GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Friday 27 October 2017

Jakalac Records - How We Roll ft Nashy De Cass

Jakalac all stars come together on their new anthem How We Do featuring Souther Records' very own Nashy De Cass. Co LOOn, May Fair and Qhwi hold it down for the home team on this summer banger.


Genius Muzik

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Manguzi Music Awards 2017: Online Nomination

Manguzi Music Awards
[Online Nomination]
click to the highlight text to proceed to the nomination section

Rules and Procedures
Please read the rules and procedures before you nominate. Nominating link at the bottom

1. Only music released publicly between 1 November 2016 to 20 October 2017 is eligible to be nominated.

2. Artists who have been active between 1 November 2016 to 20 October 2017 are eligible to be nominated.

3. Online will be used as formal means of nominating. You can contact 0788100008 for help with online nomination.

4. Artists may nominate them selves, or record label/productions may nominate the artist.

5. Nominations are free, organizers are not bound by the nomination. A nomination is just a request to be considered. Successful nominees for the year 2017 will be announced in November before voting commences.

6. Nominators have to submit relevant music of which the artist is nominated for. A hard copy such as a cd or a direct download link

7.A nominated artist may accept or decline a nomination.

8. A nomination may be successful based on the merits of the nomination not on the number of nominations received.

9. Organisers at any point of the event may accept or decline a nomination. 

10. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

11. Voting will only run for one week prior to the event.

12. Voting will be done trough an SMS system. A number may only vote once per category. This means only one vote will be counted per cell number for a certain category, so the re is no need to vote many times because the rest will not count.

13. Only artist born and raised in Manguzi may be nominated. An exception is made to artist who were not born and raise in Manguzi but are actively participating in the Manguzi Music  industry.

14. By  submitting or accepting the nomination, you grant Manguzi  Music Awards the right to use your material before,during and after the event for promotional purposes.

15. An artist can be nominated in more than one category. Onceyou have successfully submitted your nomination, you can start afresh and nominate in another catergory.

16. Closing date for nominations is 31 October 2017. 

[Online Nomination]

click to the highlight text above to proceed to the nomination section

Or nominate on the form below....

Manguzi Music Awards

Monday 23 October 2017

Mad Lopher - A Reece ft Sjava type Beat with Hook

Mad Lopher is back with a new free instrumental with a Hook. Check out this A Reece /Sjava type beat. African Trap at its finest...Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi

Stream on Youtube Below

 Play on Soundcloud

Friday 13 October 2017

NGKCE VS AP Venom [Rap Battle] Round 2

Here is Round 2 of the biggest rap battle ever seen in Manguzi/ Mhlabuyalingana, GMG Vs KCP, Bars Vs Bars.

DOWNLOAD  122 MB (high quality)

DOWNLOAD 32 MB (normal quality)

DOWNLOAD 27 MB (Low quality)

Stream the battle below on YouTube

Friday 6 October 2017

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat. Zip & L-Mao) Lyrics

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat. Zip & L-Mao) Lyrics

 [Hook: Zip]

For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

[Verse 1: Zip]

Help me count my blessings x2
I just want a bitch who will love me with no M3
Babe asvele syendlin
My place is overwhelming
I just wanna vaai its Going down in the kitchen
More food x2
Feeling like biggie but small yea
More tune for you
Babe Imma do you slow mo
Every time I show up in my kas' to see my gogo
I see my old bitches I feel like I owe them cock-o
(Mama Imma take your car
Ngzobuy eksen ungakhathal)
We wanna vroom vroom
And break the rules
For one night or two
Operation Cruiz Cruiz
with my uzzi
in my shoes
(My new chick bad n boujie
Uneskill where she got it from)
Hol' up hol' up
Where she got it from
(From school?)
I also wanna do that course
M eco Friendly with paparazzi if you didn't know
Yimi lo
I keep my records straight
Ill be the shit at 24


For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

[Verse 2: L-Mao]

