GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Tragic- Polo

Art by MG Beatz
Genius Muzik frequent collaborator Tragic drops fire ass single in preparation of his Cold World mixtape promised to drop soon.

''Polo polo polo how you got me here, cos I got niggaz telling me shit that I dont wanna here''

Genius Muzik

Friday, 4 August 2017

MGZEE vs Ryan Winterz - What More?

Ryan Winterz v MGZEE
Genius Muzik president Ryan Winterz and Aloe Music president MGZEE join forces to bring back real hip hop. A braggadocios song with bars to back it up is something the game has been missing for a very long time. This song serves as a joint single for Ryan Winterz' "Because I'm Good" mixtape and MGZEE's "Graduation" mixtape..

The spirit of this song is hunger, so you have done this and that, What More?
DOWNLOAD mediaire   OR     DOWNLOAD  datafilehost

Genius Muizik

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Mad Lopher - Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi [Free Beat]

Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi

Genius Muzik in house producer and president of Genius Muzik Instrumentalz  drops a free beat to keep all y'all trap head occupied. Download and jump on the beat below and send it back to us and your song might be published on our site.

Genius Muzik

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mikee - My Haters ft AP Venom

Mikee- My Haters ft AP Venom
Mikee presents a surprise single featuring AP Venom. This haters anthem may just be a cool way to end the winter. 

Mikee - My Haters ft AP Venom

You can also stream or download Mikee's Cypher verse below.

DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Genius Muzik

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Manguzi Cypher [Video Download]

Hip Hop lives in Mhlabuyalingana. Watch Manguzi emcees keep the hip hop culture alive as they cypher in the streets of Manguzi.  Zip, Sando, Wrongturn, May Fair, Achillies, Zibheke, Clayo La Fest, Mikee, SG Nkoh, Zone & Sam C.

Manguzi Cypher (Full Video)
DOWNLOAD (normal quality)[67mb] DOWNLOAD (best quality)[302mb]

Achillies DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality] 

Mikee DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

SG Nkoh DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]

Zibheke DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Wrongturn DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Clayo La Fest DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Sam C DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality] 

Zip  DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 Sando DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 May Fair DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 Zone DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Genius Muzik

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Clayo La Fest - Cookin' ft 3 Kingz

Art by Ryan Winterz
Clayo Lafest is taking the underground scene by storm 1 canon ball verse at a time. After a couple of guest verses, Clayo La Fest finally drops his own anthem featuring Black Beez legend 3 Kingz, 

Smell what Clayo is Cooking, DOWNLOAD

 Genius Muzik
Genius Muzik

Check out Clayo's guest appearance on Unzipped II DOWNLOAD

Friday, 23 June 2017

Nasty C talks Racism, BET Awards, Metro Awards,Haters and more On Sway In The Morning.

Watch Nasty C talk about Racism, BET Awards, Haters, Bad Hair , Influences, and more On Sway In The Morning. Oh! and he also drops a freestyle if you are on that type of thing, we know we are. Check it out below. 

Genius Muzik

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Maraza- Black Skin (Pick n Pay The Price)

Maraza- Black Skin (Pick n Pay The Price)

KZN's very own Maraza drops a heart felt song based on his recent incident at Pick n Pay where he felt racially discriminated. To give you some context to the story surrounding the track: ''Maraza bought good worth over R8 000, he was the held for 10 minutes because Pick n Pay wanted to very his card. Maraza believes that this wouldn't happen to a white person.''

We don't usually post music by mainstream artists, but we felt this is a massage worth spreading, because awareness is better than a cure.

Interesting bars
''Amen, aint enough to save men''

''Are you looking for a thief or you looking for a black man''

''Funny how being black can give a man the blues''

Check out the incident below.
Genius Muzik

Saturday, 17 June 2017

May Fair - K'relaxiwe

May Fair- K'relexiwe
 May Fair of Jakalac Records drops his long anticipated single titled K'reluxiwe. This deep under the water anthem will surely switch up your mood. It gonna be a good year for the young prince..
Genius Muzik

Friday, 9 June 2017

Skeemy - Our Life ft May Fair [Free Download]

In preparation of their new upcoming mixtape, Genius Muzik's in-house rap trio drop a fire burning single to set the pace for the mega project to drop later this year. The song is titled Our Life and features May Fair of Jakalac Records.  Beat composed and track produced by Mad Lopher of Genius Muzik Intrumentalz
Genius Muzik

