GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday, 11 October 2019

FOH - High School Love (Audio)

FOH tells us about his love back in high school and how he paved his way through out. Enjoy.

(or stream audio below)

Friday, 27 September 2019

Ryan Winterz - Because Im Good (The Intro)


The most anticipated mixtape in Manguzi is gonna  stay anticipated cos Ryan Winterz is just not about to drop it anytime time soon. The GMG president left the  desk to bless the streets with the Intro to his Because Im Good mixtape which the label announced for a November release. Winterz said, This song is a definite short version of what my entire tape is going to be about. Every line  is linked to a song/topic/concepts or feeling  from my tape"

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Ziggy - Volunteer

A single from Ziggy no Ma-Ola to you, titled Volunteer. "Any Volunteer?" Enjoy. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Mlyza - Mbombela (Prod. By Plan B)

Mlyza returns with a Plan B produced track tittled Mbombela. The Danglom reclaims the crown on a boastful track with a hard instrumental for true hip hop heads. 

Friday, 23 August 2019

Mad Lopher & Stonner X - On The Road

New Duo Project By Stonner X and Mad Lopher is out now, Presented to you by Censored Nation. 

(you can also stream below, or download each song one by one. Scroll down)

1. Call Your Friends  DOWNLOAD

2. On The Road  DOWNLOAD

3. Zone (feat. Zip RitsCloud)  DOWNLOAD

4. Drop It Low  DOWNLOAD

5. 1Hunnid  DOWNLOAD

6. Shame  DOWNLOAD

7. In The Club  DOWNLOAD

8. Abagwinye  DOWNLOAD

9. Who Got The Juice  DOWNLOAD

10. Beauty Of Africa  DOWNLOAD

11. Keep Going  DOWNLOAD

12. Life  DOWNLOAD

13. Trust Yourself  DOWNLOAD

14. Amen  DOWNLOAD

15. Problems (feat. Saan) | Bonus Track I  DOWNLOAD

16. Suicidal Thoughts (feat. Saan) | Bonus Track II  DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Duze & Ferlo Narco Falling EP

Ferlo Narco x Duze
Falling EP
(cover art)

(track list)

Duze and Ferlo Narco joint EP titled FALLING out now


Or you can stream below or download tracks one by one. (Scroll down)

1. Waiting For You    DOWNLOAD

2. I'm Ready    DOWNLOAD

3. You Won    DOWNLOAD

4. Dear X    DOWNLOAD

5. Love Is Pain    DOWNLOAD

6. February 9th   DOWNLOAD

7. Real Papi (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

8. Pills & Bills (feat. Romeo Prometheus)   DOWNLOAD

9. My Back (feat. Zip RitsCloud)   DOWNLOAD

10. Talk Is Cheap    DOWNLOAD

11.Don't Loose Control    DOWNLOAD

12. How I Feel    DOWNLOAD

@ferlonarco & @mlibo05

Monday, 15 July 2019

Breaking News : New GMG Director

As part of the GMG Phase 2 initiative, the Manguzi major label is proud to announce that it has appointed Mlibo Mthembu as a new director of the Genius Muzik Group of companies. Mlibo Mthembu also known as Young Duze is a founder of Souther Records and a final year medicine student at The University Of Witwatersrand. He has frequently collaborated on artistic and non artistic ventures with GMG in the past.

When CEO of GMG 'Cebo G Mahendula was asked about the reason behind the appointment he commented that, '' We are preparing to enter the next level in the music industry, and I felt like we need a stronger executive team, so it made sense  to bring forth some one that is probably smarter than me. Mr Mthembu  is from Manguzi and is already familiar with our artists and operations so it was not a tough decision to bring him in the picture"

GMG Phase 2 is about professionalizing GMG operations and making our presence known in the music industry, this is 1st decision towards executing phase 2. Genius Muzik wishes Mlibo Young Duze (The Doc) a  fruitful business journey and we are looking foward to his fresh and new ideas. Nkosi Sikelela iGMG!

Follow Mlibo Mthembu on social media.

Instagram @  mlibo05
Facebook @ Mlibo Mthembu
Twitter @ MliboMthembu

Friday, 5 July 2019


Fresh from the success of his debut GMG mixtape FOHMATION released last year, Foh is ready with new muzik. The GMG king of hearts presents a thankful song dedicated to all who have been with him trough his musical journey.



Facebook : Foh Yungking

Instagram : @fohdiboi

Bookings : 0788100008 /

Saturday, 25 May 2019


Art by Ryan Winterz

New blood in the Manguzi music scene as young female artist  by the name Wendy Ashante emerges to take the throne. Wendy Ashante's debut single features GMG royalty Zip Riscloud as he offers to asher in the new breed of music royalty. The song is called DO do this for me, get it below..

