GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Manguzi's Hottest MC List 2016

Every year underground artists from a small  disadvantaged rural area put it alli on the line on their pursuit for stardom. This year we count down the top 10 MC that made undeniable moves and showed they are not that far off fro their dreams.

This list is based on overall  musical success, level of hustle, tangible and intangible achievements, milestones, buzz, features, manguzi rap innovation, impact, influence and power moves.

10. Kay C

Kay C didn't drop any noticeable single in 2016 but he won Chippa's Da Number One Competition with his crew Gcwala and that enough to put him on da list. He was crowned number one out of more than 30 rap acts. These generated buzz and income for him. 

9. Mono

Mono had a great 2016. He dropped his first single Early this year and had luke warm success. But tha was just the beginning cos he later signed a record deal with Genius Muzik and was featured twice on Umswenko Wodwa by Mad L. Mono later formed a formidable group with Mad L & Sam C, known as Skeemy. The group later dropped a single and a mixtape. Skeemy was number 2 in da Number 1 Competition. Mono has received credit for being the  first rapper to use English, Zulu and english in Manguzi.

8. Sando

Sando is da current CEO of Clean n Shit Records. Home to more than 5 Manguzi prominent rappers. Even though Sando didn't release a single in 2016, he appeared in all 3 mixtapes released by clean n shit artists. Using his likeliness to stamp the young talent in da game. However the thing that places Sando in this list is his animation. He is da leader, da first and da best animator in Mhlabuyalinga/Manguzi. He introduced a new way of marketing using animations to promote singles and tell rap related stories. 

7. Candy Man

Candy Man is a true MGZ hustler. Candy dropped two singles followed by two well produced videos. Candy had an interview in 1KZN TV and one of his videos had been play listed. He also released a CD and DVD. 

6. A P Venom

Most talked about MC in Manguzi. Started the tear by appearing on Young Liz's single 'Wait On It'. He then made Manguzi history by dropping a 8 minute long fire track with no hook. He didn’t stop there he then made a power move when he signed to Genius Muzik. He then defeated Dr Dreams in a rap battle, 3-0. He then appeared on Now or Never remix and most believe he had the top 3 best verse out of 11 verses by prominent Manguzi rappers. AP Venom was able to maintain His buzz level trough out the year and stay relevant flexing his lyrically ability.

 5. Da MC Tee

Da MC had a great year. He reinvented his sound and dropped a couple if tracks that gave him enough buzz to drop a full mixtape. He's mix tape was a success, definitely one of the top 3 tapes to drop this year.  He also was featured many tines and was the key in launching Major and Lil Drop. 

4. Njini

 Njini dropped a a great 2016. Ama Blesser was trending and  was the most successful single of 2016. He then dropped his Diesel Mixtape which also was well received by the public. Njini single success earns him a spot in this list. 

3. Zip

Zip is a certified problem. The Unzipped captain drop his single Grinda of which he produced himself and had huge success with it. He was then tied with Skeemy in The Number One Competition at position 2. His guest verses were highly acclaimed on hustler, polo,panda, till da end and many more. Instead of dropping a second for his Upcoming Unzipped 2 mixtape he dropped an entire 15 track mixtape(94 Problemz) just to warm up his fans for his Unzipped tape. Zip is the most demanded artist in Manguzi and his likeliness seems to grow everyday and has he has an ability to start trends. 

2. Mad Lopher

Mad Lopher reinvented his sound and place him self as a hook  god. His efficient, innovative and creative use of autotune influenced local rappers like Zip and Da Mc Tee. After appearing in a bunch of features Mad L dropped his debut mixtape Umswenko Wodwa and had so much success with it even though it was only released on CDs at that time. He then co founded the Skeemy group with Mono and Sam C of which they released singles and a very successful mixtape. ,Mad L provided beat and also produced for his tape and the Skeemy tape. He is one of the most featured artist in Manguzi in 2016 and he and has produced Zip's 94 Problemz pretape. He is definitely one of the rapper/producer you should watch out for.

There is no success in 2016 by a Manguzi artist that can match MGZEE's success. 1st he delivered a memorable performance in the Number 1 Competition. The KCP mc made it to da top 5 of da Jagmister 'Back The Artist' he's Letter To Mom single was approved by Reason HD him self. This was a biggest milestone by an Manguzi so far and he has definitely inspired a lot of local artists to chase their dreams. 

See you next Year!!!