For more music from Skeemy get their latest mixtape.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

GMG- GM4E16 Compilation-Mixtape)

GMG- Genius Muzik 4 Ever 2016 (Compilation)
Genius Muzik Forever 2016 (GM4E16)I s a collection of all the top 20 songs Genius Muzik artists released in 2016..
 GMG- Genius Muzik Forever 16 [Full Free Mixtape] [DOWNLOAD] 

or download one by one below
1. Grinda ft Young Liz DOWNLOAD

2. Talking About Me (Skeemy) DOWNLOAD

3. Ama Blesser (Njini) DOWNLOAD

4. Ready For Me ( Zip & Mad Lopher)DOWNLOAD

5. Till Da End ( Ryan Winterz, Zip, Mad Lopher, Mono & Sam C)DOWNLOAD

6. All They Need ( Zip & Clayo)DOWNLOAD

7. We Gonna Be Rich (Skeemy)DOWNLOAD

8. Slenda (Flozzy)DOWNLOAD

9. Pop It (Zibheke & Skeemy)DOWNLOAD

10. Turn Da Speakers Louder (Lmao & Skeemy)DOWNLOAD

11. Wait On It (AP Venom & Young Liz)DOWNLOAD

12. Bayagcwala (Njini , Zip, Flozzy)DOWNLOAD

13. Stay Grounded ( Da Mc Tee & Ryan Winterz)DOWNLOAD

14. Ksheshwe (Skeemy & Number 1 Toppest)DOWNLOAD

15. Polo ( Sam C, Zip, Mono & Mad Lopher)DOWNLOAD

16. Nomlindo (Njini , AP Venom & MGZEE)DOWNLOAD

17. Mascara (Mad L & Mono)DOWNLOAD

18. Phanda/No Stress (Zip & Da MC Tee)DOWNLOAD

19. Grinda (Remix) (Zip, Sam C & Mad L)DOWNLOAD

20. Now Or Never (Ryan Winterz, AP Venom, Da MC Tee, Skeemy, Tragic, Worse T, Wonder B, MGZEE, & NG. DOWNLOAD
Genius Muzik

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Cebo G & Da Cebza - Ceboz Gallo (Music Video) [Download/Stream]

Long awaited music video from Manguzi's biggest titans. 5 year old video for Ceboz Gallo finally surfaces,download/stream it below.....

 Download options below
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DOWNLOAD 18mb (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD (74mb) (Best Quality)


DOWNLOAD (74mb) (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD (226mb) (Best Quality) 

Manguzi Music Awards 2016 (Highlights) [Download/Stream]

 The 3rd Annual Manguzi Music Awards was held on the 30th of December 2016 at Phumobala Lodge, enjoy the video highlights of the ceremony before, and congratulations once more to all the winners...

 Download options below
 Smart Phones/Tablets

DOWNLOAD  (12mb)(Low Quality)

 DOWNLOAD(26mb)  (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD (89mb) (Best Quality)

 DOWNLOAD(26mb)  (Low Quality)

DOWNLOAD (89mb) (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD HD (520mb) (Best Quality) 

 Or stream on YouTube below.....


For more info.. like our page

Manguzi Music Awards

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Skeemy v GMG - Till Da End

There is war within the Genius Muzik camp. GMG and Skeemy are both imprints of Genius Muzik PTY(LTD). The two imprints within the label are now at war for bragging rights, which imprint is the best.Ryan Winterz and Zip of GMG take on Mono, Mad Lopher and Sam C of Skeemy to see who is at the top of the food chain on the Genius Muzik roster. Enjoy the Crew vs Crew action that will last Till Da End
Genius Muzik

Recommended downloads

Monday, 22 May 2017

AP Venom vs Dr Dreamz [Rap Battle] Round 2

The battle long awaited is finally here, the second round where AP Venom Vs Dr Dreamz on a bar for bar live rap battle. This was the first of its kind but it had a great crowd reaction and participation. The question remains, which MC will remain standing...




You can also stream this video on YouTube

Thursday, 18 May 2017

AP Venom-Family Over Females (ft Young Li7)

Art by MG Beatz

AP Venom makes his presence known as he drops his first single as a Genius Muzik Gang signee, however, this track is a couple of years old and is now making it as a throwback surprise hit. Young li7 produced it and was featured on it as well before AP Venom was a label mate of his.

