GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday, 11 May 2018

AP Venom-Contemned

                                                                           Art by MG-Beatz

After laying low for a while, AP Venom the lyricist re-appears with a hit that will put a lot of pressure on any release coming after it. This single is meant to address some rap/hip hop related issues and set some records straight. With his versatility in terms of flow and writing, this one is sure be on repeat on your playlist for a while.


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Friday, 27 April 2018

Mad Lopher - Flexin

Mad Lopher - Flexin

After appearing on mad features for the past year and early 2018 Mad Lopher announced that he gearing up to release his sophomore mixtape titled LuciaPhi. Flexing serves as the first official single for the project. The MGZ trap lord is ready to shut down the street once more.  "Pardon me pardon me I’m the shit now"

DOWNLOADSliqourOn Life or DOWNLOAD Datafilehost

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Flozzy - 82 Barz

The second coming of the long walk begins with 82 bars. GMG kasi trap pioneer has a lot to address and a normal 32 bars wasn't gonna be enough. The Mbazwane God has a lot to say about wins and losses he has accounted since dropping hes first tape. Flozzy is officially back.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Clayo Lafest - Overdose

Clayo - Overdose

New music from Clayo Lafest. After a number of guest verses here and there, Clayo finally drops his own solo effort. It a lyrical overdose.  Overdose is a laid back lyrical piece with a smooth yet authoritative delivery. 

"If I'm not in college believe my nigga I'm grinding." 

" I got bigger plans like I'm building mansions"

DOWNLOADmediafire  or  DOWNLOADdatafilehost 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

CeeJay - Hello

Hello is the latest single from CeeJay of Master Plan Entertainment. The song has been makings rounds in Durban and received positive reviews. It  has now been playlisted radio stations including South Africa's leading radio station Ukhozi FM. Hello is a lovers anthem with a catch hook, that will have you singing along in no time. 
"Hello, Hello, Hello, wentombazane"

Stream or download below

Facebook :@Cos Ceejay  Instagram: @CozCeejay  Twitter:@CozCejaay

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I'll Plug You Later : CeeJay

Welcome to our I'll Plug You Later segment where we introduce you to upcoming talent before you see them everywhere.

Government name Aubert Nduduzo Thango, stage name is Ceejay was born on the 1st of April 1997 in Durban & currently lives in Umlazi. Acquired education from the following schools, Tholisu Primary school, Sawela Primary School, Vukuzakhe Secondary School & Mangosuthu University Of Technology. Started doing music at the age 14, picked up inspiration from his cousin whom had been making music before him. Ceejay's biggest influences are J Cole, Drake, Jay Z and Shane Eagle.

In the year 2014 he met Plan-B the founder of Masterplan Entertainment, from then on he began recording his first project (Peace Of Mind) and released it in the year 2015. In that very same year he acquired recognition after being featured in a song by Plan-B titled Last hope which featured the likes of Musiholiq, 22Pagez and X-Wise. He then later on released a song titled Young & Free which featured Miyar Munja. Late 2016 he then released a song tilted KLO (Khanda limtshel’ Okwakhe) that featured Mlyza.

Performed alongside DJ Gukwa at his hosted at Halfway Lounge. Performed at an event hosted by Ukhozi fm & it was aired on Tv station called UKZNtv. Performed alongside Bhar at an event hosted at Pure lounge. Performed alongside various artists including Tzozo, Mroza, Dj Oros at a Durban beach festival. Managed to get interviews from multiple radio stations including Nanda Fm.

Hello is the latest single from CeeJay. The song has received positive reviews and has been playlisted radio stations including South Africa's leading radio station Ukhozi FM. Hello is a lovers anthem with a catch hook, that will have you singing along in no time. "Hello, Hello, Hello, wentombazane"

Enjoy more music from CeeJays catalog below.

