GMKaps Out Now!!

GMKaps Out Now!!

Monday, 5 November 2018

FOH- Venting 3 (Freestyle) (Official Music Video)

Foh - Venting 3 (Official Music Video)

The official music visuals of Venting 3 by Foh. Fohmation mixtape drops 23 November 2018. You can download the video below or stream on YouTube.





Instagram: Fohdiboi

Facebook: Foh Yungking

Bookings: 0788100008/

Friday, 2 November 2018

Faki Mali (Ezikamjebhula Anthem)

They call them ezikamjebhula, 9 of Manguzi's finest artists come together to give a taste of what a 10 minutes joint can be like, Enjoy.


Friday, 26 October 2018

Da Cebza- Legendary Flow

KCP head coach returns with a new song Legendary Flow. Da Cebza aka Prof Himself is proving he can still dominate the streets with pure bars in this trap era.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Mlyza - Ouuuh (Prod. by Plan B)

Master Plan Ent. presents their star player, the Danglom, the one and only Mlyza. New single from the Danglom titled Ouuuh..

You know Mlyza always has something to address, check this blazing single below.

DOWNLOAD (datafilehost)
DOWNLOAD (nippybox)

Social Plugs

Instagram : @Mlyza_Danglom

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Panthers -Road To Ganda

Road to Ganda begins with this deep house anthem. The Panthers are going wild, gearing up for their Annual Ganda Festival in December.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Breaking News: GMG signs Zibheke

Genius Muzik is gearing up for war in 2019 as the make a power move by signing D1881 young legend Zibheke. Zibheke is the brother Sam C of Skeemy/GMG.

Zibheke previously known as 2 Shots, took a long break from music focusing on studies, the MGZ king is now back to reclaim the throne with the biggest independent label behind him.

Genius Muzik would like to wish the D1881 God a prosperous return to the mic and music business.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

GMG- Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a special release segment where 3 singles are released at the same time. 3 of Genius Muzik's top tier artists release 3  respective singles on the same day. This is a power move from the label, targeting all fan bases at the same time. 


1. FOH - EX YAM 



Saturday, 22 September 2018

Young Liz - Me And My Niggaz ft Envy

artwork by MG Beatz
Genius Muzik's trap lord Young Liz taps his Pronto Fam brother Envy on his latest single. Me And My Niggaz definitely going to bang your ears out with elite production from Liz him self.

Zip - Get The Guap ft Mono

Fresh from his modeling hustle, Zip reconnects with the music and invites label mate Mono on his 1st single for his upcoming mixtape Unzipped 3.

Foh - Ex Yam

artwork by MG Beatz

Rapper/singer FOH  pens a love letter in form of a song to his ex lover. This is one is for the sheets, earphones, wet pillows, cold nights, lonely nights. This one is for the ladies and for the men to men to play for their girls. 




Facebook : Foh Yungking

Instagram : @fohdiboi

Bookings : 0788100008 /

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BREAKING NEWS : GMG signs Flexen

Genius Muzik signs  15 year old rapper from Manguzi by the name Flexen. Hnad picked by GMG elites to run Manguzi after the Zip, and Skeemy run, Flexen has a lot to prove.  Genius muzik would like to welcome this young solder and wish him the best in all his musical career.

Flexen, Mono & Mad Lopher

CO LOON, Flexen, Zip, MG Beatz

Friday, 7 September 2018

Mad Lopher - Luciaphi (Mixtape)

Artwork by MG Beatz

Genius Muzik presents the sophomore mixtape by the multi talented GMG in-house producer Mad Lopher. Luciaphi is the follow up to 2016s Umswenko Wodwa mixtape. The solo effort by Mad Lopher showcases a loot of growth, ambition and ability to put together a master piece of a project.


[FULL DOWNLOAD]datafilehost or [FULL DOWNLOAD]mediafire

Or download your favorite song below.

