to da top 5 of da Jagmister 'Back The Artist' he's Letter To Mom single was approved by Reason HD him self. This was a biggest milestone by an Manguzi so far and he has definitely inspired a lot of local artists to chase their dreams. 

See you next Year!!!

This list excluded Oryan  Winters/Cebo G on the grounds that he is the major contributor to the compilation of this list, however he’s hustle does not go unnoticed. 

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Manguzi Best Of The Bests

Dear Manguzi

I write this letter to you with the hope of promoting the names of the following artist who are best in certain things in this Manguzi Rap Industry. If you dnt see your name it danzt mean you not good it means there is some one who daz what you do better so you must work harder.

Best Lyricist

Manguzi lacks lyricists, Some people think that they are lyricists just cos they drop punchlines. NOOOOO sir, A lyricists requires a high level of intelligent lines, advanced rhyme schemes, multi syllables, world play, double/ triple antres and and unpredictable flows. I thought I was the closest thing to a lyricist in Manguzi check out my most lyrical verse here. But I found someone who daz everything i do on that mic and even better, this nigga is smart with the words and no one less is doing it better than him. Best Lyricist in Manguzi is AP Venom

Best Flow

Some people listen to lyrics some people just listen to flows. It important to have a balance if you a rapper. Having a great flow is amazing because it makes people pay attention. This nigga with the best Flow in MGZ is a nigga who is on everyone's top 5 rappers in Manguzi. King Nsika.

Best Story Teller

Story telling is a very important thing that every rapper is suppose to be able to do. Even if you are a turn u[ rapper, but an album or mixtape will not be a classic if you all turn up. You need to chill and tell us something we can relate or empathize with. The best Storyteller in Manguzi is easily MGZEE. Other tell store but this is the only niggas who is able to tell a story while dropping punchlines, similes and crazy rhymes. Go listen to 'Letter To Mom'

Best Style

Style is very important. Your style on yr songs and yr style on stage are the things that will get fans to stay loyal to you. Zip Zop Pop is easily the nigga with the best style in Manguzi. Everybody keeps saying his music sound like his commercial, like he has already made it. He is one of the most promising niggaz in Manguzi, only the future will tell as he continues to grow.

Best Punchliner

Rap is not only about punchlines, but punchlines are the best way to get attention. A punchline is one line with more than 1 meaning. You dnt explain the other meaning, you leave the other possible meaning to the listen to try to understand. Once you say or explain the other meaning in a following line, it no longer a punchline. The rapper who drops pure punchlines in Manguzi in an organised manner and unforced is Master Future. Check out that nigga.

Best Song Writter

This is a crazy topic cos I think Im the best song writer, but there are niggaz who kills with the pen. From creating dope hooks to  structuring  a song in a perfect way. I always tell people  that a song must have a structure, introductiion, Climax and Conclusion. That is a perfect song. This best song writter is Mr Aloe Music, the one and the only MGZEE.

Fastest Rapper

In the old days, a rappers dopeness was determine by how fast he could rap, but as rap evolved people started started aying more attention to lyrics and flows. However this does not change a fact that if a nigga spits faster than you on a track he is more likely to kill you on that track and if a nigga stops the beat and spit super fast on a live show the fans will go crazy. So the ability to rap fast is not forgotten. The fasted rapper in Manguzi is Da MC Tee. Ive heard other rappers who rap faster than Da MC Tee, but they were not using their flows, so that doesn't count. Rapping fast is only amazing if you do it with yr own flow becos any one can copy Eminem;s Rap God flow and change lyrics then rap fast, but that not dope. MC Tee is bale to do it with his original vernacular flow.

 Best Link Pusher/Promoter

I always tell my niggaz that if you are underground it danzt matter how dope you are if you cant get people who dont know you to download yr track. You will be dope and underground forever with 50 download in 1 week. Promoting  music online is a skill that every rapper must have and it as important as being dope. The rapper who is best at this is Kay C. He makes you download his song even if yoi dont want to. He\is hustle has made him popular in most parts of KZN. I would like to encirage othe artist to learn from this boy on pushing a link.