Writer's Take

We are witnessing the humble beginnings of a Umlazi king.  The music is a perfect blend of impeccable song writing and delivery.  It impressive how  he can sing with the singers and rap with the rap. The music specially  the latest offering Hello, feels more like a hypnotic presentation. It only a few chess moves left before the rest of the country catches on to CeeJay.

Facebook :@Cos Ceejay  Instagram: @CozCeejay  Twitter:@CozCejaay

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

B-Eezy Nation - Notice

MYB president drops a  trap anthem. The young lord puts everybody on notice. 2018 might just be the year for his take over. The hook will surely make you put this on on repeat.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Mlyza - Written 2004 (Mixtape)

Mlyza - Written 2004 Mixtape
Master Plan Entertainment presents Written 2004 Mixtape by Mlyza. Mlyza is an upcoming hip hop artist from the biggest township in KZN/Durban called Mlazi. The hard core vernacular rapper is 1 half of a duo 'Mageba Tribe'' with Mkhenya. Written 2004 is his solo offering and it dominantly features Durban/Masterplan acts. The tape  is filled with street anthems, romance, hood stories, that full in your face township life experience. 
Mlyza - Written 2004 [DOWNLOAD] Full

Download tracks separately below on Sliqour on Life.

1. Mina Ngingu [DOWNLOAD]

2.Bekezela ft Mnqobi [DOWNLOAD]

3. Something To Say ft Luwe, [DOWNLOAD]

4. Lomjita [DOWNLOAD]

5. Party All Night ft Mnqobi [DOWNLOAD]

6. Who Am I ft Llayn [DOWNLOAD]

7. Usizi [DOWNLOAD]

8. Ndiyahamba [DOWNLOAD]

9. Someday ft Khumz [DOWNLOAD]

10. Cry For You ft Mnqobi & Luwe [DOWNLOAD]

11. Power [DOWNLOAD]

12. Talk To Me [DOWNLOAD]

13. Good Times ft Boyzee & Luwe [DOWNLOAD]

14. Wozopheformer ft Khumz [DOWNLOAD]

15. Tsek [DOWNLOAD]

16. Be Alright [DOWNLOAD]

17. Angsakfuni ft Manoh [DOWNLOAD]

18. All Sbout Me ft Khumz [DOWNLOAD]

19. Nas ft Manoh & Ceejay, Leko, Phenox  [DOWNLOAD]

20. Mbekeduze ft J Duze [DOWNLOAD]

21. Say My Name ft Maphara [DOWNLOAD]

22. Mubabona ft Ash [DOWNLOAD]

23. We Got Power ft Luwe & Khumzi [DOWNLOAD]

Mlyza Tsotsi

Friday, 30 March 2018

Foh & Ryan Winterz - Ready

Ryan Winterz and Foh pen  a couple's anthem as their first single off their up coming FOH GOOD collab mixtape. Ready is a song for him to play for her. Enjoy this smooth, slow paced recording. 

Download Options

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Genius Muzik

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Zip - Uyangkweleta ft Ryan Winterz

5th single from Unzipped 2 mixtape. What more can we say? Zip taps GMG head coach Ryan Winterz on a track that took a life of its own from the tape. The song received so many positive reviews despite not being released as a single it was only right that we giveit it proper release. The artwork was made in 2016. It was supposed to be the first official single of the Unzipped  tape, but the label and Zip later opted for Grinda. 

Enjoy the rest of the tape below.

King K - Diddy Bop ft Ridzo

King K won't stop, can't stop dropping hits. MGZ legends taps frequent collaborator Ridzo from Newlands for another street anthem. Diddy Bop is a single straight form the upcoming Lost Tape project from King K. 

Gemius Muzik

Thursday, 15 March 2018

I'll Plug You Later : Ash

Welcome to our new segment called I'll Plug You Later where we plug the most promising hip hop acts before you see them everywhere. Introducing ASH, don't be fooled by the pretty face, because beauty is the beast.