This list excluded Oryan  Winters/Cebo G on the grounds that he is the major contributor to the compilation of this list, however he’s hustle does not go unnoticed. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Zip - 94 Problemz [Free Mixtape Download]

The Road to Unzipped II has 94 Problemz. 94 ProbLemz is a pretape just to warm all the Zip fans up for the Unzipped II masterpiece scheduled to drop on Zip's birthday,the 22nd of February 2017. 94 Problemz consists of songs that ddnt make the final cut of Unzipped II, so if you like this tape, you will definitely love Unzipped II.  Download this tape below.




You can download each song separately below..

1. Grinda ft Young Liz [DOWNLOAD]

2. Exed 

3. No More War 

Imali Yeqolo ft Njini [DOWNLOAD]

5. Hustler ft TMR & Oryan Winters 

6. Suka Sambe 

7. All They Need ft Clayo 

8. Interlude 

9. No Stress ft Da MC Tee 

10. Ready For Me Ft Mad Lopher 

11. They Can't Hide (Demo) 

12 Tararatuwe 

13. Offended? 

14. Sidla Amaspace 

15. Till The End ft Oryan Winters & Skeemy 

16. Polo ft Skeemy 

@Genius Muzik
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Friday, 18 November 2016

Skeemy- Talking About Me

After a successful mixtape release, the deadly trio re-candles the fire with a follow single 'Talking About Me.' Your are definitely not gonna regret this free download, melodic hook, killer verses. Download below....

DOWNLOAD mediafire

DOWNLOAD datafilehost

You can also download the 14 track mixtpae by Skeemy [DOWNLOAD]
Genius Muzik

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Da Cebza - Shayingoma ft Nduh

Da Cebza firers with anothe single. This time he bring along his frequent collaborator Nduh. Download this new hit tittle Shayingoma below.....

DOWNLOAD mediafire

DOWNLOAD datafilehost

DOWNLOAD fileboxer

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Reece- Zimbali (Instrumental) [Prod. by Mad Lopher]

Genius Muzik Beats present the Intrumental (Remake)of A Reece's Zimbali hit track. Produced by Genius Muzik's very own Mad Lopher.

@Mad Lopher

@Genius Muzik

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Reece- Paradise [Album Download ]

Your mother's favorite rapper just dropped a chart topping album. Features local and international artists, from label mate Emtee to Amanda Black and P Jay. South African hip hop is really stepping up with this one, a combination of catchy hooks with well laid lyrical verses. 

NGKCE- Ezase Posini [New Single]

NGKCE is back with his second single in 2016.  The posino god claims the street on his new song tittled Ezase Posini. He shout out other Posini natives such as Wrongturn, Da CEBZA, Double G,  King to name a few.
Instrumental by Young Chop, produced by Ryan Winters, this is definitely a song for the summer.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Felli Kay- Last Train To Fame [Free Mixtape Download]

Last Train To Fame is a fresh new mixtape by Stanger's very own Felli Kay. This is one of the best come up you will ever get to experience. So if you aint part of it, at least put your self on witness list. Reserve your seat by downloading this tape below.

Felli Kay

Friday, 30 September 2016

Skeemy - Skeemy (Mixtape)

Art by Ryan Winters

The most anticipated mixtape is finally here. The deadly trio (Mono, Mad Lopher and Sam C) better known as Skeemy are ready to take over the street with their fresh new self titled mixtape SKEEMY.

You can download each song separately below..

1. Skeemy (Prod. by Mad L) [DOWNLOAD]            
2. We Gon Be Rich [DOWNLOAD]

3. Siyabangena [DOWNLOAD]

4. Ksheshwe (ft Number One Topest[DOWNLOAD]

5. Broke My Heart [DOWNLOAD]

6. Funa Mina [DOWNLOAD]

7. Pop It (ft Zibheke[DOWNLOAD]

8. Ubolalela [DOWNLOAD]

9. Till The End (ft Ryan Winters & Zip[DOWNLOAD]

10. Uzokhala  (Prod. by Mad L) [DOWNLOAD]

11. Polo (ft Zip Zop Pop (Prod. by Mad L)[DOWNLOAD]

12. Turn Da Speakers Louder (ft L Mao) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Fancy Guy [DOWNLOAD]

14. Talk About Me [DOWNLOAD]
Genius Muzik

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Beat by Madlopher
Umswenko Wodwa Promo Track

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Nasty C - Bad Hair [Album Download]

KwaZulu Natal's golden boy has finally delivered his very anticipated album 'Bad Hair'
Remember last year he dropped a game changing mixtape and made his way into the main stream leading to collaborations with the likes of KO, Tumi, Casper Nyovest, AKA, Davido to name a few.
His debut album is surely a treat fro his core fans. It moves away from the trap songs some might have expected. He really didn't dumb it down. Some say Price City is better than Bad Hair, that a personal opinion you will have to make for your self.

