GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Manguzi Music Awards 2015: Voting Links

Here we go, make your vote count.......

Vote for your favorite Manguzi artist in the following categories. Please vote in all categories.  Click the word 'VOTE' next to the category and you will be redireted to the voting site, after you done voting, come back and click vote on the next category and son on...Lets Go.....
1. Best New Comer [VOTE]

a. Da MC Tee
b. King Stanna 
c. Worst T 
d. Mr Awesome 
e. Small 
f. Da Pheps 

2. Best Kwaito Artist/Crew [VOTE]

a. Rongboyz
b. Problem Banners
c. Man Dee 
d. Kilimanjaro
e. Bayah

3. Best Hip Hop Artist [VOTE]

a. Sando 
b. AP Vevom
c. Swash 
d. Zip Zop Pop 
e. TMR

4. Best Gospel Artist [VOTE]

a. Zakhele 
b. Qiniselani
c. 4 Boys

5. Best Traditional Artist [VOTE]

a. Man 4
b. Mfinga Mfinga
c. Sticks 
d. Abaphikeli

6. Best Album/Mix-tape [VOTE]

a. Unzipped by Zip Zop Pop
b. 7 Virus by G L Enterteinment
c. Rhodah by Dr Dreams
d. Facebook by Man 4 (Isinguzi)

7. Best Crew/Group [VOTE]

a. Genius Muzik Gang 
b. D1881 
c. Black Beez 
d. GL Entertainment 
e. GNT Dreams
f. Kilimanjaro 

8. Best Live Performer [VOTE]

a. Genius Muzik Gang 
b. Sam C Kid
c. Mad_Loper (Smallkid) 
d. Future Sharrow Drops 
e. Zip Zop Pop 

9. Best Studio [VOTE]

a. Jakalac Records 
b. Genius Muzik 
c. Clean n Shit Records
d. Clean n Fresh Records 
e. MCC Productions 
f. King Cebza Productions 

10. Best Producer [VOTE]

a. Csyzer
b. G Light 
c. Young Liz 
d. 3 Kingz 
e. Sando
f. Da Cebza 

11. Best Beat Maker [VOTE]

a. Mad L (Smallkid)
b. Rude K
c. Mlubhas
d. 3 Kingz
e. Csyzer
f. Young Liz

12. Best Vocalist [VOTE]

a. Csyzer 
b. Skinny Boy 
c. Da Quitter 
d. Nommy Bee

13. Best Music Video [VOTE]

a. Young Liz- WozA Kanjalo  ft Cebo G
b. Zip Zop Pop - Im On It ft Cebo G and Cbahle

14. Best Collaboration [VOTE]

a. Ikheke by Zip Zop Pop and Mad Lopher (Smallkid) 
b. Sho by Worse T and Kay C 
c. Phumakim by Zip and Sam C Kid
d. Uzongenzan by ft  MGZEE FT Ceboz Gallo
e. Mkhufefe by Wrongturn ft Skinnyboy 
f. Wozakanjalo by Young Liz ft Cebo G

15. Best DJ [VOTE]

a. DJ Mawrong 
b. Dj Mpeekx
c. Dj Paul 
d. DJ Percy 
e. Dj Zavolo 
f. DJ Superb 

16. Song of the Year [VOTE]

a. Woza Kanjalo by Young Liz ft Cebo G
b. Abaphansi by Zip Zop Pop ft Young Liz
c. Never Block My Shine by Da Cagebird 
d. Pray by TMR ft Da Quitter
e. Iskebereshe by Rongboyz 
f. Ngeke Ulunge Lana by Genius Muzik Gang 
g. After School by Sando 
h. Elam Ikasi by Da MC Tee 
i. Maspala by G L Entertainment 
j. Letter to Mom by MGZEE 

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Voting Closes on the 23rd of December Share this page with your facebook friends.........


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