First name Zamalwandle, last name Nzuza, stage name  Ash, all the way from KwaZulu Natal in Umlazi. Influenced by Zakwe, Pro, Kwesta and Musiholiq, Ash started rapping in 2014 alongside Musiholiq and Xwise (producer) under a local stable First Class Entertainment based in Umlazi, she recorded a lot of music and performed in the streets of Durban and  she got featured on Ladies Night which featured other various female emcees produced by Mbzet. 

The success of this song and video triggered  an up rise of women in KZN hip hop. Ash's obtained positive reviews and so popularity began to rise in the streets of KZN. Her position was certified further when the Ladies Night collaboration obtained TV and radio air play. The hype around her landed her a couple of features. In  2016 she embarked on a journey to release a project of her own. This was in a form of a 6 track E.P titled Six Digits with production from Xwise, Mbzet and Gsongz.   

The success of the 6 Digits EP led to Ash being discovered and signed by Boss Entertainment and made a move to Johannesburg.  Her debut single  under Boss Entertainment is titled We Next ft AJ Apple of which she performed on club 808 and its been playlisted on various radio stations.

Ash's opened her 2018 with a release of a song called Dominoes. An emotional track about a troubles relationship. The song is special because it not what you expect from a typical Ash track.  Ash sings to a mystery man about his transgression. "I thought w''ll never fall, like dominoes, I heard them play your song, on the radio"

Writer's Take.
In an genre dominated by men it is refreshing to see a new era with women gunning for the top spot. Ash is quite a unique case, you might look at her and assume she is gonna come out singing, but the uMlazi native spits harder and even  better than some men in the the industry. Her song writing range is amazing, from hardcore, to kasi style, romance to story telling and impeccable lyricism. Her music showcases township pride with a commercial appeal. Her spot in the major leagues is definitely certified, it now just a matter of her showing up. And f she keeps going, that feature from her favorite rapper Nicki Minaj is not that far off.

Facebook : @Ash Nuz      Instagram: @Ash_Nuz      Youtube: @Ash Nuz    


Sunday, 11 March 2018

GMG - Dreamz (Zip, Young Liz, Mad Lopher)

The label that runs the city is gearing up for  an explosive hear. Genius Muzik has confirmed to be working on a first ever GMG mixtape featuring all GMG artists, and this single right here serves as the first single to that tape titled Squad Vision. GMG resident trap lords Zip, Mad Lopher and Liz come together for the 1st single from the tape titled Dreamz.

Genius Muzik

Friday, 9 March 2018

May I Vent (Compilation Mixtape)

Ryan Winterz presents the May I Vent compilation mixtape. This project is a collection of remixed spawned from Ryan Winterz and AP Venom's Venting freestyle. A chain of top tier Manguzi rappers stoop up to the challenge and up to 10 remixes were made. This is an historic moment in the culture. 

or download one by one below.
Ryan Winterz & AP Venom- Venting DOWNLOAD

Da Cebza- Venting 2 DOWNLOAD


Tragic - Venting 4 DOWNLOAD
Mono - Venting 5 DOWNLOAD

Njini - Venting 6 DOWNLOAD

Flozzy - Venting 7 DOWNLOAD

Mikee -Venting 8 DOWNLOAD

Mad Lopher -Venting 9 DOWNLOAD

Wrongturn - Venting 10 DOWNLOAD

Young Duze - Venting 11 DOWNLOAD

Genius Muzik

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Da-Cebza - From Me 2 U

KCP CEO Da-Cebza drops another single called 'From Me 2 U'  dedicated to... Oppsss, I guess you should click on the download button Below and find out. Watch out for Prof.himself.Reloaded.


(Art by Da-Cebza) 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Skeemy - Love You 4Ever

Skeemy celebrates valentines day with a tribute to their significant others. Love You Forever is a laid back, love song with smooth instrumentals, and Skeemy provide melodic vocals for our listening pleasure.