1. Intro[DOWNLOAD]

2. Rude Life Ft Mayfair & Foh [DOWNLOAD]

3. Vibe Ft Mayfair [DOWNLOAD]

4. Is You Feeling Alright [DOWNLOAD]

5. Iphupho Layizolo [DOWNLOAD]

6. Flexin [DOWNLOAD]

7. Facebook Friends [DOWNLOAD]

8. Mercy Ft Cap 2 [DOWNLOAD]

9. Dreamz Ft Gmg (Zip & Young Liz) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Baddest [DOWNLOAD]

11. Let Us Fly [DOWNLOAD]

12. With You Ft May Fair & Pouremore [DOWNLOAD]

13. I’m Sorry Ft Co Loon [DOWNLOAD]

14. Awkward Pretty Girl [DOWNLOAD]

15. Damn Bi$%# [DOWNLOAD]

16. Lonely [DOWNLOAD]

17. Too Late [DOWNLOAD]

18. Venting 9 [DOWNLOAD]

19. Pulled Up [DOWNLOAD]

20. Luciaphi Mama Ft May Fair [DOWNLOAD]

21. Abezela Ft Skeemy & Foh [DOWNLOAD]

22. Goodbye [DOWNLOAD]

PS: CD copies are also available at R50 per copy. Contact 0788100008/

You can also stream the mixtape below on audiomack

Friday, 17 August 2018

MG Beatz - Bragging (Remix) ft GMG

The theme music continues as MG Beatz gathers label mates on the remix to his 2017 hit Bragging. 

DOWNLOADSliqour On Life  DOWNLOAD Datafilehost

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Mlyza - Halleluyah (Prod. by Plan B)

Fresh from the success of the Hats Off mixtape, the Master Plan Entertainment main man blesses the streets with a new anthem tittled Halleluyah.

Mlyza takes everyone to ghetto church on this hardcore rap presentation, ''5 blunts right here, screaming Halleluyah''

Social Plugs

Instagram : @Mlyza_Danglom

Monday, 6 August 2018

I'll Plug You Later : Mlyza

Ill Plug You Later is a segment where we introduce  upcoming talent before you see them everywhere.

 Mlungisi Ngcobo is an upcoming hip hop artist by the alias Mlyza (Danglom). Born on the 27th of May in 1989. Mlyza was born, raised and currently lives in Mlazi. The stage name 'Mlyza' stems from his birth name Mlungisi and also pays homage to his birth place Mlazi. 

 Mlyza developed a passion for hip hop from a very young age due to the fact he was raised from a musical family,

Mlyza began his musical journey in 2004 and  credits Zola, HHP, Pro, Zahara, Dj Tira and Kwesta as his major influences. He became popular as one half of the rap duo 'Mageba Tribe' with Mkhenya. The Tribe dominated Mlazi and the rest of the KZN underground scene with theri Dangloms Vol 1 and Vol 2 mixtapes. Their position as top tier Mlazi rappers was sealed by local hits such as Kings Of The Jungle, Tsotsi. Their biggest highlight was when their Forgive and forget single was playlisted on uKhozi FM.

Mlyza then ventured to a solo run in 2016 with release of his first solo project Written 2004. The tape featured production from his long time producer Plan B and mad feature from Master Plan Entertainment artists. 

This tape received high critical acclaim and a very impressive number of sales for an underground project. It certified Mlyza as not just a group act but alo a capable solo act. The project spawned hits such like Usizi, Something to say and Party All Night. Check out Party All Night ft Mqobi below.

Beside the achievements from his first mixtape, Mlyza has enjoyed reasonable amount of success from newspaper articles and frequent appearances on Ukhozi Fm. On top of that, the danglom has launched his own clothing line Tsotsifontein™

Mlyza has been approaching 2018 with new energy starting off with a subtle release of a song Im Still Alive with production from Drastic. The song is a classic Mlyza song, the Danglom address family and industry situations including the current state of Mageba Tribe and his relationship with Mkhenya.

Hats Off is the recent mixtape by Mlyza released mid 2018. The project is currently available on cd formats only. You can order it from the man directly and Master Plan Entertainment.