All I see is Blessings
All I see is bitches
All I fear is Vengeance
All I see is Envy
All I feel is hatred
All I crave is patience
All I want is moola
All I want is digits
Most likely I'mma blow
Up before you blow up your smoking ish
I'm highly flavoured
Like Apple I'm keen
On distribution
Highly sauced like Nandos I'm all
About the flavour
Sacred by Gospel
Man I'm acting
Out of character
Claiming all the bragging rights
Supplying all
The Copyright
Oh right
On rocks
On racks
On rocks
On lace
More moola
More fame
More bitches
More man
Demanded on the
Market like a loaf
Of Brown bread
Never get enough of me it's like you're
Taking meds
A couple of Bitches
A couple of niggas man
What's the difference
Both of em are pussy cravers
Go on  wilderness


For my seeds, I keep my records in those magazines
The little kid, I'm busy bragging with your nikka's chick
Bragging x3
I'm Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings
Bragging x3
Bragging with God and what you see is Blessings

DOWNLOAD(Datafilehost)  or DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

MG-Beatz - Bragging (feat Zip & L-Mao)

(Art By MG- Beatz)

The Genius Muzik's young Beat maker and Producer MG-Beatz brings fire in collaboration with the Genius Muzik hit maker Zip and the one and new signee L-Mao on his very first single titled BRAGGING.

Produced by MG-Beatz, Zip and Mad Lopher. click on the download button below and yourself this new smash hit, Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD(Datafilehost)  or DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

click here to view the lyrics

Genius Muzik

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Friday 15 September 2017

Mad Lopher & Cap 2 - Be On Time

Be On Time is the first single from the upcoming joint mixtape by Mad Lopher and Cap 2. The young trap lords are ready to take over the summer with this banger. Get yr audio devices ready.

DOWNLOAD mediafire  OR DOWNLOAD datafilehost

Genius Muzik

KCP-Syaspana ft Mad Lopher

art by Ryan Winterz
KCP is back with the brand new smash hit, featuring one of the youngest and hottest producer, Mad Lopher. The reign of KCP has been undisputed since founded in 2006 by Da Cebza. This song  came up after NGKCE won a highly publicized  rap battle on June 201.the song is als due to appear on the Graduation mixtape by MGZEE. This mega hit makes an emphasis that the KCP camp is here to work, "siyapana la ntwana."

DOWNLOAD mediafire OR DOWNLOAD datafilehost



MGZEE vs Ryan Winterz - What More?
Da Cebza- Talk 2 Me ft Shenge & Dreamer
NGKCE- Ezase Posini

Sunday 3 September 2017

NGKCE VS AP Venom [Rap Battle] Round 1

KCP VS GMG, Venack VS English, Bars VS Bars, catch NGKCE VS AP Venom on their round 1 of the most hyped rap battle in Manguzi hip hop history
Download or stream below.

DOWNLOAD 123 MB (High Quality)

DOWNLOAD 28.1 MB (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD 8.81 (Low Quality)

Stream the battle below on YouTube

Genius Muzik

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Mono - Grinda 2.1 (ft Zip)

Art by MG-Beatz

Skeemy's multi lingual genius drop hes highly anticipated remix to Manguzi longest running single Grinda. Grinda is a single by Genius Muzik top tear artist Zip, the song has already spawned a remix ft Mad Lopher and Sam C. Mono joins the pack on hes own version of the song featuring the original hook by Zip.

Genius Muzik
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Thursday 17 August 2017

MG Beatz- Since 02 (Free Trap Beat)

Art by MG Beatz

The sequal continues. MG Beatz provides another free beat as a follow up to he's Since 01 beat he dropped a couple of moths back. The young composer continues to feed the trap street with hes new banger beat.
Download and jump on the beat below and send it back to us and your song might be published on our site.

Genius Muzik

More from MG Beatz

Ryan Winterz v MGZEE - What More? (Lyrics)

Intro (Ryan Winterz)

It just different, It Unique, Aloe!

Angikaz' ngifile guilty this wasn't case before.
Ngohlezi nginyuka njalo shit i wasn't meant to fall.
 I won the battle againgst you nigga wherz the door.
 You call your self upelepele mara awubabi qhooh!!

Ryan Winterz
Im getting calls from people who never called before
I heard them say ngishaya izithupha but angikho sure
What you see is what you get, tell me what you saw
5,4,3,2,1, im ready to blow!!

