GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!
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Friday 23 April 2021

Zip Ritscloud X MG Since 01 - With My Woes Feat. Young Duze


Zip Ritscloud and MG Since 01 are back with a another single. The duo was last seen on their The Gang X5 collaboration. They tap Young Duze on this perfectly titled collaborative effort 'With My Woes'


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Friday 16 October 2020



Young Duze taps Mono for his latest single Finesse. The single is a high energy yet lyrical showcase of penmanship  and amiculate flows. Download/Stream the song below. 




Wednesday 21 August 2019

Duze & Ferlo Narco Falling EP

Ferlo Narco x Duze
Falling EP
(cover art)

(track list)

Duze and Ferlo Narco joint EP titled FALLING out now


Or you can stream below or download tracks one by one. (Scroll down)

1. Waiting For You    DOWNLOAD

2. I'm Ready    DOWNLOAD

3. You Won    DOWNLOAD

4. Dear X    DOWNLOAD

5. Love Is Pain    DOWNLOAD

6. February 9th   DOWNLOAD

7. Real Papi (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

8. Pills & Bills (feat. Romeo Prometheus)   DOWNLOAD

9. My Back (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

10. Talk Is Cheap    DOWNLOAD

11.Don't Loose Control    DOWNLOAD

12. How I Feel    DOWNLOAD

@ferlonarco & @mlibo05

Monday 15 July 2019

Breaking News : New GMG Director

As part of the GMG Phase 2 initiative, the Manguzi major label is proud to announce that it has appointed Mlibo Mthembu as a new director of the Genius Muzik Group of companies. Mlibo Mthembu also known as Young Duze is a founder of Souther Records and a final year medicine student at The University Of Witwatersrand. He has frequently collaborated on artistic and non artistic ventures with GMG in the past.

When CEO of GMG 'Cebo G Mahendula was asked about the reason behind the appointment he commented that, '' We are preparing to enter the next level in the music industry, and I felt like we need a stronger executive team, so it made sense  to bring forth some one that is probably smarter than me. Mr Mthembu  is from Manguzi and is already familiar with our artists and operations so it was not a tough decision to bring him in the picture"

GMG Phase 2 is about professionalizing GMG operations and making our presence known in the music industry, this is 1st decision towards executing phase 2. Genius Muzik wishes Mlibo Young Duze (The Doc) a  fruitful business journey and we are looking foward to his fresh and new ideas. Nkosi Sikelela iGMG!

Follow Mlibo Mthembu on social media.

Instagram @  mlibo05
Facebook @ Mlibo Mthembu
Twitter @ MliboMthembu

Thursday 21 March 2019

Young Duze - My Back (ft Zip)

Young Duze is back again with a single titled "My Back" featuring Genius Muzik's very own Zip. The 2 artists talk about how niggas are always plotting behind their backs on this wavy beat.

Also check out their previous single...

Friday 9 March 2018

May I Vent (Compilation Mixtape)

Ryan Winterz presents the May I Vent compilation mixtape. This project is a collection of remixed spawned from Ryan Winterz and AP Venom's Venting freestyle. A chain of top tier Manguzi rappers stoop up to the challenge and up to 10 remixes were made. This is an historic moment in the culture. 

or download one by one below.
Ryan Winterz & AP Venom- Venting DOWNLOAD

Da Cebza- Venting 2 DOWNLOAD


Tragic - Venting 4 DOWNLOAD
Mono - Venting 5 DOWNLOAD

Njini - Venting 6 DOWNLOAD

Flozzy - Venting 7 DOWNLOAD

Mikee -Venting 8 DOWNLOAD

Mad Lopher -Venting 9 DOWNLOAD

Wrongturn - Venting 10 DOWNLOAD

Young Duze - Venting 11 DOWNLOAD

Genius Muzik

Thursday 8 February 2018

#KeepingItLyrical: Foh - Venting 3

Welcome to our first #KeepingItLyrical
analysis. Our first analysis is on Foh -
Venting 3. No contact has been with any artist
meaning this is our own analysis which might
or might not be spot on. We'll go through a
few lines that got us hyped and rate the song
overall. Let's get it.

"I don't give a fuck how many people bought
it. I don't blame you motherfucker it's your
He is telling a certain rapper that it's not
about the numbers and that the rapper might
not see this as he might be in his "feelings."
Which could be low-key calling him a bitch,
saying his hormones are high and he's in his
feelings. This is just only 2 lines into the

"the whole year you trying to tell me that you
only feel this ?"
We all know who dropped a mixtape titled
"my feelings." He is probably questioning the
content of the tape after waiting for so long
for it's release and now this is all there is to it.
He doesn't see anything special about it even
though the owner felt like it was dope because it

"You say 'My money is calling' but you're still
Again, this is a track featured on "my
feelings." Also goes back to the fact that he
doesn't think the tape sales mean anything as
this artist is still broke so he is not sure what
money was calling.

"Ngikugabh' iseat. Hlala phansi. ngeke
ungimele tjo."
Just a bit of wordplay here basically
translating to him not giving Worse Tee any
chance and that he couldn't stand him even if
he tried to.