Genius Muzik

Thursday, 8 February 2018

#KeepingItLyrical: Foh - Venting 3

Welcome to our first #KeepingItLyrical
analysis. Our first analysis is on Foh -
Venting 3. No contact has been with any artist
meaning this is our own analysis which might
or might not be spot on. We'll go through a
few lines that got us hyped and rate the song
overall. Let's get it.

"I don't give a fuck how many people bought
it. I don't blame you motherfucker it's your
He is telling a certain rapper that it's not
about the numbers and that the rapper might
not see this as he might be in his "feelings."
Which could be low-key calling him a bitch,
saying his hormones are high and he's in his
feelings. This is just only 2 lines into the

"the whole year you trying to tell me that you
only feel this ?"
We all know who dropped a mixtape titled
"my feelings." He is probably questioning the
content of the tape after waiting for so long
for it's release and now this is all there is to it.
He doesn't see anything special about it even
though the owner felt like it was dope because it

"You say 'My money is calling' but you're still
Again, this is a track featured on "my
feelings." Also goes back to the fact that he
doesn't think the tape sales mean anything as
this artist is still broke so he is not sure what
money was calling.

"Ngikugabh' iseat. Hlala phansi. ngeke
ungimele tjo."
Just a bit of wordplay here basically
translating to him not giving Worse Tee any
chance and that he couldn't stand him even if
he tried to.

"I don't care who gat the juice. Now Im back
with my feelings."
Again, with brilliant wordplay. Worse Tee aka
"Njiva Juice" released "my feelings." So he
doesn't care if he thinks he's hot coz he is
addressing his own feelings or "venting"

"I will grind harder until Madiba says
He just said he's back with 'his feelings' and
now speaks about Madiba saying something.
Remember who said money, which has
Madiba's face, was calling on his "my
feelings" tape? Exactly! He says he'll work
hard until Madiba is calling for real.
It could also loosely translate to him working
hard until he's paid or until even the
ancestors/OGs/the greats recognize him.

"Now I'm running the city....I'm the ONE with
the keys."
Ring any bells? Who said they ran the city? He
says he is actually the one with the keys NOW.

Overall, the track was well-written, the flow
switch up was contagious and got one hyped.
The wordplay is not to be slept on. Foh really
vented on this and gave solid bars. To hear
more of this just click HERE and also
check out more content on the SITE.
Comment to request an analysis or for any other

FOH- Venting 3 DOWNOAD

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Zip - Monster

Monster is a 4th single from the very successful Unzipped II mixtape post its release. Monster serves as a follow up to Zip's Suka Sambe track which appeared o the first Unzipped  mixtape in 2015. Zip's love story takes a dark turn. Check it out below.

Genius Muzik
More music from Zip

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

#KeepingItLyrical [New Segment]

A very welcome to our new segment on the GMG Blogspot titled, #KeepingItLyrical. This is going to be on MGZ verses that are deemed hot just to see what different people got from them and maybe have the actual artist respond to some of the stuff. No contact will be made to any artist so all the analysis are strictly from the #KeepingItLyrical Team. We may cover verses out of MGZ at times just to draw some inspiration.

You can join the conversation by leaving comments on the Blogspot, Facebook posts about the analysis & also by submitting names &/or the lyrics of verses you might like to have analyzed on the above mentioned platforms. This should be exciting for any artist that really loves the game and should encourage artists to "keep it lyrical" and the fans to get a more in-depth understanding of what their Fave is saying.

From the #KeepingItLyrical fam, we'd like to wish you a musical new year. Let the fun begin!!!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Skeemy - Number 1

Skeemy- Number 1
Manguzi.s very own rap trio 'Skeemy' open the year with their highly anticipated 3rd single, a follow up to their summer hit Abazela. The gang claim prominence on their latest offering Number One. Arguabley the number one rap group i the city, is this a nummber one song? Download and find out you self.

Genius Muzik

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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