Hook (Winterz & MGZEE)

The top 5 on Jeiggermister, What More?
I shot a video on a Ferrari, What More?
My KCP go my Niggaz, nigga What More?
Yellow Bones on my DP, What More?

Ryan Winterz (Verse 1)

Im that nigga other niggaz follow.
Today’s yesterday makes tomorrow.
These niggaz  never hit the target, Golden Arrows
Bayibabo when they see me, all my niggaz know.
Pull a trigga for the right figures,
Write a song for the right nigga,
Kill a nigga with 3 bars, Adiddas.
I do this for the paper, mmmh, Madibas.
Send your shots over the net Cassillas.
You’ve never reached the heights, aint nothing you can tell us.
You just a feleb my nigga you aint really famous.
They say you nobody until you got a bunch of haters.
If got made us why the fuck he let the divel raise us.
Record labels want my name like a register.
Why they even wanna sign me Im already a star.
Put a blade on these madafuckers, Westley Snipes.
I toll Venom kill them all, I got blood on my mouth.
Money talks motherfacka , What you talking about.

Bitch, What you talking about?
Money talks motherfacka , Wat you talking about?

Ryan Winterz (Talking)

Hhuh, Ey Zee Im out of bars my nigga, tell Da Cebza to put more money in my account
You know I charge a thousand per bar, (Because Im Good)  Graduation!!

It your turn my nigga, Get ‘em

MGZEE'S Verse 

The dope girl in the town with the blond hair.
I dnt knw her number ngikwaz igama i will call her.
She says, she got a stepla so i give her papers.
Im too close to my goals njenge penalty.
Now am rapping with a class in my hand.
Ngiyabacinanisa i got a dust in my hand.
In a roof with 'emm girls when i land.
Im tryna show ma true colour nginiphathele upende
Now am am kicking these lames
Winning the game, lama rapper anama pen ahlezi adrawer ama games.
Plus am chill though, steve biko, am tryna be the hero that am kinda real though
(Aybo!! sika ma reiza bheka siyabajika mabeza.
Ngathi niphatha ama x-rays ukuze nibone unembeza.
Now i dnt argue with niggas who got an "S" on the chest lyk superman.
 kudala besihlupha man.
Im showing the power this rapper is testing my energy.
Check i got a flow says stuff all my enermies.
Uphikisana neyifiso u think you better than wish.
Most of these rappers they think they better than this.
Now on the movie am too die for, haters wanna go to hell, mara mina angisayi khona.

(Ryan Winters)
ahh on the movie am too die for haters wanna go to hell but mina angisayi khona!

Nigga what more!! X5

Hook (Winterz & MGZEE)

The top 5 on Jeiggermister, What More?
I shot a video on a Ferrari, What More?
My KCP go my Niggaz, nigga What More?
Yellow Bones on my DP, What More?

Flozzy- Change My Life ft Swazi S

Flozzy- Change My Life

It been a Long Walk for Flozzy. 2016 was a quite year for Genius Muzik's very own Flozzy due to hes grade 12 studies. However the Mbazwane native has a vault full of hits with hes 2015 Long Walk mixtape. Here is a track from the Long Walk tape that deserves some shine. A 3 verse storyline with the beautiful Swazi S on the hook.

DOWNLOAD datafilehost
DOWNLOAD mediafire

Genius Muzik
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Tuesday 8 August 2017

AP Venom vs Dr Dreamz [Rap Battle] Round 3

Finally, the wait is over.. Round 3 of the AP Venom v Dr Dream battle is the last instalement of the 3 legged battle rap by these two Manguzi titans. Download or stream below.

DOWNLOAD 16MB (Low Quality)

DOWNLOAD 70MB (Normal Quality)

DOWNLOAD 200MB (High Quality)

Stream the battle below on Youtube

Genius Muzik

DOWNLOAD Dr Dreamz v AP Venom Rap Battle [Round 1]

DOWNLOAD Dr Dreamz v AP Venom Rap Battle [Round 2]

Sunday 6 August 2017

Tragic - Polo (Remix) ft Mad Lopher & Da MC Tee

Art by MG Beatz

Remix Alert!! Remix Alert!! Remix Alert!! Remix Alert!! 
Tragic invites Genius Muzik's very own Mad Lopher and Da MC Tee for his Polo remix. The original song made rounds on the net and a remix was obviously not far behind. Here is the official remix brought to you by Sharrow Drops in association with Genius Muzik.