Mlyza's story continues as he battles with balancing personal life and the music hustles, relationships on and off the mic. The song I'm Still Alive from the project is a clear picture of Mlyza's state of mind in the current wave. One may say that single song embodies the feeling and spirit of the entire project. Guest features include Achie, Ceejay, Luwe, Leelow, Mnqobi, with production from Plan B.

The project is a great effort by the Mlazi's reigning champ, a lot of growth displayed with songs like Legacy, Changes, Not Yet Found, Love My Self, Never Fall among others.

R80 per copy

Writer's Take
Mlyza has been locally dubbed as the second coming of Pac. Too much weight to put on any artists but if you listen to the music you cant escape the familiar Pac feeling his music gives. The Danglom has the undisputed ability to paint pictures and tell stories in a simple straight up approach. However I believe that the texture and tone of his delivery is what draws listeners to his music. The Dangloms swims in two ocean with prowess to keep it all the way gangster but still evoke emotion. One believe that this hardcore but refreshing sound goes deep to the root of rap and the game can use more of this type of energy right now. Mlyza's focus to connect directly with the people is what separates him from other upcoming acts of his generation.

Facebook : @ Mlyza Danglom Tsotsi
                              @Official MasterPlan Entertainment

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Mad Lopher- Flexin (Official Music Video) [Download]

Visuals for the hit single Flexin by Genius Muzik's producer/rapper Mad Lopher. Directed and edited by Zip of Genius Muzik Films, shot by MGZ Entertainment.

DOWNLOAD Standard Quality 66mb
Medium Quality 26mb

Mp3 Download

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Genius Muzik Forever 2017 (GM4E16)I s a collection of all the top songs Genius Muzik artists released in 2017.

Grinda 2.1 (Mono) [DOWNLOAD]

Our Life (Skeemy) [DOWNLOAD]

Iveze (Flozzy) [DOWNLOAD]

What More (Ryan Winterz & MGZEE) [DOWNLOAD]

Bragging (Zip, Lmao, MG Beatz) [DOWNLOAD]

Mercy (Mad Lopher, & Cap 2) [DOWNLOAD]

Auto Money (Ryan Winterz & Sam C) [DOWNLOAD]

Uyangkweleta ( Zip & Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

Nguwe (Zip & Skeemy)[DOWNLOAD]

Abezela (Skeemy & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

Imali (Zip & Foh) [DOWNLOAD]

Hero (Zip & Csyzer) [DOWNLOAD]

Call Out (Njini & Small) [DOWNLOAD]

Venting (AP Venom & Ryan Winterz) [DOWNLOAD]

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Nashy De Cass - Lame ft Interpreter

The return of the Souther Records CEO. After dominating 2017 with features and appearing on the Manguzi Hottest MC List,  Nashy took a break from the spotlight for almost a year. The scavenger is back on the hunt with the new single LAME. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

GMG - In Da Gqom ( MG Beatz)

Just when you thought GMG has done it all, the forever evolving music brand adds a new audince on their fan base with the MG Beatz produced Gqom single.  In Da Qgom is first ever house song released under GMG and is definitely not the last.  

Nkosi sikelela GMG

Download Options

DOWNLOAD SliqourOnLife


DOWNLOAD Datafilehost

Stream the song below


Friday, 1 June 2018

AP Venom-Contemned (Lyrics)

If you’ve got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)
You got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)

Verse 1
They’re acting like they hating but so into me
Acting like they’re distant but so intimate
Saying that I’m whack I’m the one the one they’re mimicking
Soon as I drop a line, someone else id saying it
Underground nigga with so much influence
I make your favorite rapper look so irrelevant
I got the numbers game better than my president
My skill is knife to your pride, hurts doesn’t it?
Aint nobody like me that’s why they don’t like me
One man army got me watching my back
I appreciate being appreciated, but if you push me it gets complicated
Humble like man Gandhi but please don’t tempt me
I hate violence but this beat I’ve got to beat up
hold up, wait up, let the beat pick up
I ain't on a come up, nigga I’ve been up