Saturday, 11 May 2019


Tragic- Cold World (Mixtape)
Tragic finally delivered what has been the most anticipated mixtape. After a number of successful singles such as Polo and I love You, it was only a matter of time before Cold World drops. This is a tape you can vibe with while chilling at home alone or in the club with your woes or even with your partner. Enjoy.. 

[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or you can stream below or download tracks one by one. (Scrowl down)

1. Intro [DOWNLOAD]

2. Venting 4 [DOWNLOAD]

3. Polo [DOWNLOAD]

4. How Made It ft Mad Lopher & Young Duze [DOWNLOAD]

5. Let Me ft  May Fair  [DOWNLOAD]

6. I Love You [DOWNLOAD]


8.  Lonely ft Young Duze [DOWNLOAD]

9. Take You Back ft Ryan Winterz, Foh, Mono [DOWNLOAD]

10. Blessed ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

11. Ready ft Zip [DOWNLOAD]

12.  Dreamz ft Cebo G [DOWNLOAD]

13. My Shoes  ft Da Cebza [DOWNLOAD]

14. Dream Girl ft Mad Lopher  [DOWNLOAD]

15.  ONM  (On My Way) [DOWNLOAD]

16. Outro (My Life) [DOWNLOAD]

Sunday, 5 May 2019


Maguzi Hip Hop giants come together on a inspirational song from Chippa's Make It Happen album.  Chippa  of MGZ Entertainment invites Cebo G of GMG, Twice T of Black Beez and MBee of Equal World. This is song that re assures that there is hope for Manguzi artists to succeed in the music industry.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Stonner X & Mad Lopher - Call Your Friends

Mad Lopher and Stonner X release the first single under their label imprint Censored Nation. Call Your Friends, the game will never be the same again..

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Young Duze - My Back (ft Zip)

Young Duze is back again with a single titled "My Back" featuring Genius Muzik's very own Zip. The 2 artists talk about how niggas are always plotting behind their backs on this wavy beat.

Also check out their previous single...

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Mlyza - Igama Lakho Feat. Shabba [Prod. by Plan B]

Mlyza returns with the first official single in 2019. Mlyza delivers a slow tempo conscious verse over a melodic instrumental. Mlyza is on the hook praising  the lord with backup vocals from Shabba, dont miss out on this one.




Monday, 11 March 2019

Tragic - Let Me (Feat. Mayfair & Mad Lopher)

As a warm up for Cold world Mixtape, Tragic gives you another single titled 'let me' along with Mayfair and Mad Lopher. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Mayfair - Accolades

Mayfair The Black Rabbit is back, and it not just for easter, the young trap king feeds his fan base with new music, the song tittled Accolades. 

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Flozzy - Don't Cry Feat. Nkamidira

Flozzy debutes a new song featuring Nkamidira. If you in the mood for laid back love jams with poetic undertones this is a track tailored for you.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Mad Lopher - Wola Lapho Feat. Ryan Winterz

Genius Muzik's top tier producer Mad Lopher returns with a single after the sucess of his Luciaphi mixtape. This time he taps Ryan Winterz who was visibly missing from the 
22 track mixtape released last summer. This is the 3rd 1 on 1 collaboration between Mad L and GMG CEO, and 

Enough about the politics, Wola Lapho was recorded during the GMG Durban Summer Tour, and the track is special because it maks the first time Winterz is on a beat by Mad Lopher.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

GMG - GM4E18

The annual GMG compilation of Genius Muzik top singles.  We have seen Mad Lopher dominate the year for the past 2 years, this year was largely dominated by Foh.


Or download your favorite song below one by one.

1.  - Flexin (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

2. Ready (Foh &Ryan Winterz ) [DOWNLOAD]

3.  - Contemned (AP Venom, prod. by Liz) [DOWNLOAD]

4. In Da Gqom (MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

5.  Ex Yam (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

6. No Time (Zip, Foh & Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

7. Foh Mom (Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

8. Ziyawa (MGZEE & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

9.  82 Barz (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Dreamz (Zip, Young Liz, Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Humble (Foh, Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Bragging Remix (MG Beatz, Zip, Foh, Mad Lopher, Sam C, Mono, Flozzy,Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Njini) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Waste Your  Time (Ryan Winterz, MGZEE, Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Get The Guap (Mono & Zip) [DOWNLOAD]

15. Don't Mind (Foh & MK) [DOWNLOAD]

16.  Lonely (Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

17. Goodbye (Mad Lopher) [DOWNLOAD]

18. Me And My Niggaz (Young Liz & Envy) [DOWNLOAD]

19. Luciaphi Mama (Mad Lopher, Mayfair, Lo) [DOWNLOAD]

20. Thesha (FOH, prod. by Zip) [DOWNLOAD]




Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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