Best MC

Anyone can rap but not anyone can MC. An MC (emcee) is ta nigga with raw rapping talent. A nigga who is ready to freestyle and nigga who not just dope in studio, and nigga who-can d anything and everything. A nigga who ahas dope flows and dope lyrics. The best MC in Manguzi is easily Swash. I personally have freestyled with that nigga so I know what Im tawking about. Swash is the best in this for real. I will also like to mention other real MCs which are King Nsika and M Bee. Thesre are the only niggas which I've met who are dope on and off the mic with no delay, aut0tune and effects and there are not scared to rap anytime like me..Saluet to these real MCs. The best MC is Swash.

Best Battle Rapper

This is obvious no one has released moe diss tracks than this nigga. His track called Beef Yampela is the best beef track in the history of Manguzi.  Not anyone can battle, live or in studio, you need that harsh have and killer lines. Sando is the king on this...Mina nje, I dont want any problems.

Best Comedic Rapper

Rambo will make you laugh while dropping sick rhymes and punchlines. This nigga is crazy and talented for real. 

Best Romance 

I dont have to say much here, We all know Csyzer cant stop taking our girls with his singing and rapping about girls.

Biggest Hustler

Chippa is easily the best huslta in Manguzi. He is the nly rapper who has show which he takes to schools and get paid. Hes also does stand up comedy but let not forget his Manguzi Yikith track is the biggest hip hop track in Manguzi and everyone loves it. I can say he runs Manguzi with one track.

Best Rapper

I know hip hop, I know the music industry. I study it it everyday, I have watched every Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Drake, Cole, Tupac, Tip, Birdman, Lil Wayne, P Diddy, Kendrick, etc interview there is. This is how I grow my knowledge abou hip hop and the industry. This is what makes me move the way i move. So I know what is needed from a rapper and I know who has a chance of making it. I dnt know everything, but I know most things. The best rapper in Manguzi has never dropped a wack verse. Ive never heard a wack verse from this nigga. The best rapper in Manguzi is young enough to still grow to be something bigga.  The best rapper in Manguzi is not only a rapper but he is also a producer and a front man of his crew. The best rapper in Manguzi under 20 years. The best rapper in Manguzi is....................This nigga has a real chance of getting signed because he is marketable and his coming out with his own sound. The best rapper in Manguzi killed everyone in the first cypher in Manguzi. Yes, the best rapper in Manguzi is 2 Shots (Desparadow)

[This is not based on the songs that was released this year, it my personal opinion Manguzi Hip Hip, feel free to disagree or comment]

Article by:
Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2016

Sunday 2 August 2015

5 Core Differences Between Mixtapes and Albums

The definition of mixtape s has changed overtime. Back in the old days, mixtape were dj mixes that they played during their sets. In our days, mixtapes are also in a form of compilations by artists especially underground artists. More like demos but they should not be mistaken for albums. There are many things that differentiate between a mixtape and an album. I’m going to list 5  major differences just to give you the general idea.

Mixtapes vs Album

    1.       A mixtape is made to create buzz for an artist, to get attention but an album’s main aim is to make profit through sales.

    2.       A mixtape can contain beats from other songs since it not for sale it is not legal to sing or rap over beats of other artists, but an album has to have original beats or clearance in cases of samples or remixes.

    3.       A mixtape is an unprofessional/ informal compilation of songs, but an album is formal and professional.

    4.       There is no legal requirement that has to be followed on a mixtape like license or copyright but an album needs to be licensed and be protected under copyrights law.

    5.       Mixtapes usually have low quality recording, mixing and mastering but album are required to have high quality recording. Mixing and mastering.

For more info, you can do more research, this is just to give you some general knowledge on mixtapes/albums so that you don’t look stupid in front of your friends calling your mixtape an album. Check  this mixtape by one of our artist  here DOWNLOAD

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Mthobisi Cebolenkosi Mahendula, 2015

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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