If you’ve got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)
You got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)

Verse 2
Though in other words you better pray that I stay up
See, I ain't waiting on niggas just to hand me my crown
Been high for a while but I’m coming down claiming what’s mine
Since I’ve been silly with syllables like sealing a ceiling with silicone
I’m silly though, Venom no antidote
They’re thinking they could kill me, I’m like really though?
Cuz I’m cynical, I sent a complicated code to the world that
No one could read or decipher
I’m the center of all focus, Y'all snippers
You’re so full of it you gonn’ need like 3 dippers
It’s no wonder why I’m the one they won’t feature
It’s no wonder why I’m not found in that cypher
Been teaching volcanoes to spit fire
Been teaching all these dragons how to flame up
Been a fire flame real spitter from day one
One thing I’m not worried about is being famous
You wanna gossip miss me with the Yabha-da-da-Bha
I’m interested in magic like Abracadabra
You wanna try us, you turn a corner, turn you another cadaver
Feeling like we’re Vodacom, the power is ours
Snap you like twenty sharks swimming after a diver
I be spitting bars all you spit is saliva
Soon as I drop a bomb you gonn’ find no survivors
How are you the main course when I had you for starters?

If you’ve got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)
You got something to say nigga come to the front (Come to the front X2)
I’d rather hear you say it than keeping it quiet (Than keeping it quiet X2)

Verse 3
They’re thinking I’m a loser but I’ll never be
I’m up in them levels that you never reach
I know I’m on my own, thank you very much
Even management is thinking less of me
That’s the price I have to pay for intelligence
But no days off even when the pressure is on
24/7 AP Venom armor is on
Sending well wishes to a nigga pissing me off
Before you act stupid better know I’m ready for war
I’m the highest level, ain't a single nigga beyond
I’m the only nigga liable for giving me props

If you don’t push you, ain't nobody putting you on nigga


DOWNLOADSliqourOn Life  DOWNLOAD Mediafire 

  DOWNLOAD Datafilehost


Monday, 14 May 2018

Chippa - Make It Happen (Intro)

Make It Happen is finally here. Make it Happen is the first studio album by stand-up comedian turned rapper Chippa. The album is currently only available on CDs, so order your copy at 071 150 0107, R60 per copy If you still waiting for the album to hit your door step, download and enjoy this heart felt and inspirational Make It Happen Intro.

Friday, 11 May 2018

AP Venom-Contemned

                                                                           Art by MG-Beatz

After laying low for a while, AP Venom the lyricist re-appears with a hit that will put a lot of pressure on any release coming after it. This single is meant to address some rap/hip hop related issues and set some records straight. With his versatility in terms of flow and writing, this one is sure be on repeat on your playlist for a while.


DOWNLOADSliqourOn Life  DOWNLOAD Mediafire 

  DOWNLOAD Datafilehost


Friday, 27 April 2018

Mad Lopher - Flexin

Mad Lopher - Flexin

After appearing on mad features for the past year and early 2018 Mad Lopher announced that he gearing up to release his sophomore mixtape titled LuciaPhi. Flexing serves as the first official single for the project. The MGZ trap lord is ready to shut down the street once more.  "Pardon me pardon me I’m the shit now"

DOWNLOADSliqourOn Life or DOWNLOAD Datafilehost

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Flozzy - 82 Barz

The second coming of the long walk begins with 82 bars. GMG kasi trap pioneer has a lot to address and a normal 32 bars wasn't gonna be enough. The Mbazwane God has a lot to say about wins and losses he has accounted since dropping hes first tape. Flozzy is officially back.

DOWNLOAD (SliqourOnLife)

DOWNLOAD mediafire      DOWNLOAD (datafilehost)

Worse T - Dubai (Official Music Video)

Trap It Later - OUT NOW

Premium Single

Lethu Cele | Dance Covers

Premium Single

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