"I don't care who gat the juice. Now Im back
with my feelings."
Again, with brilliant wordplay. Worse Tee aka
"Njiva Juice" released "my feelings." So he
doesn't care if he thinks he's hot coz he is
addressing his own feelings or "venting"

"I will grind harder until Madiba says
He just said he's back with 'his feelings' and
now speaks about Madiba saying something.
Remember who said money, which has
Madiba's face, was calling on his "my
feelings" tape? Exactly! He says he'll work
hard until Madiba is calling for real.
It could also loosely translate to him working
hard until he's paid or until even the
ancestors/OGs/the greats recognize him.

"Now I'm running the city....I'm the ONE with
the keys."
Ring any bells? Who said they ran the city? He
says he is actually the one with the keys NOW.

Overall, the track was well-written, the flow
switch up was contagious and got one hyped.
The wordplay is not to be slept on. Foh really
vented on this and gave solid bars. To hear
more of this just click HERE and also
check out more content on the SITE.
Comment to request an analysis or for any other

FOH- Venting 3 DOWNOAD

Tuesday 23 January 2018

#KeepingItLyrical [New Segment]

A very welcome to our new segment on the GMG Blogspot titled, #KeepingItLyrical. This is going to be on MGZ verses that are deemed hot just to see what different people got from them and maybe have the actual artist respond to some of the stuff. No contact will be made to any artist so all the analysis are strictly from the #KeepingItLyrical Team. We may cover verses out of MGZ at times just to draw some inspiration.

You can join the conversation by leaving comments on the Blogspot, Facebook posts about the analysis & also by submitting names &/or the lyrics of verses you might like to have analyzed on the above mentioned platforms. This should be exciting for any artist that really loves the game and should encourage artists to "keep it lyrical" and the fans to get a more in-depth understanding of what their Fave is saying.

From the #KeepingItLyrical fam, we'd like to wish you a musical new year. Let the fun begin!!!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Young Duze - Bring It Home ft Nashy De Cass

Young Duze - Bring It Home ft Nashy De Cass

Souther Records brings you Young Duze - Bring It Home (ft Nashy De-Cass)(Prod by FoH) the first official single from Young Duze's upcoming EP titled Wake Up.

Duze tells the story of how he has been hard at work and now his fam needs him back home. Now, who better to feature than his own brother & CEO, Nashy who brings in a fire verse also talking about his work ethic.
Souther Ent.

Monday 11 December 2017

Young Duze - Venting 11 [+Lyrics]

Souther Records founder brings the heat and switch up the tempo on the Venting series, over the Soul Food beat by Fab and Jada. The scavenger claims the top spot and blasts competition. Yall dont wanna miss this. 


These niggars say they're high,
I've never seen them catch no plane.
I flew above the clouds,
So aint no sticking to no lane.
They gossiping and leaning,
Now they're driving me insane.
All you rappers is some extras,
Kulemovie I'm still the main.

I'll bring you hell, my shit is hot,
The food is spicy(hot) out in Asia(Thailand).
Sengibuyile and ngiyapunch(a),
That's how I know to deal with pressure.
I think I made it, what's the measure?
I've been flying just for leisure 
Im Followed by gold diggers,
Man, I know that I'm a treasure.

They're beasting out on Facebook,
When we meet they hide their faces.
Wanna be the hottest eMCee,
When they rapping fuckin faeces(shit).
You can try me, anginashukela,
Mfanwakithi, kuzoba muncu.
You Acting like a star,
Mara awukhoni nokubek' umucu.

I'm Still a genius with my music,
On the mic I spit some Venom.
The booth is like a hot stove, cook some bars & then I burn them.
They think they're trapping, but they're trashing, Rapping with no passion.
My bars survive time,
They always come back like they're denim.

Hold up, what you're doing?
My niggars call this venting.
I'm coming for all yall,
Outta control, Im on a rampage.
Lyrical diarrhiea, bars flowing,
I'm never average.
done lost all of my morals,
Now they treat me like a savage

Treat me like a menace,
While they're sucking on his penis,
I went to Bangkok,
All you niggars is some winnies.
I Got you on your feelings,
Why you acting like the illest?
If a niggar sick,
Then I'm coming with injections.

They Say They raised the bar, 
I took it higher like a stepfather.
always making money, 
Now my wallet has an ancestor(Madiba).
Never seem to lose,
on the mic I'm still a step further.
Got to shape my future,
I put the nail, like a carpenter.

Twerking on your name,
Give 'em a chance & they just piss.
Questioning your greatness,
get it right, they'll want a Piece.
Start sucking on your soccer(balls),
Like they've always wanted Peace.
Enough with the venting,
Disrespect, you get a Diss

Yall wanna be the OGs
On the mic, imin' i-O2.
I Never plan my moves,
I keep it real, always impromptu.
They Never show me love, behind the scenes
I'm the one they Go to.
Now I'm Going supersayan
found the dragonballs like Goku.

I'm never mad when they bite my style,
I know It's just a love bite.
Said they're coming wih em punches, weak lines, it's a pillow fight.
Never pay attention to these kids,
I'm not a pedophile.
I'm all about my paper like

I've  got the fucken Hiccups... Go


Genius Muzik

Download previous versions

Ryan Winterz & AP Venom- Venting DOWNLOAD

Da Cebza- Venting 2 DOWNLOAD


Tragic - Venting 4 DOWNLOAD
Mono - Venting 5 DOWNLOAD

Njini - Venting 6 DOWNLOAD

Flozzy - Venting 7 DOWNLOAD

Mikee -Venting 8 DOWNLOAD

Mad Lopher -Venting 9 DOWNLOAD

Wrongturn - Venting 10 DOWNLOAD

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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