This track aims to show that skill can only improve,  AP Venom and Young Li7 are a duo to watch out for. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Da Cebza- C4 Remix ft MGZEE, Wrongturn, Achillies, Maloms....

Da Cebza is back with a remix of a song that not eve out yet. Yes you heard me right, the original song is not out yet. KCP boss redefines the game and all logic in his 4th single for his upcoming mixtape. The cool, calm and collect rapper enlists, MGZEE, tmr,Wrongturn, Tragic, Achillies, & Malooms. The heavy instrumental is produced by GMG in-house producer Mad Lopher.
all these major names, you are sure to have an explosion in your ear, download the C4 remix below.

You ca stream performance of this Remix 2.0 of this song at Big Zulu's birthday bash below.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

K Ntwana - Runnin' Tha City (Remix )ft Ryan Winterz, Da MC Tee & Kay Lee

Young boy from the soil drops his highly anticipated remix. Running Tha City is one of the hottest tracks to drop in 2017 in the Manguzi hip hop scene. The remix promises to be something even better as the young prince calls on  niggaz who been running the city such as the likes of Ryan Winterz of GMG and Da MC Tee of GMG/Clean & Shit Recordz. Is K Ntwana here to stay?
Genius Muzik

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Breaking News: Genius Muzik Signs...

It is with great  pleasure to announce that Da MC Tee is not part of our forever growing family. Da MC Tee is an teenage rapper/producer/composer and was discovered by Sando of Clean n S#it Records. Da MC Tee has one mixtape under his belt which was released in 2016 under Clean n S#it Records. The young king is one of the highly rated emcees out off his class. He has won Song Of The Year in for Elami Ikasi in Manguzi Music Awards and has been nominated multiple times. He was placed in position 5 in the Manguzi Hottest MC list of 2017. The talented emcee has also contributed in launching young cats such as Major, Just Ice and Lil Drop.  Da MC has been  a frequent collaborator with the GMG camp, appearing on Diesel, Unzipped 2, 94 Problemz and also had  a number of GMG artists on his Foundation Of Hustling Mixtape.  He is therefore no stranger to the camp, and it with great honour for Genius Muzik to add him to the roster.

Even though we cant publicize the terms of his deal, he is now be co-signed by both Genius Muzik and Clean n Shit Recordz. Da MC TEE joins Skeemy( Sam C, Mono & Mad Lopher), Zip, AP Venom, Lmao, Small, Young Liz, Msakhas, Njini, Crazy B, Flozzy  MG Beatz and Ryan Winterz. We wish you all the best and hope our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Some music from DA MC Tee

1. Stay Grounded ft Ryan Winterz DOWNLOAD

2. Lonely ft Khwezi DOWNLOAD

3. No Stress ft Zip DOWNLOAD
Genius Muzik

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Skeemy- Polo ft Zip

Art by MGZ Beatz

Genius Muzik's trio drops another single from their very successful mixtape. This is the third official single form the Skeemy mixtape which dropped last year. Sam C, Mono and Mad Lopher invites Zip on this fastlane single. The song is titled Polo and was produced by Mad Lopher. Enjoy the ride..

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

AP Venom vs Dr Dreamz [Rap Battle] Round 1

Genius Muzik very own AP Venom battles Dr Dreamz. Hip Hop lives everywhere. 2 Manguzi/Mhlabuyalingana MCs battle it out on field to see who will remain standing...

You can stream this video here or on YouTube.

For more music from AP Venom click here

Genius Muzik

Monday, 3 April 2017

MG Beatz - Since 01 [Free Beat]

Art by MG Beatz

Genius Muzik Beats presents our new free beat offering from our newly signed composer/producer known as MG Beatz...

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kwesta's Freestyle on Sway [DOWNLOAD]

The king of African rap crossed borders and oceans to stamp his name on the Hip Hop Hall of fame. Kwesta is the third South African rapper to visit the legendary show that has hosted almost every mega hip hop artist from Eminem to Jay Z, Nas, Kanye West to name a few. Kwesta's visisted is preceded by Casper Nyovest and AKA but he is definitely the one who represented the country best. It really not about who did it first it about who did it best. Catch our boy Kwesta on his milestone move. You can stream the entire interview on YouTube below... Oh, and Yes shots to Nasty C/ his camp were fired.

Download freestyle segment above on stream the whole interview on YouTube below. 

Genius Muzik

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW

Premium Single

Lethu Cele | Dance Covers

Premium Single

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