Genius Muzik

Get the original here Tragic-Polo

Tragic- Polo

Art by MG Beatz
Genius Muzik frequent collaborator Tragic drops fire ass single in preparation of his Cold World mixtape promised to drop soon.

''Polo polo polo how you got me here, cos I got niggaz telling me shit that I dont wanna here''

Genius Muzik

Friday 4 August 2017

MGZEE vs Ryan Winterz - What More?

Ryan Winterz v MGZEE
Genius Muzik president Ryan Winterz and Aloe Music president MGZEE join forces to bring back real hip hop. A braggadocios song with bars to back it up is something the game has been missing for a very long time. This song serves as a joint single for Ryan Winterz' "Because I'm Good" mixtape and MGZEE's "Graduation" mixtape..

The spirit of this song is hunger, so you have done this and that, What More?
DOWNLOAD mediaire   OR     DOWNLOAD  datafilehost

Genius Muizik

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Mad Lopher - Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi [Free Beat]

Le Beat Ivukwa Yidlozi

Genius Muzik in house producer and president of Genius Muzik Instrumentalz  drops a free beat to keep all y'all trap head occupied. Download and jump on the beat below and send it back to us and your song might be published on our site.

Genius Muzik

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Mikee - My Haters ft AP Venom

Mikee- My Haters ft AP Venom
Mikee presents a surprise single featuring AP Venom. This haters anthem may just be a cool way to end the winter. 

Mikee - My Haters ft AP Venom

You can also stream or download Mikee's Cypher verse below.

DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Genius Muzik

Sunday 9 July 2017

Manguzi Cypher [Video Download]

Hip Hop lives in Mhlabuyalingana. Watch Manguzi emcees keep the hip hop culture alive as they cypher in the streets of Manguzi.  Zip, Sando, Wrongturn, May Fair, Achillies, Zibheke, Clayo La Fest, Mikee, SG Nkoh, Zone & Sam C.

Manguzi Cypher (Full Video)
DOWNLOAD (normal quality)[67mb] DOWNLOAD (best quality)[302mb]

Achillies DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality] 

Mikee DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

SG Nkoh DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]

Zibheke DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Wrongturn DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Clayo La Fest DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Sam C DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality] 

Zip  DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 Sando DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 May Fair DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

 Zone DOWNLOAD [normal quality] OR DOWNLOAD [high quality]  

Genius Muzik

Saturday 24 June 2017

Clayo La Fest - Cookin' ft 3 Kingz

Art by Ryan Winterz
Clayo Lafest is taking the underground scene by storm 1 canon ball verse at a time. After a couple of guest verses, Clayo La Fest finally drops his own anthem featuring Black Beez legend 3 Kingz, 

Smell what Clayo is Cooking, DOWNLOAD

 Genius Muzik
Genius Muzik

Check out Clayo's guest appearance on Unzipped II DOWNLOAD

Friday 23 June 2017

Nasty C talks Racism, BET Awards, Metro Awards,Haters and more On Sway In The Morning.

Watch Nasty C talk about Racism, BET Awards, Haters, Bad Hair , Influences, and more On Sway In The Morning. Oh! and he also drops a freestyle if you are on that type of thing, we know we are. Check it out below. 

Genius Muzik

Sunday 18 June 2017

Maraza- Black Skin (Pick n Pay The Price)

Maraza- Black Skin (Pick n Pay The Price)

KZN's very own Maraza drops a heart felt song based on his recent incident at Pick n Pay where he felt racially discriminated. To give you some context to the story surrounding the track: ''Maraza bought good worth over R8 000, he was the held for 10 minutes because Pick n Pay wanted to very his card. Maraza believes that this wouldn't happen to a white person.''

We don't usually post music by mainstream artists, but we felt this is a massage worth spreading, because awareness is better than a cure.

Interesting bars
''Amen, aint enough to save men''

''Are you looking for a thief or you looking for a black man''

''Funny how being black can give a man the blues''

Check out the incident below.
Genius Muzik

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


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