GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Monday 10 August 2015

Zip Zop Pop Abaphansi ft Young Liz (Lyrics)

[intro-Young Liz]

Ngale namba svusa abaphansi, yeah... x3

[chorus-Young Liz]

Hmm, ng'phila ng'phusha ng'phil'impilo
Ng'fun uk'phanda kuze kshon'ilanga
Uma k'shona k'vuka aphansi
Uma k'shona ilanga s'vusa abaphansi, ow
Ngale namba thina svusa abaphansi, svusa abaphansi,
svusa abadala ey
Every friday is a party baba(party baba)
Ain't no fighting coz as'bhayzi baba(as'bhayzi baba)
[Turn up x2, vele svusa abalele]x4

[verse 1-Zip Zop Pop]

(yeah ryt)
Hhaa, bhek' bhek' im taking over(ey)
ng'vusa abaphansi ngenamba uvuka nakwiComma
International, im the young casanova(ey)
It's friday party eksen baba ihangover(hey)
GOD(God), save me from these enemies
Anthem, nkosi sikelel'iGMG
Itrap, i just pulled a trigger sebafile
Money is the root for sin, i just made my own currency
You know it's Zip Zop Pop and i come n go
All these niggaz, they know the law
These catchy songs, surely they won't fall
I guess im different from what you know
Ak, i pull it 2shots(yea ryt)
Istuff lesi, it is too hot(yea ryt)
Uyadlala wena, well mina im not
Umama irasta unamaDread locks(ok)
#tag asdlali nabo
10pm ang'lali razo
La ziwe gazi
La k'phum'ibhathu
I put pressure ngyabadla laba like cancer
Mang'ngena, ksuk'ukshisa nedust
Ntwana its Zip Zop mongamazi
S'vusa abaphansi


[brigde-Zip Zop Pop]

L'gcwele ng'turn up ng'yol'shayel'inoni
Ngafike ngabiz'oMatomela, uGijimisa
Lyaswenka x3, lizenz'inkinga(ey), (lizenz'inkinga...)
[verse 2-Zip Zop Pop]

Ow my nigga its ZZP
Faka le beat la ng'biz'ezakithi
They turn up, hey turn up ang'biz'uYoung Liz
Ng'phethe lol'ugcobo kyaziwa nginkinga(ey)
That is a given i run every gig
They pausing with me masesthatha amaPics
Ng'thathe lo mntwana ngimkhombe elok'shini
Im in a booth nigga thats where i preach
Whether you like it or not
Im standing for all of my flows
Still u must follow my law
Ng'bheke phambili ngyakhona
Udakwa umbuso ngyabona
Athi ngik'tshele mei bhuda la k'dala saqala
Amagenge ebaphatha
And ill always be here coz nigga la'kdlalwa
Ng'gcwele ngeturn up, turn up(hey, hey)
Let's get into flowz, 'dont know how many barz but i kill it kunjalo
La k'ngen' uMageza and im one of my favourite
Ng'fike ne energy
300, 500 kj the energy
Gcwala ngam x2 nom'uyi enermy
High on everything
Zip Zop Pop, im sure your days are numbered
Ang'bhenywa angsis'iSkunk
Genius Muzik till i die


Zip Zop Pop- Abaphansi ft Young Liz  [Download]

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