 Or get yr hands on his free tape Price City (Mixtape)

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Njini - Diesel [Free Mixtape Download]

Art by Ryan Winters
The wait is finally over.  Some can say this  has been 5 years in the making. Genius Muzik proudly presents the debut mixtape by Genius Muzik's first signee Njini called Diesel. Download Diesel for punchlines,. metaphors, syllables and storytelling at  it best. Njini shares a slice of his life with his fresh new project. Order your CD copy or Download for free  below.

For the best download experience on mobile, use OPERA MINI


You can download each song separately below..

1. I'm A Blesser [Prod. by Rude K Beatz] [DOWNLOAD]

2. Woz'bona ft Small [DOWNLOAD]

3. Banamanga [DOWNLOAD]

4. Imali Yeqolo ft Zip [Prod. by Mad L] [DOWNLOAD]

5. Burn Forever ft Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

6. Ngeke Basenze Lutho [DOWNLOAD]

7. Diesel (Interlude) ft Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

8. Nomlindo ft MGZEE & AP Venom [DOWNLOAD]

9. For My Niggaz Only ft Small & Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

10. Cheater [DOWNLOAD]

11. Basqedile [DOWNLOAD]

12. Let You Go ft Crazy Babe & Ryan Winters [DOWNLOAD]

13. Abagcwali ft Mad Lopher [DOWNLOAD]

14. Bayagcwala ft Flozzy & Zip [DOWNLOAD]

15. Nguye ft Da MC Tee [DOWNLOAD]

16. Gone Too Soon [DOWNLOAD]

17. Ngeke Ulunge Lana ft GMG [DOWNLOAD]

Order a CD Copy from 081 067 0251/0788100008 [R25 EACH] *excl. mailing costs. If you want it sent trough the post office : R35 Normal mail/ R40 fast mail
Art by Ryan Winters
Njini RSA
Genius Muzik

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Now Or Never (Manguzi Remix)

Genius Muzik lead producer Ryan Winters rounds up some of the hottest cats in Manguzi for their own version of Dj Switch's controversial street anthem Now Or Never. 

King Nsika | Wonder B | Da MC Tee | Tragic | MGZEE | Mono | AP Venom | Worse T | Mad Lopher | Cebo G | Sam C | NGKCE

DOWNLOAD [mediafire]

Art by Ryan Winters
Genius Muzik
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rap Mastaz- Too Cool [Free Download]

 Slim-B (Newcastle ) and Da-Cebza (Manguzi) better known as Rap Mastaz are back with a fresh cool single titled 'Too Cool'.

@Rap Mastaz
@Genius Muzik

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Mad Lopher (Radio Interview)

Mad Lopher set down with the Kosibay God for an exclusive radio interview about his rap life and his debut mixtape titled Umswenko Wodwa. Download the interview below to learn more about the tape, tracks and all the hard work that made this tape possible. 

Mad Lopher Interview

The CD is out now order your copy at 0622764726/0788100008
@Mad Lopher
@Genius Muzik
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Beat by Madlopher
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Flozzy's suprise hit!!

Flozzy drops a suprise anthem for the ladies out there.



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Friday, 5 August 2016

Sharp Spears- MGZ Niggaz

Sharp Spears signees join together to give us this new street anthem representing their camp and their city. Young Joe, Da Quitter and TMR are the niggaz of the moment. Download their new single produced by Zip below.

Tittle : MGZ Niggaz

Friday, 29 July 2016

Rryan Winters- Izinja Zam 2 (Wrongturn Diss)

It finally here, Manguzi's most anticipated responses. Few months back, posini legend Wrongturn dissed various Manguzi artist including Cebo G, Njini and Small from GMG. He even dissed the clothing line. Hear is a rough response to that diss track. Cebo G calls Genius Muzik originals 'Njini and Zip' on this retaliation track. Surprise guest appearance on the hook.

 DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

@Genius Muzik

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Umswenko Wodwa Promo Track

Genius Muzik presents Umswenko Wodwa (Mixtape) by Mad Lopher.

Here is a promo track from the tape to show you what Mad Lopher has cooked. 

1. Umswenko Wodwa (Intro) DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

Out Now On CDs. Order your copy from 0622764726/0788100008

Online release will drop later this year.

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW


Premium Single

Lethu Cele | Dance Covers

Premium Single

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